Monday, October 31, 2022

Happy Halloween!

First, I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for your kind words on Friday when I showed my heart and talked about my week. Friday was a much better day and I know it starts with me. I need to practice self-care and boundaries so that I can give 100% at work. There was a lot of good in last week, too, but I kind of let the little things get to me.

With that being said, pray for teachers today with Halloween on a Monday and the day after Halloween hangover!

That jeans pass is for you Kristen!

I am linking up with Holly and Sarah to talk about my weekend – the last of October. Tomorrow is already November and Prime Purchases day with Tanya!

Let’s go back to Friday. After school, I enjoyed a fall walk with Ernie. Look at all of these leaves!

For dinner, Tom and I had pizza – he had lunch leftover and Totino’s and I had skinny!



I was in bed by 9:00! I was wiped out!

That meant I was up and at ’em early on Saturday and made some components of one of my lunches this week – Erica requested the breakfast bowl again.

Here was my Saturday breakfasst:

I ran to the library and to two stores and then we took the boat out for lunch.

Elizabeth came, but her fiance wasn’t able to make it.

I had a really good cheeseburger without the bun and a few fries!

We got home around 4 and I showered and napped a bit. Tom was still full from lunch and his snacks when we got home, but I made a piece of avocado toast for my dinner.

Then, we went to jump the college kids’ car. It wouldn’t start Saturday. We were headed there anyway to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Mason was a member of the shadow cast. They played the movie while the actors acted it out. I had never gone to a showing/performance before.

They put a V on my forehead since I hadn’t seen it before. I knew what it was, of course.

Jack came with us. It was really fun! I can’t believe I made it for such a late performance!

Both kids had decided to come home just for the night and Tom thought having the car at home in case it wouldn’t start again would be good. Tom drove it home and I stayed for the clean up that the cast had to do. Then, the kids and I hit up Taco Bell at 11:30. I had not done this since maybe 1996?

Mexican Pizza, baby! Without the meat! My roommate Heather is a vegetarian and she taught me this method. I wish I could tell you how many of these we ate together!

Pray for my stomach!

It was supposed to be raining when I got up at 8:00 – yes I majorly slept in for me – but it wasn’t, so I enoyed my patio lights with my coffee.

Ernie waiting for his Daddy!

This book really is awkward. I’m enjoying it, but I guess I should have listened to the title. The main character has pet hamsters that are talked about way too much. She is very quirky.

A completed lunch of a breakfast bowl:

I also made two Kodiak pancakes for our “dessert” at lunch tomorrow. We are both trying to avoid the Halloween candy that is everywhere at school right now.

I made myself an omelette and turkey bacon with all the vegetables from the bowl.

And, then I ran to Kroger to get a couple of things for the week.

Jack had a choir concert at 3:00 at a church near campus. There are benefits to going to college close to home for both the kids and the parents. Since they are living on campus they are getting the best of both worlds – I hope. I do wonder if they will regret not going farther away, but given the timing of the start of their college career, it has played out nicely. They left for college in August of 2020 and got to live on campus with a few adjustments. They couldn’t visit other dorms, had to mask, had to test, some classes were online. But, for the most part their college really handled the situation well.

Anyway, I digress…

How was your Halloween weekend?


25 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Digress… I had to look that up… so much for an English teacher, right!? 😀
    Jean pass – is that a real thing!?
    Well, Halloween isn’t a very big thing here, you see some pumpkins, and people throw parties, but it’s a bit lukewarm if you compare to America!
    I hope you have a great Monday with nice and attentive kids! I’m enjoying my first day of fall break! Yippie!


    1. I love learning new words in Spanish so I am sure you do, too! Yes, unfortunately it is – not at my school because we don’t have a dress code. But, it used to be at my other schools. It is very infantile. Thank you! I hope you are enjoying your fall break so much!


  2. Happy Halloween- I completely forgot it was today! Your weekend sounds just like what you needed, and I’m glad you were able to do some fun things and some relaxing things. I laughed at the midnight Taco Bell….I don’t think I’ve done that since my teen years either, except for one night when my boys were you teenagers and I took a bunch of them and their friends to a concert. We had to have food for the ride home, so I joined them. Ha! I’m shocked my stomach didn’t rebel, but I was fine. Sweet Ernie- there’s nothing like the loyalty and love of a dog! I bet he loves those leaves in the yard, mine always do and run and prance their way through them. Here’s to surviving today and tomorrow! I always hated when this day fell on a school day. You poor teachers!


    1. Ha! I hope you could find your candy in the stores! Thank you! The Taco Bell hit the spot and I have no regrets! Ernie doesn’t seem too focused on the leaves, but boy he comes alive in the fall. He doesn’t like the heat and was born in January, so we think he loves colder weather.
      Ha – we will be fine I hope!


      1. His girlfriend actually lives in FL! She’s finishing her PHD in Chemistry at UF, they met through my nephew back in the spring. Things have gotten serious very quickly. It’s crazy but they are perfect together!


