Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Well, it is time for another Prime Purchases as it is the first Tuesday of the month. Thank you, Tanya, for providing this fun link up.

I started out the month needing some skinny syrup and I chose gingerbread latte flavor. It’s good! I have been happy with all of the Jordan’s Skinny flavors. The best deal is at TJ Maxx or Homegoods, but sometimes you just need to order!

Next up, I ordered a gift for a friend. I chose this frasier fir scented candle in a dough bowl. I had seen some in a boutique but they didn’t have this scent so I took to Amazon and found it from a Etsy type seller that also uses Amazon.

Then, I also got this rechargeable lighter to go with it.

I mentioned my new black Dr. Scholl’s wedges are a bit loose so I bought these to stick in the back heel. I don’t see much difference, sadly.

I don’t think I like this, sadly. This brand of cinnamon sunset tea is seriously one of the best teas I have ever had. I was intrigued by the words “bourbon” and “smoky”. I need to play around with it and maybe add some lemon juice and honey.

My sister in law had these great super absorbent dishcloths/towels at Thanksgiving and I thought they would be great to help me break up with paper towels. I ordered the smaller size without meaning to, but I still like them. I put the neutral colors in the kitchen and the pastels in my bathroom.

I desperately needed a few more of my favorite hangers. I have black but I ordered these in cream. I hang almost everything and fold very little.

My hairstylist lost her husband and I ordered her this initial necklace with his initial. She wears silver and I hope she likes it. It’s just a small token, of course, and I just really like Kendra Scott pieces. Did you know you can get KS on Amazon?

And, finally, I am excited to see if this sweater works for me. I ordered a size down because it was in stock and ready to come quicker. Do you ever play around with sizes and colors and see the drastic difference in shipping dates?

If it works, I will show you in Fashion Files!

What have you been priming lately?


20 thoughts on “Prime Purchases

    1. Holly, I do not say this lightly – they are life-changing. Nothing ever slips off and they take up very little space. I never knew I could love a hanger. Ha! I am a little obsessed with the red/green Gucci-esque look. I have nothing real from Gucci, of course!


  1. I saw those skinny syrups at TJ’s and thought of you! Those absorbent kitchen towels look great; I have snaps and fabric to make my own reusable paper towels. Years ago I was going to sew squares and snap them together onto a roll to keep on the counter top (an idea I saw on Pinterest)… but since I bought all those supplies the year I began homeschooling and still haven’t done anything with them it’s not looking very promising. Your idea sounds far better.


    1. I have loved combining them with ff half and half and my frother – game changer! I wish I had gotten the bigger size, but I still like them. I have seen that idea, too, and it sounds great. I think these have a nice consistency to them.


  2. I want a rechargeable lighter now! I love candles in wooden bowls like that…and it’s a great sign that you can smell it through the gift wrap. That is an excellent gift! I hope you’re able to make the big break up- from paper towels that is. 😉 It can be hard to change pace with something new, but I know you can do it. I made that change a long time ago, because we just didn’t have money and that was an extra expense. Todd has lots of surgical towels that he brings home for us to use to clean glass with that work really well, but I use kitchen hand towels, bathroom hand towels and “cleaning towels” for the rest of the work around the house. I have a huge pile under my kitchen sink! I hope your new sweater works!


  3. I have to buy regular inserts when shoes are a bit too big — the prices have come WAY down over the years, which is good. I just bought a new pair of Toms boots and had to do that.
    What a beautiful thought, ordering that necklace. Tanya had a link to a jewelry store that I hadn’t visited before and you commented that you liked their items too so I put some on my Christmas list for my family.
    That long cardigan looks like a good option — I was on the Sorta Awesome FB page last night and someone was looking for recommendations for long cardigans that aren’t black (I know this was, but it was broken up). Anyway, I still have your ruffled sweater in my cart — haven’t pulled the trigger on that one yet.
    Happy Week!


  4. I keep looking at that dough bowl candle, I may have to buy it for myself! I have to get to TJ Maxx and look for a new syrup for Christmas. I bet your hairstylist will love that necklace. I swear you can get EVERYTHING on Amazon.
    I need to break up with papertowels…but I am afraid!!!


  5. Oh! I’m saving those dish towels. What a great idea. So thoughtful of you to order that necklace. It’s so pretty. I love the candle / dough bowl, and can’t wait to hear what you think about the sweater.


    1. Check out the different sizes. Dimensions mean little to me when I see them. I am really bad about that! Thank you. I really want the candle! The sweater is a keeper!


  6. The candle and lighter combo is such a great gift idea. I’m going to check out the dishcloths too. Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya – The Other Side of the Road


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