Monday, November 28, 2022

It seems like so long since we’ve talked! How are you? How was your holiday? I am linking up with Sarah and Holly for the Hello Monday link up.

Can you believe it will be December in just a couple of days? I cannot! We have 15 school days until Winter Break but it is 3 five day weeks. We’ve gotten spoiled and don’t have too many five day weeks anymore. It will be a busy time with all of the school stuff on top of some evening holiday activities. I am grateful we start our break on December 16, though. One of my sisters has to go until the 23rd! What?

Ok – let’s go back to Monday. This is not a holiday drink. It’s not a cute peppermint mocha or a gingerbread latte. It’s a freaking medicine ball tea!

By the way, they are amazing and I think they really do help. So, Tom was under the weather from Friday morning on. Guess who felt a bit of a twinge in her throat Sunday morning but then was ok, but then felt it again on Monday morning but went to school in a mask? This girl! I asked permission to leave after my last class (I have last period planning) and my principal said yes and to go ahead and put in for a sub for Tuesday. I didn’t think I would need it. But, I will say that I was not fit for teaching Monday. If I could have just sat at my desk and not talked then maybe, but…

Also, these eye patches feel good for sinus pain and pressure:

I did stay home Tuesday and I stayed home Wednesday (we didn’t have school but I didn’t leave the house). I had to cancel a fun thing and a hair appointment. Jack and Mason came home Tuesday night at 7:00 and I had my mask on. Tom stayed home from work Monday and Tuesday. We were negative for Covid so I think it was just this virus going around. The weather turned warm and sunny and I took my eye patches outside in the afternoons. Tom was well enough to return to work Wednesday, thankfully.

I used my neti pot a bunch and drank so much water and by Thanksgiving I felt almost 100%. I was so grateful.

Tom’s sister hosted Thanksgiving and always makes a beautiful charcuterie board.

Tom trying to smile. I ended up going with a short sleeve dress because the weather was so mild.

My plate – yes, I indulged!

My niece Brooke making the macaroni and cheese – her specialty!

J and M watching tv and chatting:

Tom, the dog whisperer:

Brooke and her friend who came to celebrate with us:

My niece Morgan and her boyfriend:

Friday, we traveled an hour to my mom’s house and I wore my other dress option:

Cute cookie:

We did ham for this meal since some of us had turkey the day before:

We sat in the sun and drank some wine. This was really good – from Trader Joe’s.

The two youngest nephews played with the two dogs – Ernie and my sister’s German Shephard Felix.

I led the kids in the pumpkin pie crackers and they were not super impressed nor did it work out that well.

My sister Kate, Jack, Mason, and I went downtown to the coffee shop, bookshop, music store, and popped in a couple of other places. No one else wanted to come but we did invite everyone.

I peeped J and M at the top of the steps perusing books:

Then, we played some games.

Sweet niece Samira. I never got a good picture of all the kids together.

We got home around 9:00. So we had two nice days of celebrating with both sides of the family. It was so fun to have my college kids here. I love waking up and finding this note from Jack. He left me lots of notes throughout the middle and high school years. I had told him how much cheaper the Kroger brand was and this was his response:

I responded at the bottom. He makes me laugh.

Our weather was really nice – in my opinion. That cold snap we had a couple of weeks ago was too soon for me.

Saturday I felt great because all of the cooking and celebrating was done and I could run a few errands and I got motivated to decorate. I decided to go with a kind of woodsy theme this year. I have bulb lights that weren’t turned on.

I bought these pine cones for my dough bowl and a new candle. I added my tablecloth in the dining room.

Everything is done excpet the tree and I was waiting on Tom’s help. I also have my Christmas card table set up. I have all of our past cards framed.

Our kids went to a gaming tournament with high school friends and then out to dinner and I told Tom I needed to sit at a restaurant because it had been at least 2 weeks but probably closer to 3 since we had gone out.

Oh yeah! We hit up the Mexican place close to our house. It is now $58 for two of us to eat Mexican. I can remember just a couple of years ago when it was $28. I sound so old.

It was nice to have a good book to turn to this long weekend. I am almost done and have enjoyed it. I don’t necessarily agree with the reactions of everyone in the book and there are a few things that annoyed me, but I did enjoy it.

Sunday was super lazy but with some back to life, back to reality tasks and meal prep thrown in. I had done my meal planning and grocery pick up on Saturday so it was really nice to have that done.

Alright, let’s try to keep our sanity in the next few weeks!

I can’t wait to hear about your holiday if you blog or leave me a comment if you don’t!


27 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear you were sick too. My kids got the flu and it took them out for several days. Luckily the parents stayed healthy though. I’m happy to hear you were well enough to enjoy your Thanksgiving.

    That dress in the picture of you and Tom on the porch is CUTE!! Where is it from?


