Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Why do I love these types of posts so much? I think I’m a Life Hack Nerd. I am constantly trying to be more efficient, I think. Are you like this, too?

I would love to post what’s working for you, too! Please leave it in the comments and I will do a follow up with your responses unless you tell me otherwise.

Here we go:

Thursday Kroger Pick Up – I like doing this on my way home from work. It’s not a separate trip. I place my order Wednesday night or Thursday morning. I use the Kroger app and actually start building my list as we run out and need things during the week. It also saves all past purchases. Now, this does mean I have to know what foods I need for the weekend and the week ahead. Erica and I usually start talking about the following week’s lunches around about Wednesday so it forces me to pick my recipes. I also sometimes ask her what she wants me to make that I haven’t made in awhile. And, yes, in this time of high grocery prices, I absolutely think not going in the store saves money. I look at my calendar for the week ahead and plan breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Yeah, it takes some time but I think it’s time well spent. (Get it? Spent?)

Thursday Laundry – I throw in my load or two of clothes while I am unloading the groceries. I like to have the washer and dryer empty for the weekend in case Tom needs it, the kids bring laundry home, and for when we do the sheets.

Washing hair every other night – I take a shower at night no matter what, but I have only been washing my hair every other night. I have even stretched it another night lately. My hair seems to be doing better now with this method. I also use a bit of dry shampoo in the mornings where I didn’t wash the night before. I often wear a headband for my second or third day hair day, too.

Not checking work email at home – I am so proud of myself! This is hard. I took work email off of my phone. I have absolutely zero notifications set up. I don’t have Google Classroom or Infinite Campus or Remind or anything. I check my email before I close my work computer for the day at school and then I wait until I get to school at 6:45 the next morning. Game Changer! Also, our principal still sends his Sunday video message but I watch it at school on Monday morning now. You guys! I did not think I could achieve this but I did!

Walking Ernie and then reading outside after school – Getting outside so much on a work day is absolutely helping my mental health. We have had a gorgeous fall! On a typical work day I get home between 2:45 (yes, I’m lucky, but I do go to school at 6:45, remember?) and 3:30 so that gives me a solid two hours to just BE before I start making dinner. Also, remember that I do not get to step foot outside during the whole school day, unfortunately.

Ahh, look at that sky!

Lighting a fall candle every morning – I’m not just wanting for the weekend to light my candle anymore. Man, could this be a metaphor for life in general! What else can we do during the week instead of waiting for the weekend? Why can fun only happen on the weekends?

Not wearing makeup to work – Hear me out. I am putting on a bit of eye makeup and lipstick, but leaving my face bare most days. This stemmed from my face being really dry and needing to use hard core moisturizer. I think the letting my skin breathe is helping my skin to look better! I mean, teenagers know I’m old regardless of my makeup, right?

Reading for pleasure – I broke my no book buying streak to purchase a couple of fun fall reads from Amazon. Yes, I still like a book with pages. These came recommended by Bourbon, Lipstick and Stilettos on IG who used to have a blog. I always like her recs.

What’s working for you? I will post them next week or Friday, depending on how many I get!


22 thoughts on “What’s Working for Me

  1. I haven’t worn make up in a few years now and I just love how much better my skin feels. The only stores near us that offer grocery pick up are Stop and Shop and Bj’s so it’s impossible to do a weekly grocery pick up (well, I could but S&S prices are double my usual grocery store prices!). I do make a list and stick to just to my list when shopping.


    1. That’s amazing and your skin is so great! Making a list and sticking to it works too! I wish you had a better pick up option, but it’s also fun going in and seeing new things and really being able to compare prices. That is kinda hard online.


  2. I love a good life hack and get so inspired when I hear what other people are doing – I spend way too much time on Tik Tok learning! I think ordering your groceries is such a good idea, especially building the list through the app. A real book is where it’s at for me too, I love turning pages!


    1. Me too! I could not navigate Tik Tok and found it so annoying, but I love that people share things they learn from there. I will just let them do the hard work of finding it! Yes to ordering and yes to real books!


  3. This was fun! I love the idea of not waiting for the weekend to do fun things, even if it means just lighting a candle. I think that could apply to a billion other things in life and it could preach! Life is too short to wait or to put things off, which is why my sister Lisa and I planned that trip to the Cape Cod in just a few weeks. We could have saved and scrimped for a year, but we figured, why wait?

    Something that works for me is also grocery pickup, but after my work on Mondays. I make my order on Sunday night and try to buy enough to get me through the week. Sometimes I have to go back for drinks or bread or other things I randomly run out, like jelly for PB&J sandwiches. I agree wholeheartedly about how not going inside helps you to save money!

    I hope you have a great day, friend!


  4. I love these posts too! I agree about the candle. We always have at least one candle burning when I’m home. Realizing I can do the delay start on my washer has been a game changer. I’ve been setting it for the afternoon or Saturday / Sunday mornings to keep the loads of laundry moving. I’m trying to sit on my front porch when I can. This time of the year is the best for front porch sitting…even just for 10-20 min when I can. And you know Kroger Clicklist is my best life hack of all 😂


    1. Yes! You know, your kids will remember that and the cozy feeling that brought. What a great hack! I will have to look into it. Yes, to taking even a few to sit on the porch. What would we do without grocery pick up?

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  5. I absolutely love life hack posts like this! I agree with lighting the candle – not waiting for the weekend and also washing hair less frequently. I need to get back to grocery pickup since it definitely helps to save money! My latest life hack are those Ashw… gummies you recommended. They have seriously changed my midlife sleeping!


    1. Same! Yes to lighting the candles! Grocery pick up really does help. I always think no big deal in the summer, but it is a big deal! I see so many temptations and get thrown off course.
      I am soooo happy they are working for you! Sleep makes all the difference!


  6. I loved reading this post! Congrats on keeping boundaries at home from work. This is huge, especially in the day we live in post covid. I loved reading embracing the good during the week, from getting sunshine and lighting a candle.


    1. Thank you! It’s hard, but I’ve been working on it and I am happier for it. These things seem so little,, but they are big! I hope you are adjusting to empty nester life. It’s sad some days.


  7. I wake up one hour (at least) before the rest of the family. This is my me-time, I make coffee, a ginger shot, and spend a lot of time in the bathroom grooming and putting on make up – I’m still trying to fool the kids that I’m not old! ;-D
    Of course I don’t have e-mail on the phone – never!
    I’m trying to be effective, but when the kids grew up it was so nice to not be so super effective anymore…


    1. Yes! I started doing this when my kids were very young. I had to be ME before I was ready to mom! My skin is going through a weird thing – now I have some bumps along the jawline that are not acne. I think I am starting menopause. My cheeks are also getting really flushed. I look like Raggedy Ann at school. Do you know who that is?


      1. Hm, strange with your skin… yes, a lot happens at this glorious age! 😀 The CeraVe cream that you mentioned will probably solve it! Raggedy Ann! Funny! Yes, I recognize that doll, but I really can’t see the resemblance… 😉


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