Thursday, December 8, 2022

It is Thursday and that means a link up with Jill and Kellyann!

Let’s start with Friday night – you can tell how badly my hair needed to be done – don’t happened the next day. I had my photographer at home – Mason! This is what I wore to the Madrigal Dinner – my new Chico’s black silk blouse – love it!, an old JCPenney Liz Claiborne faux fur vest, a 20 year old Target crochet skirt – seriously – I have a picture of me holding 3 month old twins in this skirt – and Target suede boots. I will have to look for that photo. It’s very stretchy.

Monday for school I wore the vest again with a black and red button down from Old Navy years ago, black leggings, and my Tory Burch flats that are probably at least 10 years old. They rub on your big toe bone by the end of the day, but I will say they still look new. Tom says I look like I’m wearing hub caps on my shoes when I wear these. Can you tell the difference in my hair between the first and second photo?

And, Tuesday I wore the new Amazon sweater, a headband (because second day hair), a simple Target black tank, and my Target Universal Thread black jeans with very old Costco booties.

I felt like I needed a longer black top so I could wear this sweater with leggings, too, so I ordered this – it was on a lightning deal for $16 and is Daily Ritual brand. I also tried on some old tights and wanted to replace them so I could wear some dress and skirt outfits with black opaque tights and booties. I am low key trying to re-create this outfit with stuff I have:

The skirt I have is quite a bit longer than the one in the inspo photo!

For school yesterday I wore my Scotch tape leggings, my black Target button down, and my Amazon sweater vest. I realize now that I don’t like my shoes. I should have worn black I guess.

After school, I was meeting my friend Victoria for a birthday happy hour at the charcuterie shop I really love. It called for an outfit change!

Stay tuned for photos in Friday Favorites of our fabulous charcuterie board.

So do you have a favorite outfit? What have you been wearing lately?


18 thoughts on “Fashion Files

    1. The wine and cheese sweater is kind of a funny story. It is last year from Loft. I wanted it so badly but they were out of my size so I sized down and wore it anyway. This summer I was in my consignment store and found it in the size I really needed and bought it. I gifted the size down to Erica and we will most definitely wear them together sometime. You should check Ebay or Thred Up. It is such a soft sweater, too!


  1. Ooooooh, I like all of these outfits Amy, that black is so chic! Your new cardi is so good too and that sweater vest is going to be a great wardrobe staple. Your hair looks so good long like this and I’m loving the blonde. I actually just texted my hair dresser to get an appointment for some highlights. I have not been since June, I’m overdue!


  2. I love them all (again), but my favorite is your Monday outfit. I love that vest! I just made the decision to go shopping today after my lunch out with friends. I’m going to look for a vest that is similar to that! I have been needing a winter version of a third piece for my outfits…I love wearing one extra thing like that to pull an outfit together and have lots of options for spring, summer and fall…but I’d like one or two things that are more more wintry.

    These posts that you do are always so inspiring! It’s funny to me, because I’ve never been what most would consider “fashionable”….it’s only in the last seven or eight years that I have found my style and a love for looking “cute”. I had someone at Tablescapes come up to me that night and ask me to help her figure out how to dress. That is the ultimate compliment! I shared with her how I’d never really bothered to take the time to learn how to do that, so I wore t-shirts all the time (which is why I hate them now). While we were talking, I thought of posts like these, though…and people who have helped me along the way and encouraged her to use things online, like Pinterest.

    So, I said all that to say thank you for sharing! ❤


    1. Thank you so much! I think you always look great! The third piece gives me more confidence and ties the look together. You should totally help her. It’s so fun. If you have consignment that is a good place to start. Another fun thing would be a clothing and accessory swap at your church. I take pics of outfits I can recreate from my closet and it saves me money and makes my closet feel fresh.
      My ultimate goal with fashion is to feel like me so that I can be me and confident and do what I am meant to do.


    1. Thank you – I was worried I might have too many materials going on. I think that is great – I am doing the same with all of my red, black, pliad, anything that looks Christmasey. I have done a good job of not repeating to see what I like and what I need to let go.


  3. I love the outfit with the vest and plaid leggings! The leggings are so festive! I really like the Amazon sweater too! I’ve been wearing slightly warmer clothes because our daily high has been around 80! I choose my outfit about 10 minutes before I walk out the door, so there isn’t much time for creativity! I don’t know why I do that. I just look for a top I haven’t worn in a while and then whichever bottom will go well with it. It’s supposed to dip into the 70s next week, so I’ll wear some sweaters. I look forward to that! 9 more days until Winter Break! Yes, we have school Dec. 19-21. Sigh.


    1. Thank you! But, different shoes, right? Oh wow – that is warm. I keep a section in my closet of stuff I need to wear for that week and just pick something. I just want to be temperature appropriate and comfortable for school so I don’t blame you. That is crazy late to have to go. My sister has you beat, though. They have a teacher day on Dec. 23! Why? The teachers won’t be able to focus and that really isn’t fair.


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