Tuesday, November 22, 2022

I realized I was long overdue in showing you my birthday gifts! I got this amazing clutch from Heather and Heather. I had seen it this summer and they went back and got it for me!

I received some Amazon gift cards and some money. I bought this sweater with one of the gift cards:

I ordered this black silk blouse from Chico’s. It is amazing! I picked up these sequin pants at TJ Maxx last month but I had not shown them on the blog.

I also placed a Loft order:

this sequin top:

This black plaid top:

And, the blue sweater I had my eye on!

Do you have a favorite?


21 thoughts on “Birthday Swag

  1. You got some great things! I think my favorite is that black sequin Loft top. How fun to wear that to a holiday event!


  2. Love that blue sweater. I bet it would look fab with the silver sequin pants. Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for your blog and appreciate all you share!


    1. Oh, I did not even think of that combo. See, this is why I have a blog! Ha! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! You are so kind to say that! Thanks for being a loyal reader!


    1. Thank you! I thought so, too. I had kind of forgotten about it, but when I opened the gift I swooned again! Oh, I bet light blue will look great on you. I had trouble choosing but I really liked the mocha color. I think the pants will be fun and I will be looking for places to wear them!

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    1. Thank you Mandy! They were super cheap but feel luxe. They weren’t too long and they are comfy and stretchy. Who cares that I don’t have a place to wear them, right? I felt very blessed.


  3. I love everything you bought!!! Do you have a lot of occasions to wear sparkly stuff? I wish I did.
    I’ve wanted to go to Chico’s and get those leather pants since you posted about them awhile ago and keep forgetting – seeing them on you reminds me to get my tail in there and try some on!!
    Happy birthday!


    1. Thank you! No – I don’t! Ha! But, I plan to wear it anyway. We do have a “Sparkle Day” in Feb. at my school when we are all down in the dumps about winter. But, I have been seeing sparkly tops with jeans. I have one Christmas party that I know of where I could wear sparkles. I also figured it doesn’t really go out of style. The disco ball pants were really cheap and are comfortable and stretchy.
      You must get to Chico’s. They are really great!
      Thank you so much!


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