Wednesday, December 7, 2022

It is the day where we link up with Jennifer and many more to share our “Currentlys” in our life. Some of this will be redundant, I am sure, but I will try to add some new information, too.


My new Soup Sunday! Kellyann recommended Leslie’s chili and it is good! Tom approved, too! It is a maple bourbon chili and you need to double the recipe. Tom asked for it and it was gone. I think next time (which is probably this Sunday) I will do a bit less maple syrup. Tom said not to, but you know…I’m the cook.

Then, this past Sunday, I did skinny lasagna soup. So good! I added spinach and zucchini.

What is your favorite soup recipe?

I am also enjoying my new clutch – it can be used year ’round, but I like the red and green for now, especially!

And, I love the sweater! I mentioned it in my Prime Purchases but hadn’t done the test run yet. I would say you could size down a size or two depending on how you want it to fit.

Funny Side Note: My Spanish 3 classes have to do demonstration speeches in Spanish this week. Examples are…how to drive, how to decorate a Christmas cookie, how to write an essay, etc. One girl is doing “How to Be Sra. Scott”. Some of her steps are: Buy a headband, Wear a sweater, Spend time with your college friends (Heather and Heather), Talk about Clothes Mentor (consignment shop), Sing songs, Make couples out of your students. Ouch! Now, remember we do get to know each other well by nature of learning a language. We talk about lots of different topics in Spanish! So, the above headband and sweater made me think maybe she’s right!


Again, this is from Prime Purchases yesterday and these are some of my recent gift purchases. Click on the red type and it will take you to my post and the direct links to look at these items. I am not trying to sell you anything and I get nothing when you click! Remember that this is a very amateur blog, ok?


Nothing! My above gifts went into gift bags with tissue paper. Do you call that wrapping? I do really love wrapping gifts but I’m not that good. My sister the art teacher makes the pretty wrapped gifts and does creative things like putting buttons on top of the gift instead of ribbons. My other sister the elementary teacher is also really good at wrapping. We once had a friend come to my parents’ house and say “those basic wrapped presents must be Amy’s”. Wow! I do a good job with what’s inside, KAREN!

Also, I wrap everything – almost everything that goes in our stockings, too. I even wrap a Chapstick. I leave some candy unwrapped. I know some families don’t wrap anything. Like…Santa gifts are just out in the open with no wrapping! I would never. Everything always got wrapped. I stand by my wrapping decisions.


For some snow! We had that crazy November 12th snow (photo below) that was so pretty but way too early. I would love a white Christmas.


Our Madrigal Dinner:

Jack’s guitar concert and Jack’s church choir affair.

What are you currently loving, gifting, hoping, wrapping, and attending?


26 thoughts on “Currently

  1. I nearly laughed out loud at that “I stand by my wrapping decisions” line. My mom always wrapped everything (including Chapstick tubes!). I wrapped most things but not stocking stuffers as I found they just stuffed better… but this year I am wrapping a few of them since each of the boys have so few presents to unwrap. I figured this would help draw out the moment a bit more.


    1. Ha! I do! I do like to draw out the experience so that is part of it. My kids really like how we do Christmas they have recently told me. Jack was talking about how he really doesn’t like Thanksgiving much but he loves our Christmas so that made me feel great!


    1. Yes!!! I have this on my list but I am going to use your advice or use ground Turkey I think. Slender Kitchen has a version. The tortellini gets a bit too soggy for me so I might leave it separate to be added?


      1. I used the Target brand refrigerated cheese tortellini-just half the package, and seemed to be OK. We’ve had it the next day and from frozen, but I think the key is to just use half.


      2. Ooh – good idea! I will look for that next time I go in Target. They have some good food products and prices but I just have trouble adding another store to my grocery routine.


  2. Thanks for the shout out – I must make Leslie’s chili again, it is so good!
    I love that your student is doing her demonstration speech on how to be you! How fun! You must be the favorite teacher on campus!
    Your new cardigan is super cute and I really want that dang dough bowl candle!


    1. I think I know why mine was a bit too sweet – I used real maple and not lite. Maybe I will just double the bourbon! Ha! I am not the favorite but it was funny! I want the dough bowl too! I hope I still want to wear the sweater after Christmas!


  3. Oh your soups are making me want to get some in my slow cooker stat! I love gift bags and tissue too- only way to get through the holidays 😉 Cracking up at your student mimicking you AND that sweater definitely works on you- love it!


    1. Yes! I have just used stove so far but I need to get some liners and use my crockpot! Students are so funny and creative! Thank you! Asking for a friend – how much faux Gucci is too much?