  3. Happy Halloween 🎃 after all my travels the last few weeks, I caught a cold. Wish it was a “catch and release” program! Ha …actually it hasn’t been too bad. Tay also caught one and she’s doing ok too. it was a golf tournament and Fresno state football weekend for me. The weather is turning cooler and I AM HERE FOR IT! sadly my golfing will slow down but I plan to still get to the range to practice as often as possible! Hope your Tuesday after Halloween isn’t too bad!


    1. Ugh – sorry! Is is just a cold and not Covid? I thought we didn’t have colds anymore? Just kidding! I hope so, too! We will see! Have a great week and feel better!


      1. Haha! Don’t know if it is or not! Not taking a test…. I am feeling so much better. The worst was first night and so congested but Tony got me mucinex and it worked like a champ! Yesterday i felt so much better! And yea i agree – there’s more than covid!


  4. We went to Denver for a wedding this weekend. It was downtown, so we took a train from the airport and walked or ubered places. Since we were free in the daytime we explored the capital and arts area and there were a lot of parks with beautiful leaves. I got to walk in the leaves like you pictured and it was magical! After living in the desert so long, I had forgotten the smell of fallen leaves. There’s nothing else like it! I hope you have a Happy Halloween and a good week.


    1. That sounds lovely! I have never been to Denver unless it was a stop off when I was really young. Fall is really magical. You probably get tired of hearing the bloggers talk about it! Thank you and to you, too!


  5. I’m glad you had a much better day on Friday. The V 😂😂so funny. I love that you are able to see your boys but they also get the college experience. Your meals look yummy! I didn’t get out of my pjs until 5:00 yesterday. It was heavenly!


    1. I did! Thank you! I knew my cup was empty from some extra things I had taken on. It was! I think we have a nice situation. My besties have girls that are 8 hours away and it just makes everything harder and more expensive. That sounds like a perfect rainy Sunday! I need to do that soon!


  6. ha ha it’s not the Jeans PASS in itself, it’s the fact that the administration seems to believe that every transgression they put onto you is made up for with the permission to wear jeans. It’s such a disrespect to professionalism. (Maybe I’m just not any fun lol)


    1. I know! I know! I totally agree with you. I feel like this issue is more prevalent in the elementary schools. I will say that my current district treats us like professionals. They pay us or give us PD credit for all of the trainings. We have no dress code; we get to decide what is professional and appropriate for our subject. The art teachers usually dress more casually, but for the most part we have very professional looking teachers. I was reading an article about the silly child-like rewards they give teachers – “orange you glad it’s Friday” with a cheetos and cuties bar. That’s embarrassing. Can you imagine doing that in a law office? Ha!
      I would much rather have a nice note left in my mailbox or a quick email about my subjects being engaged, you know? Oh well. Have a great day!


  7. All dress codes are infantile! At the gym where I used to work the staff in the reception area wore dress jackets… at a gym! Weird!
    I’m sure enjoying my break, even though I have a bunch of correcting to do. Yesterday we saw Where the crawdads sing in the middle of the day! Wonderful! Thankfully my husband runs his own small company, so he’s easy to persuade to come along!


  8. I can’t tell you how glad I am that Halloween is over! Of course most kids were on a sugar high today. I told one class I didn’t want any wrappers on the floor, and there was a lot of candy consumed. I’m old school strict, but I am choosing to pick my battles this year to save my sanity. There have been a lot of fights lately, and that is not good considering it’s barely November! Usually around the holidays. Your weekend looks like fun, and I love your patio and lights! I am the worst helicopter mom, and I would keep my sons close forever if I could! I know it’s bad, and I really have to work at it. They drove down to visit us for the weekend on Friday night, and it was so nice!


  9. What a nice weekend! Saturday was a great day for a boat ride — this weekend promises to be good too :). You are so lucky to have a pal to make lunches for/with. That is really great for you.
    Our kids are in college in our town too and it really has worked out great. Our first went 1.5 hours away, which wasn’t bad, but to be honest, we don’t see 2 of our 3 “in town” kids any more than we saw our out-of-towner when he was in school. The one comes home weekly to do his laundry b/c his apartment complex will NOT fix his dryer but he does it when we are at work — it’s his grandparents (who live down the street) that he makes the effort for anyway. And, when things like dead batteries come up, it is a little more convenient. I remember one time having to tow the older kid’s car home 80 miles when his clutch went out :/. And, you get to participate in fun things like Rocky Horror Night 🙂
    I’m making my way back through your week so haven’t caught up on your “it’s a hard day” post. {{hugs}}. You are in an extremely stressful position — I miss it so much but do NOT miss everything outside of the actual teaching/planning/engagement with students.


  10. I love listening to the rustle of the leaves as I walk! Such a great FALL sound. And I remember my first viewing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show — it was so weird and, yet, so good!


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