Tueday, November 1, 2022

It’s time to link up with Tanya for Prime Purchases. You better believe I am going to start taking notes for Christmas shopping ideas!

I am wanting to get ahead of my usual game this year – which is that I totally buy everything between Cyber Monday and December 23rd – ish. I want to do this to spread out the expense, partly. We draw names and/or only buy for kids and grandparents on both sides of the family. Don’t be afraid to be the one to suggest this in your family. I bet others would jump on board. A fun thing we added to my side of the family is instead of buying new gifts – a white elephant/re-gift exchange. We had a lot of fun with that last year with the stealing of each others’ opened gifts! This works great especially because we usually do it the day after Christmas and everyone has already received plenty of gifts.

I did really well this month. I am very purposely trying to reduce my clothing, Amazon and grocery spending. We have had a very expensive summer and fall with college tuition, renovation supplies (our hall bathroom), and the higher costs of everything. We also had lots of birthday gifts to buy and meals out to celebrate this fall. I say this to keep it real because I know many of you are in the same boat. We only carry our mortgage debt and that is important to us. We have three cars that are 10 years old and I am also worried about when one of them poops out on us.

I broke my several years long streak of no book buying and only using the library to “spend out” and give myself a couple of fun fall books here and here.

I love, love, love my new belt bag/fanny pack and have used it every day since it arrived. Would this make a good gift for someone on your list?

I love, love, love my new hair milk that smells amazing and really helps detangle my fine hair.

I like my no show socks, but they really make my feet sweat. I think it’s due to the fact that I am wearing them for so many hours. I think for a few hour stint they would be fine. I have had to take them off halfway through the day. Maybe this will be ok as it gets colder. My classroom is so warm right now.

I can never seem to find these dish scrubber replacement heads in the right brand at Kroger so I ordered a pack to keep on hand. Boring, but necessary. I hate using them past their prime.

And, finally my fall t-shirt has gotten quite a bit of wear. I plan to keep wearing it in November. I didn’t have a fall tee!

So what have you primed this month?


10 thoughts on “Prime Purchases

  1. Not buying books is hard for me! I do get them super inexpensively through Kindle Unlimited, but still. It’s nothing for me to “buy now” when it’s under $5. I need to go back to not buying on Amazon so much and I’ve done better this fall. I only bought necessities, minus the fanny bag that I need to return still. I went to buy some detangling spray, but I just ended up making some of my own by using a bottle I had on hand and added in some conditioner and water. I shake it vigorously before using, and voila! It works really well. Speaking of conditioner, that’s one thing I buy and have delivered every five weeks- my shampoo and conditioner. I found it through some Amazon browsing and still love it. It’s the Renpure brand. I’m about to start Christmas shopping! I have two nights coming up soon that my town doe s a girls night out- I can’t wait to go with my friend!


  2. I typically get all my shopping done before Black Friday but I’m slacking a bit this year as my boys have zero ideas for me!


  3. I haven’t bought any Amazon fashion in a while and I am happy about that. You should try Sheec socks when you need no show socks. I swear they are the best. They stay put and they have every cut and style available. It took me years of listening to Jodie go on and on about them to finally try them myself and I am glad I did!


  4. I love your fall t-shirt and the entire outfit, actually! I want to try those shoes! I go to the shoe store and try on 15+ pairs with no success, so I’m hesitant to buy online unless I know they’ll fit! I bought a few tops from J Crew. I bought two tops in Liberty prints, marked way down, and a sweater. I love them! It is still hot here, like 87 today, so hoping for a cold streak so I can wear my sweaters! My classroom is cold, so I’m halfway there! I don’t have Amazon Prime, as I don’t care for online shopping – or shopping in general. I laughed about the hamsters in the book; I am quirky and had a Guinea pig years ago in my single days. I gave it to a student before I got married and moved from Maine to Connecticut. Seems like another life!


  5. I know what you mean about expenses. Between the higher price of everything and our recent vacation, I feel like Christmas spending is going to feel tight. I’m also sprucing up the kids rooms a little before they come home for Thanksgiving. Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases!


    1. Yes! I bet the CA costs made you appreciate Texas costs? I am really trying to question all of my purchases now. I have had several no spend days, too, which I am proud of!


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