Monday, November 21, 2022

I am linking up with Sarah and Holly for probably the shortest Hello Monday I have ever done. I took very few pictures.

Friday lunch was amazing and I can’t wait to make this for Tom. Erica lightened up a shepherd’s pie.

I had Erica and Elizabeth over for a Friday flocktail!

Tom and I ate a grilled cheese in the car and went to hear Jack sing. This is the only photo I got. He is on the far right at the end of the performance.

Saturday morning was cold but I had a Kroger pick up. It took me awhile to get my ducks in a row for what I needed last week. I hope to not go back to the store until after T Day!

I did a green gel and I didn’t have as good of luck. Yesterday they started peeling. I think it might be an issue with this bottle of color.

Jack worked Saturday near our house and came home for homemade orange chicken. He then went to a play.

I finished this and liked it but the main character really bugged me towards the end.

I made 2 – just 2 – breakfast burritos on Sunday!

I made Mexican spaghetti squash for my one lunch.

Tom started feeling bad Friday and was under the weather all weekend. I walked Ernie in the cold tundra.


I made a quick trip to Costco for just two things and I arrived at 10 and the parking lot was already so full. Why? How?

They are offering a complete-ish Turkey Day meal.

I went to see a play that Mason did the lighting for. Jack went with me. This play is where the term “gaslighting” came from. It’s a long story but it was a really good play!

So, how was your weekend?


P.S. – I am not sure how much I will post this week.

16 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. I’m sorry to hear Tom doesn’t feel well. I hope he gets better before Thanksgiving day! I love that both your boys perform and that you get to see them do their thing. Yay for short weeks! You mentioned one lunch- are y’all having a staff lunch one day, or is one day a half day? Just curious. It’s been extra cold here as well! We haven’t had ice and snow yet, but it did sleet one night last week. This is so unusual for us this early! Enjoy your short week, my friend!


    1. Thank you! Me too! He stayed home from work for two days which is not like him. It is a real blessing having them close and getting to see their college things. I just meant I would make one lunch and Erica would make one lunch. We had a special lunch the week before. I bet it is warmer in your area now because it is here. It just makes everything easier when it isn’t super cold.


  2. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Have you shared what gel system you’re using? I’ve wanted to try to start doing my own nails instead of leaving them bare all of the time.


    1. Thank you! I have not really shared. I am using Beetles brand foundation and top gel and then whatever gel color I liked from Amazon. The lamp is called the Sunmini. I am not sure I am using the best there is and I am thinking of investing in a better lamp. There is a bit of a learning curve. I am getting better with practice.


  3. We woke to ice on the lake tomorrow and temps around 12! Yikes that is just much too cold for me. Thankfully it doesn’t look like it will stick around. I hope that Tom is feeling better soon. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


    1. Oh man, that is cold. It sounds like much of the country had a cold snap. My cousins in Michigan got a bunch of snow. We have already warmed up again to more seasonal temps. I am happy! It is very hard when the man of the house is sick – they are quite dramatic. It’s really hard to know how sick they are. Thank you! And, to you and your family as well.


  4. I was in Cincinnati over the weekend and it was COLD. I was not liking it *at all*. I was dog sitting for my sister so HAD to eventually get out in it so the doggies could get a little exercise. Not fun. . .but heard temps are rising for the holiday — hope that’s true across the board 🙂
    Have a great week!


    1. Yes – Cincy can be colder than Louisville, too. It is already much warmer this week and with the sun shining the 40s can be ok. I actually got outside to read with a big blanket yesterday afternoon and it made me feel better. I like a mild winter. I’m not gonna lie! You too!


  5. Sorry to hear Tom isn’t feeling well! Hope he feels better by now. I love that Costco is doing the take and bake thanksgiving meals. If it were just Tony and I – I would totally get that. As it is, it is just my mom, Tony and Taylor. Apparently I messed up and am having our dinner at the same time as her boyfriends. Oh well. She will survive. I told her, go to his house for dessert. Happy Thanksgiving!


    1. Ah, thanks. Men are the worst when they are sick, too, right? The Costco meal is probably really tasty. I never have to host, but if I did, I would outsource the turkey. I enjoy making the sides and mine are better. Uh oh – I am sorry there is a bit of drama with T and the bf. It is still early in their dating life, though?


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