  2. Yep, Alec’s school has a 1/2 day on the 23rd and no time off in between now and then… based on trying to rouse him out of bed this morning I think December is going to feel like a long month of school! LOL It looks like you had some wonderful family celebrations with lots of delicious foods. We had a very food & family filled weekend too.


    1. Wow – that is late! I feel for the teachers especially because they probably have so much holiday prep to squeeze in on weekends. I did – thank you and glad you did, too!


  3. I think December is maybe worse than May, school wise, or at least it was in my opinion when I worked in one. December is crazy enough all on its own! You know how much I love this time of year, but even so, I want it to pass slowly and hover, with Christmas never arriving. I’m always sad on Christmas day…like I was on Thanksgiving. It feels like a giant letdown after all the hustle and bustle and I’m genuinely sad to see the festivities come to an end. I guess those are the two days a year when I majorly struggle with the holiday blues. Strange that I’ve never thought of that. I’m so glad you and Tom felt better by Thanksgiving! We’ve been sick so many Thanksgivings- it’s not fun being sick on a holiday. Both days sounded wonderful and I loved both your outfits! I wore my favorite outfit I talked about…you probably saw it on my blog. There’s nothing like when everyone is at home! I love that note that one of your boys left….I love having everyone here for family dinner and laughing over their antics as we eat. Wow…three five day weeks….here’s to some major endurance, my friend! You should treat yourself to a yummy coffee drink or something on your way to work or during the day to help you sustain. I hope your day back in the swing of things goes well. Much love!


    1. Could be worse! It’s different! Maybe you could plan a few fun activities between Christmas and NY? Thank you – the dresses ended up being the most weather appropriate and comfy. I think I will need some treats definitely and that is a good idea! Hope your day was good, too!


  4. Nolan came home sick and sounds like he had the same virus y’all had. The neti pot really helped him out. We spent a lot of time at home but had a good week. His girlfriend came and stayed with us too so that was really nice. I am not looking forward to this week – it will be a busy one. I have a normal day today but then we have our annual conference the rest of the week, lots of driving and in person stuff! I am counting down until Friday!


  5. There are so many bugs going around right now. Glad you are feeling better! Thanksgiving was a little different this year. I was supposed to host at my house but my septic tank and hot water heater revolted on Sun evening before Thanksgiving. Thankfully we were able to move Thanksgiving to my parents house! The chip note from your son made me laugh 😂 My 2 college age daughters thought they were being quite funny when they grouped the wise men ornaments I have in a cluster on the tree. Toddlers aren’t the only ones who cluster ornaments.


  6. That note is so funny! Sounds like a good holiday and so good to get meal planning and prep done. I said all weekend I was going to the grocery store and haven’t been yet. 🙂


  7. I’m so glad you all are feeling better. There’s so much sickness going around. Your Thanksgiving(s) look wonderful. Food, family and great weather 🙂 I LOVE both of your dresses. The pic of you and Tom is so cute ! I agree – everything seems to cost so much more now. *sigh*
    Three weeks. We can do it! Happy Monday!


    1. Thank you! I hate being sick! But, it all worked out and yes, we had two nice days. My dresses served me well for the weather. Thank you! It really does. Yes, I think we can do it! One day at a time!


  8. Oh my, your dresses are so cute. Especially the first one with boots. Love love love! Glad you’re feeling better. I hosted Thanksgiving this year. There were only 6 of us: me, my husband, our two adult sons and my parents. Made Costco’s smoked turkey which you just heat up for a few hours. Was very moist and had a ham-like flavor. I guess I combined your two dinners into one 😉. I always enjoy your posts and pics. Take care.


  9. Sounds like you and your families had a wonderful time celebrating! It was just Tony, myself and my mom and Taylor. Very laid back and casual. I walked 4 miles that morning since Karen and Taylor cancelled on me! and then came home and proceeded to walk another mile with Tony. We were able to sit in the backyard and have wine and then we sat by the Firepit that night for dessert. I really didn’t eat very much and when I went to bed – I was hungry. Probably all my walking. Ever since my dad passed away, holidays just are not the same. None of my sisters and I celebrate anything together……so my mom now has to travel between 3 houses. I guess she COULD host sometime but she doesn’t feel the need anymore. She says her time is done with that. so oh well! Happy Monday!


  10. Glad you were better by thanksgiving, I love both dresses you wore! My son was dragging going back to school today too, they have 17 days but one is an early release and one is a fun field trip day so it’ll break it up a little!


  11. The 23rd…that’s crazy. I’m glad you get out on the 16th! I’m so sorry you were sick, but glad you were still able to enjoy the holiday. It looks like you got lots of “action,” taken from behind pics of your boys. I did that too when the kids were home. I didn’t want to spoil the moments asking them to pose for pictures. Love the note! Hope you have a good 5-day week!


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