  4. That sweater is AMAZING. I have to confess that when I first saw it, I didn’t think I’d like it that much, but you proved me wrong. It looks great on you! I love what you said about your student- that’s hilarious and maybe the highest form of flattery. I’ll say it again- they are so fortunate to have you in their lives! I know they love your energy. Your Karen comment had me laughing out loud. I just adore you and your blog!


    1. You know I didn’t think it would work either! It was $38! That is a lot for me! Thank you! Ha! They are silly! You are so sweet. It feels nice when people compliment teachers bc we mostly get complaints! Ha – you are so kind. I didn’t find my voice until recently – worried I would offend.


  5. Love the sweater! So cute!
    LOVING- waking up early to sip my coffee and enjoy my Starbucks tree and our family room tree.
    GIFTING- truly not much this year. We did travel with our adult kids and Son in Law, we treated the girls to Golden Goose sneakers and let them pick them out in Las Vegas so they are THRILLED and loving them. Tony and I gifted ourselves the Peloton Tread so my home gym is THRIVING and so am I! I love it!
    HOPING- I am hoping for LOTS more rain for our parched state and lots of snow pack!
    WRAPPING- not much to wrap as the gifts have basically been given out but YES I do wrap stocking gifts- and this will be the last year I do a stocking for Taylor. She is now 30 and has a boyfriend and well it’s time. I will continue to do one for Tony because I enjoy it and maybe someday Tay will bless me with grandkids and they will get stockings.
    ATTENDING- today is the last organized play day for my ladies golf group at our club until sometime in January so today is Party day (Christmas Style!) my team all purchased fun onesies- HAHA so tune into my stories later today and I will probably have some pics posted of our group! We are NOT the best out there but we are THE MOST FUN! We are also going to Fresno State’s Bowl game (dec 17) in Los Angeles for a fun weekend !! We will be getting to check out SoFI stadium where the Super Bowl will be held in 2024 and we are excited for a fun get away weekend with our football Besties! Going to be going to the Grove shopping center in LA too. Will be super festive for the holidays and we are all excited. Not sure if that is true for the guys but Karen and I sure are!

    Have a great rest of your week!


    1. Thank you! What a generous gift to your girls. I have a hard time not having things for mine to open on Christmas Day, but they are quite a bit younger than your girls. You always have lots of fun stuff and a very full life!


  6. I LOVE your new cardigan! Your wrapping story is so funny. 😂 after I saw your Amazon candle, I sent it as gift idea (for me!) to a family member. I haven’t wrapped a single thing. I’m also behind on purchases. Santa always leaves a few unwrapped things. If I enjoyed wrapping, I’d wrap stocking things too haha I do try to wrap as much as I can because that’s more fun for opening.


    1. Thank you! Lol! What a good idea to send that – I am thinking I need to make a small list for Tom. I already sent my mom my Amazon suggestions. Amazon just makes it so easy! I just try to pick a day or night and wrap in my bedroom with a Hallmark movie on. I kinda like it and I always have. But, remember that I am fast and not a perfectionist with my wrapping! Ha!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Very true! It’s no fun to hunt down the one roll of tape. I need to buy some more – genius idea I just had – add it to my Clicklist! I also did some stocking stuffers this way.

        Liked by 1 person

  7. I love your new sweater! It looks great on you. 😊 That chili sounds amazing! Soups/stews/chili are my favorite meal in the winter! I always wrap almost all stocking stuffers! I still do a stocking for my adult children. It’s one of their favorite things! And no Santa gifts were ever left unwrapped. 😉


    1. Thank you so much! The chili is really good and I decided to make it again this Sunday! Yes to wrapping! I will probably always do a stocking. It’s my love language to pick out gifts and cook things so I don’t care!


  8. Agree that EVERYTHING should be wrapped. I even wrap Santa gifts and don’t set up toys. The unwrapping is the fun part for a 4 year old. (I bought special paper for Santa gifts…our gifts were always wrapped when I was little)


  9. I think I might wrap the stocking gifts this year, just to mix things up a little! I loved the story of the student who talked about “How to Sra Scott.” so funny!


  10. I love that Spanish class theme! Such a sweet gesture, you students must love you!
    OK, if you’re really interested…
    loving.: Christmas! Decorations, food, music, movies – everything! gifting: five minutes ago I clicked on two make up brush sets for the girls, that’s a great gift for young girls imo, hoping: health and happiness for us all, right!? wrapping: OF COURSE! attending: we had our school’s annual Christmas party the other night, in the most beautiful old building (from1878) in the middle of the twinkling city, it was beautiful!


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