Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Currently, it’s my birthday today! I am 51! I am working today, but I am taking off on Friday. I usually try to take off on my actual birthday, but this year I decided to work for a few different reasons. No one better mess with me today, though! Ha!

I am happy to link up with Jennifer for her monthly Currently post where she provides our present participles.

Here we go…


I am borrowing looks I see in different places! This is Kellyann’s friend Jona and I loved her look here.

I am borrowing lots of looks with these boots that I am considering:

And, I am borrowing lots of looks with faux leather pants!

I am the proud owner of the Chico’s cropped faux leather pants. I bought mine two weeks ago and then started seeing them on influencers. They are amazing and feel like butter. A happy story: I bought them at full price because they were just so good. I went in the store looking for a black top and saw them. The original price was $119. I got $30 off in store for a couple of discounts. So, they were $90. I noticed they were on sale for less than $60 and called the Chico’s customer service number and they did a price adjustment. Wow! I was so happy!


Because it’s my birthday, I am planning to use my Kendra Scott 50% discount. I’m considering this necklace:

I am hoping to purchase this Loft blue sweater. I am really drawn to royal blue right now.

Thank you, Tanya, for posting this. I don’t belong to Sam’s, but it reminded me that I have to get the peppermint next. I am currently using Mrs. Meyer’s acorn spice and I love it!


I got a wild hair and ordered a new planner,

a new meal plan notepad,

and a house chore notepad.

I am hoping to get a good cleaning routine going. I just don’t have a set routine but I want to spread things out during the week.


I am still continuing to prep breakfasts for the week and then mine share of the lunches, like this breakfast bowl.

Erica prepped acorn squash last week and it was to die for. I love this meal!


I had to abandon my Awkward in October book because this book finally came in. I am hooked so far!

And, speaking of reading, I am still reading outside as much as I can.

If you use WordPress, I am having trouble editing my photos. I edit them and then they go back to normal. Any suggestions?

So, what are you currently borrowing, buying, prepping, planning, and reading?


22 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Oh Amy, Jona will be so happy you liked her look! Happy Birthday – I hope your day is a good one and that you are celebrated in a big way!
    I am very impressed with Chico’s customer service for giving you that price adjustment, that is excellent. Can’t wait to see the pants on you!
    I do use WordPress but I don’t know what is happening with your photos. In my version of WP there’s a save changes button – do you have that?


  2. First of all Happy Birthday. I love that blue sweater from Loft and the initial necklace. I have to say I have been a bit annoyed with WordPress lately. A weird thing started happening where my photos were being smushed together. It didn’t look like it from my dashboard but when I looked at the post on another computer or someone’s phone it showed up that way. So frustrating. Have a wonderful day, or week, my husband believes in birthweeks. Lol.


  3. Happy birthday to you, my friend and way to go for taking off on a Friday! That will make your weekend so nice and long, which is what I would have wanted to do as well. I’m so glad I found your blog and have you as a friend in life….hopefully someday we can meet in person, because I want to visit your area! It’s always been somewhere I’ve wanted to go, since I started reading Modern Mrs. Darcy’s blog. She lives there as well.

    I love that look as well- my love for a poncho is strong. I feel like they look great on most everyone! I also love those faux leather pants and can’t wait to see what you do with them. I know you’ll enjoy that book after the awkward hamster one you had to put down. I recently got almost to the end of a book and had to quit it, but I’m still counting it, I was so close. It was the Daisy Jones book by Taylor Jenkins Reid- it wasn’t awkward, but I truly hated the story. I know that’s a strong emotion coming from me, but all of a sudden I was like, “What the heck am I doing? Life is too short for me to keep reading this book!”, so I put it down. 🤣

    I hope you have a great day!


  4. Happy, happy birthday! So fun to do birthday shopping! I am also a November birthday and it is fun when we have all the birthday discounts roll in. That’s great you were able to get those pants at such a discount. It pays to call! I have been thinking about some similar pants, so will be interested to see how you style them. Enjoy your day and celebrate all weekend!


  5. I love that you “borrow” looks. So fun. The A necklace is so pretty. I want to get hadley a KS necklace for her bday. So many of her friends have one. I just started using a similar notepad for our week/grocery list. It’s different that what I’ve used for YEARS, and my whole family is thrown for a loop lol
    I don’t edit my photos on WP…but maybe chat with tech support on the WP site? They’ve been helpful to me in the past.


    And what a fun post!
    So for borrowing, nothing except library books… Buying – I ordered christmas pyjamas for the girls, and face masks (great in the morning, right!), prepping: I have so much to do next week after the break so I’m prepping like crazy, planning; please let me say Florida! We’re actually talking about renovating the kitchen in mil’s apartment… And finally reading: your recommendation The Paris apartment and it’s great so far! I ordered Every summer after and there is a long queue on it, very popular it seems…
    So: eat cake and enjoy your day! ❤ ❤ ❤


  7. Happy Birthday! Love the cobalt blue sweater and cant wait to see the pants! I may have to pop onto Chicos at the coast today and see if they have any! Currently I am BORROWING several dresses to try on for our upcoming holiday party that we do for our employees at our country club. I hate buying a one occasion dress so my sweet friend let me try a few of hers. BUYING- I was influenced and bought the UGG ultra mini boots in grey suede. They are darling! I am obsessed! ha! PREPPING- nothing this week…..we are super busy and heading to the coast for one night and have something every other single night so it’s meals out and careful eating! PLANNING- my daughters upcoming DIRTY 30 party in Scottsdale! Making our daily itineraries and all are so excited to go! READING- “smells like Tween Spirit” by Laurie Gelman. This is her 4th in this series and I love the books! I am also going to start Kelly Ripa’s new book that I BORROWED from a friend. I have read mixed reviews. …Ok, I need to work out and then we are off to the beach! Have a wonderful birthday and eat the cake!


  8. Go for the lug soled chelsea boots, I got a pair of lug soled loafers and love them. And I got the KS initial necklace for my birthday and love it, it goes with lots of things. I like to make a list if I need to be organized, but those planners stress me out.
    Have the happiest of birthdays and I hope no one messes with you too!


  9. Reading through these Currently posts…and so many are prepping really delicious looking food. I really need to get on this idea. And include squash – yum!!


  10. Sending a happy birthday wish your way. I was able to score some good deals with birthday coupons sent via various retailers.


  11. Happy Birthday! I hope you feel special and loved today. I adore your sweet blog and love following along💗 It was fun to see that we are both twin boy mamas, mine just a little older than yours! Enjoy your day and your long upcoming weekend🎂


  12. Happy Birthday! I thinking taking Friday off is a great idea! I hope today was good to you! Good book choice. I gave Every Summer After 5/5, and that’s rare for me! I love Mrs. Meter’s lemon, tangerine, basil, and geranium scents. I used to buy the body wash, but it got to be too pricy. The candles have great scents, but again, too pricy. I might look for Black Friday deals for Mrs. Meyers.


  13. I hope you had the happiest birthday!!! And I have one page left in my meal planner so I have to start looking for another one soon. I love the paper planning pads so the one you have looks interesting to me.


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