Monday, December 12, 2022

Well, break is so close I can almost taste it but I also have so much to get done at school. I have three different finals to create, copy, and grade, 4 round table discussions to lead, and demonstration speeches to finish. Also in there will be about a million emails, at least one meeting after school, and probably a bunch of other “surprises” to my schedule. In addition, I want all my grades to be finalized and I want to be planned out for at least the first week back after break. Plus, the dorms are closing and my college kids will be home at the end of the week. Why is this time of year so busy?

I am linking up with Sarah and Holly to share my weekend and then with Jen and the other gals here for Not Just a Mom.

Here are some of the highlights of my weekend starting with Thursday because that’s almost the weekend!

We had a Spanish Club cookie exchange with about 15 kids which was perfect. Everyone brought 24 cookies and left with different cookies.

I played Christmas music in Spanish in the background.

I had purchased a couple of containers from Dollar Tree and the first one and the seventh one to arrive got to have the containers.

It was fun and I think the kids had fun. I run Spanish Club by myself but I always invite all of the other 5 Spanish teachers. Erica helped me last year but this year hasn’t been able to come.

To start the weekend off right, I headed to a cozy spot at Drake’s for happy hour with Elizabeth and Erica.

I went home and changed into my Prosecc Ho Ho Ho shirt and yes, I am wearing this as much as possible.

We ordered BLT tots and I am going to try to re-create these at home.

And, we also shared some pretzels and beer cheese.

This weekend I got to try a new breakfast spot with Heather. Big Bad Breakfast just opened in this gorgeous space.

It is right next to Costco so I went there afterwards and spent about a million dollars.

I also made it to Trader Joe’s this weekend and had so much fun looking at the seasonal stuff. Post coming tomorrow on what I purchased.

We had Tom’s work party and this is Tom’s co-worker’s wife. We took a photo in the photo booth and I removed his company name and the background to show you a new trick we learned. She was looking at a photo on my phone and we happened upon this trick. Touch a person in a picture for a very long time until it kind of lights up and then select “copy”. Then, text it to yourself and save it in your camera roll and you have a head or a person without a background. I bet this might even work for a passport photo if you printed it out in the right dimensions. Maybe everyone else already knows this trick?

We had salads and a beautiful dessert waiting for us and the choice of salmon or chicken and vegetables. This nice party took a break since 2019 and is back. It was very nice.

The color of the night for the ladies was GREEN! In this photo you can see four ladies in very dark green velvet or bright green and in the next…

a green jumpsuit.

And, two of my students were servers. I told them that I couldn’t get crazy since they were there. They did a dance that we do in class for my photo.

Saturday Tom and I had a mini “day date”. We went Christmas shopping and to Christmas on the Farm at Locust Grove. This is the home of George Rogers Clark’s (Lewis and Clark) sister.

A cabin on the property:

The distillery:

We have been here a lot and there are hiking trails that we have done with our kids and Ernie many times. We also had family photos taken many years ago on the property that turned out amazing.

We went home and I made the maple and bourbon chili again! This time I doubled it, baby! If you look back to my Currently post you will find the recipe.

The weather was pretty mild so I had my chili and some truffle fries and a new drink out on my patio while I read.

For dinner, Tom and I tried the new Thai place near our house. It replaced our old Thai place and let’s just say I am sad.

Yesterday I did my meal prep and I am ready for a break! I do give myself a break from prepping from time to time and it always makes me come back fresh and ready to start it up again.

Loving Lately:

We couldn’t find the base last year and I was so sad. We found the base! I love having this tree in my bedroom.

All things peppermint…I love the candy cane chapstick all year ’round.

It came! I think this is really good, but don’t get mad at me if it’s not your cup of tea or iced coffee.

Using my red and green strap is another thing I’m loving!

I am wearing all my plaid and red and green, too.

What about you? Weekend highlights? Loving lately?


19 thoughts on “Hello Monday and Not Just a Mom: Loving Lately

  1. I have that same peppermint lip balm and I just love it (and I use it year round too). We just had a friend of ours gift us a tiny bag of peppermint/ candy cane tootsie pops and I am loving those too… and I don’t normally like tootsie pops or tootsie rolls! It sounds like you had such a fun weekend!


    1. Same! I put it one before bed and like the feel of it. Ooh – I have not seen those. I had two kids make a type of peppermint bark for their demo speeches and that looked really easy and yummy.


  2. What a nice weekend! I love your Prosec-ho-ho-ho shirt! It’s always sad to see a favorite restaurant be replaced by one that’s not as good. We had a sushi place that we loved close on us right after Covid. So sad- so many restaurants never made it through that. I love and use that Candy Cane Chapstick all year long too! I buy a bunch every year and use it in the off season. Good stuff! I love anything that makes my lips tingle. You have a busy week ahead of you, girl! Wishing you lots of energy and sustenance to make it through!


    1. Thank you! I know – the other one was a sweet family, too. I think many of our faves that have closed – the German restaurant and this Thai one have ageing owners and the kids do not want to carry on the biz. It’s a tough world out there in restaurant scene. The candy cane is so good. I also like the birthday cake. I am trying to take it one day at a time and find joy in each day. I enjoy most of the work I have to do. Thank you!


  3. I am ready for break too! Hoping this week goes by in a blink and then time can go very slowly! Your prosecc ho ho ho shirt is so cute! Your weekends are always the best, I love reading about what you do. You really know how to do life Amy!


    1. Yes! Same! Thank you – Belk clearance this summer for $9! I didn’t think I did much this weekend but it was just what I needed. You are sweet to say that, though!


    1. It was fun and really nice. It is so busy right now but I am trying to take it one day at a time. Your NYC trip looks fabulous. Your girls were done with college early!


  4. I love your Proseco shirt – so fun! We had our company party this weekend, the first in several years. It had a great turnout…I think everyone was ready for a party again.


  5. That was the sweetest post! So Christmasy!
    I want to be your student in Spanish! If you dance like that I’m coming! Hola!
    Well, it’s Saturday 17th, so I better keep on reading your posts from this week…! 😀


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