Friday, November 4, 2022

What a week! Halloween on a Monday – Eeek! But, it’s also been a good one. I am linking up with the ladies here for Friday Favorites.

Here are some of my favorites from the week…

This week I have had a bit of a sore throat and a bit of sinus headache and stuffiness. I treated myself to Starbuck’s for my birthday and tried to get a medicine ball but they were out of the citrus tea. I told them just to pick something else. I have had a cup of tea every day and it has really been soothing to my throat.

I also got the egg white turkey bacon sandwich and it was delish!

The only cake I had on my birthday was cake batter delight Premier Protein! Ha!

I am really happy with my new meal planner/shopping list notepad. The shopping list portion is perforated.

Does my new cleaning checklist mean I have to do all of this stuff? Just kidding – I am trying to get in a better weekly routine.

And, I went ahead and got a new pretty planner in just the right size for me.

One of our dinners this week was cauliflower rice with soy sauce, chicken, green beans, and an egg. It was yummy!

One of my lunches this week was a Mexican stuffed sweet potato. Yum! I am really into sweet potatoes lately. Send me all your sweet potato recipes!

Look at my sweet boy curled up in the morning. He sleeps with us most of the night but sometimes wanders out here in the wee morning hours.

Only about 15 kids came to our house on Halloween. It started raining pretty early on and I think some just gave up and went home. Also, we live on a short street so many opt to do the longer streets in our neighborhood with more houses.

But, after about an hour of no trick or treaters, 8 junior girls showed up at my door as an 8 pack of Gatorade. I knew 4 of them and it was really funny. I gave them a ton of candy and took the rest to school.

Who says empty nesters can’t have fun.? Tom seriously loved this meal. He got 2 mummy dogs and baked beans and kept telling Ernie how good it was.

I had homemade fries in the air fryer with a bit of a homemade sauce. I love dill pickles! My mummy dog was delish and I couldn’t remember the last time I had a hot dog. I think it would be great with puff pastry, too, and I might do that for the rest of the pack. I put the leftover hot dogs in the freezer. It’s hard sometimes only having 2 people to cook for!

I didn’t think I would like a summer themed book right now, but I am really into this! I wouldn’t say it’s that hard core summer.

My porch on Halloween:

Erica and I call each other “witch” in Spanish and we have an honorary “brujo – male witch”. He is an English teacher and also knows lots of Spanish. He was one of my kids’ favorite teachers, too. Everyone loves him! Notice he is also wearing a Halloween sweater vest.

Trying to look evil:

My birthday cocktail was chosen basically just for the toasted marshmallow on top!

We way over-ordered and have so many leftovers!

These are “armadillo eggs” – peppers wrapped in bacon!

Here was my outfit pic yesterday. Did you read my Fashion Files?

I take exactly one outfit photo a day, but I usually have a mess up like this. Awkward!

The little shopping center near my house was having a holiday open house with treats and drinks in several stores. I popped in but didn’t buy anything. It seems so early and it was like 80 degrees!

What were your faves this week? I hope you had many!


24 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. My favorite is easy: I’m on fall break! It’s heaven! I’ve been correcting and planning like crazy and I feel how my shoulders are relaxing… I had night mares the first days of the break!
    I also have a sore throat… How!? I haven’t met any people! Or is it tooth ache? Or stress…?
    I love your outfits on halloween! The kids must love you so! Isn’t it strange that as a teacher we are stuck in this wheel of forever school…! 😀


    1. So Wonderful! But, why are you working? I do not agree with that. I am really getting better at work/life balance this year. I think sore throat can be from the stuff in the air. Mine never developed into a full blown sore throat. I have been gargling salt water and drinking tea.
      Thank you! I always think how strange it is that I have literally spent my life in high school!


  2. Oh I love all your organizational checklists and planners! I really need something like that planning one to keep me on track. It sounds like you had a fun birthday/Halloween week!


  3. Your birthday dinner looked AMAZING. What kind of cocktail was that? It reminds me of an espresso martini or something. YUM! Give me Mexican food any day of the week and I am a happy camper. I love the work friendships you have- what a blessing that must be to all of you and he does look like a fun teacher! I’m so glad your week ended on a high note. It’s close to 80 here as well- it put me in the WORST mood on Wednesday and everyone (not my family, but others around me) was on my last nerve. That terrible mood only lasted a couple of hours thankfully and I felt better after venting to my best friend, but whew. I do not enjoy spring like weather in the fall! It never seems right. I hope you have the best day off today and a great weekend! xoxo


    1. It was! It was pricey! I can’t remember everything in it, but it was a bourbon based drink. I agree! It is a blessing to have some work peeps I can count on. I hate being hot! Often it is because I am not dressed appropriately. I have been coming home from work and putting on a tank and shorts! You’re right – it has me discombobulated!


  4. Funny story regarding Day of the Dead. Years ago my daughter and a friend made the cutest sugar skulls. They were so cute that I decided to display them on a buffet. We came home one evening to find only one sugar skull! My dog had eaten 2 of them! Solid sugar! I was worried sick about her but she was fine. Drank alot of water and never got sick! This is the same dog that ate a pie crust off the counter and also tried to eat a bowl of green beans but instead spilled them all over herself and the counter!


    1. That’s so funny! Your dog was just trying to celebrate, too! Your dog is a foodie! I can leave chocolate chip cookies on the counter and my dog won’t touch them. I left Halloween chocolate on a low coffee table and he doesn’t touch it.


  5. Great picture of you and Tom! Try a London fog tea latte at Starbucks for a sore throat and don’t forget about a hot toddy, also soothing. Have a great day off!


    1. Thank you! Oh! How could I have forgotten about the London Fog! I love those! I also forgot to make a hot toddy, but I did make one when I was sick back in September and it put me to sleep like a baby! Thank you!


  6. I love the outfit you wore yesterday – so classic but those shoes add some fun! Your mummy dogs were so cute, I cannot remember the last time I had a hot dog either, that seems crazy, right? Hope you have a great weekend!


    1. Thank you! It feels liberating to throw on a button down. I didn’t think I could wear one because of my chest in the past. I want to tuck in half of it and see how that looks. Hot dogs go with baseball games but I haven’t been to one of those much lately, either!


    1. They are so old! One of my kids was laughing at them when he saw them. I think I like a mummy more than a traditional because the roll is better than a bun! Yum!


  7. Oh my gosh, this was the longest week! Glad you had a good birthday! That food! Looks so good! The good news is my students have already eaten all of their Halloween candy! I told them that as long as I didn’t see it or see candy wrappers in the floor … and by Thursday, all gone! I had a good week, all considered. It’s a hard job. We’re going to the mall this weekend, going to get a bite to eat, and I’m going to start a new book. Nothing exciting, but enough for me! Have a good weekend!


    1. It was! And, I even took off Friday and it still was! I love my food here – a little too much! My sister is an elementary art teacher and she said that Halloween now is not just one day in the elementary. It lasts a freaking month! She was so glad for the normalcy yesterday at school. I love a weekend like that. That is enough for me many weekends!


  8. All your food this week looks delish. I love sweet potatoes too…but that’s only be a revelation in the past few years 😂 I love the group pics at school on Halloween. Y’all are so fun. I had leftover mummy dogs all week for lunch 😂 love the photo of you and Tom. I hope you had a great bday.


    1. Same! I didn’t think I liked them! Thank you so much! That mummy dog hit the freaking spot! I really want to try to make it fancy with puff pastry. I am obsessed with puff pastry. Love it!
      Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I am super into sweet potatoes! I love cubing them and mixing with black beans and red onion, too. I just think stuffing a sweet potato is a great lunch! Thank you!


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