Monday, October 24, 2022

Welll, here you are again, Monday…

It’s time to link up with Sarah and Holly for Hello Monday.

Friday I came home right after school and then I was able to talk Tom into taking me out for Mexican! And, then, our friends Heather and Scott were able to join us. The trees have suddenly turned so beautiful!

I had a “skinny” margarita. I am not sure why their skinnys look orange and their normal are true margarita color…hmmmm

I got the fajita bowl!

We had a really nice evening eating and chatting!

Saturday morning I went ahead and made 4 breakfast burritos. I already have one faux egg mcmuffin in the freezer, so I want to use that up.

Also, my first lunch for Erica and I is is going to be a farmer’s market breakfast bowl.

I made my Saturday breakfast at the same time. Then, I cleaned and did chores around the house while listening to podcasts.

I am going to tell you Thursday about a few new fashion purchases. I bought a pair of Old Navy – gasp! – button fly distressed jeans and an Old Navy flannel that I am using as more of a “shacket”. Kellyann convinced me to go in Old Navy recently where I tried on several styles of jeans (and sizes). I avoided the flares because I now have a pair of light and dark that I love. Look at all of our newly fallen leaves! I love them so much!

I took myself on a bit of a Saturday errand running spree and picked up my first PSL of the season to sip while driving. It was lovely! Starbuck’s is such a rarity for me now that it made it a true treat.

My favorite trees are the red ones!

One of my stops was Michael’s and it was a Christmas wonderland! Not ready!

I went in a new store and it is really nice but very pricey.

I came home and ate Mexican fajita bowl leftovers that I wrapped in a low carb tortilla and the rest of my turkey meatballs and green beans. I sat on the patio, of course!

I did a bit of reading. I am trying to finish this and I have one more library book. I splurged and ordered some fall themed books from Amazon that are coming soon. I want to be ready for them!

One of the things on my Michael’s list was a new set of more Edison type bulbs string lights for my mantel.

It’s apple cider sangria time, people!

I lit and enjoyed my candle!

I talked Tom into going out to dinner again – we should have just stayed home – and we had a very mediocre meal. I ordered a stromboli and Tom ordered a sloppy joe.

We came home and walked Ernie in the dark and then I enjoyed my patio for a bit while Tom collapsed in his chair. He did a 30 mile bike ride that morning.

Sunday morning I got up and did some blog work for the week. I was glad that I had already done the meal prep that had to be done.

My other two meals for the week for Erica and I will also be dinners for Tom and I. I am still excited to use Slender Kitchen recipes. I am really excited to try Thai Red Coconut Curry with chicken and One Pot Creamy Mushroom Pasta and I am going to add chicken. I am leaning more toward comfort foods and moving away from the summer meals that I was enjoying. I am also excited to add some Thai cuisine. I had to buy a few specialty items like fish sauce so I hope I like this and can use it up for other dishes. Remember that I include links when I can. Just click on the red type and it will take you to the recipes, websites, or my older posts.

Groceries were all picked up and put away on Thursday after school, so I was set. Even if I forget something, it is so much easier to run in for a few items.

Sunday morning I also had to make a bunch of taco meat for Spanish Club this week. I decided to make it and freeze it, then take my crockpot to school and dump it in to warm it up. We are having a taco bar for our next Spanish Club meeting and no one volunteered for the meat.

Kinda gross photo:

Next I tried an experiment. I found this cute little “pumpkin pie” app for Turkey Day!

Instructions coming soon – the hardest part is cutting the cheese. Did anyone giggle?

I looked outside and my husband was on the garage roof!

Then, it was time for a fall boat trip – can you tell we are trying to eek out as many boating sessions as possible?

I read my book and Tom watched football!

And that was a wrap on my weekend, sadly. We really need rain and we are supposed to get it on Tuesday. But, man, this weather has been so great!

We have an amateur weather predictor at school – she is a Science teacher by day. She says we are going to have a cold and snowy winter. I like a bit of that, but I tire of it really quickly. But, fall…never!

What was the highlight of your weekend?


14 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. I keep hearing this winter is supposed to be extra cold and snowy too; ugh! I hate hearing that. I don’t even want to know. I took the boys out for dinner last night but we just went to Panera since my husband and Ian don’t like eating there and it was 3 of us.


    1. I know, right? Ours was so mild last year. I hardly had to break out my biggest winter coat. I just heard the funniest thing – Panera is like over priced hospital cafeteria food. That really made me laugh. I don’t know why people think it’s so great!


  2. I am so excited that you went to Old Navy and found some stuff! Yay!! It is always apple cider sangria aka Fall in a cup for me. I love that drink. It reminds me of watching football with my dad in the fall of 2018 before he died, so it takes me back to that special time.
    We had an at home weekend – literally didn’t go anywhere and it was heaven!!


    1. Me too! I had not had Old Navy jeans in years! And, I believe they were hand me downs from a friend and didn’t ever fit me correctly. So, thank you for the inspo and you are absolutely right about straight legs being more comfy! I am so glad you like the drink and that it provides a nice memory. I miss mine so much and I know you do, too.
      Wow – I don’t know if I could not go anywhere at all. I wish I could!


    1. Thank you! I didn’t think a real shacket would work so the flannel shirt is a better option for me. Ha – the Christmas stuff is out! I am motivated to start my shopping this year, though.


  3. Your new fall outfit is πŸ’―. I love your mantle. Cozy and festive. Cut the cheese πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the weather this weekend was perfect for a boat ride. Jealous! Have a great week.


    1. Thank you! I felt great in it. It felt like me and it was comfy. I needed those lights badly! Cutting the cheese can be hard. I wish I had paid attention in Geometry to get those perfect isosceles triangles.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. What a great weekend! Is there anything more frustrating than eating out and getting only a mediocre meal? I think not. It’s such a pet peeve, which is why we always go to the same few places. I appreciate good food and only want the best, at least when I eat out. I don’t blame you for eeking out as many boating opportunities as you can with different seasons. You’ll eventually have to winterize and store it, though, right? I don’t know how that works. A highlight of my weekend was having a big family meal at my niece Erika’s house in Colorado Saturday night. I love getting to play with my great nieces!


    1. Thank you! No, it is really frustrating! Yup, I love the places that are consistent. Yes, we usually have to winterize the first week of November and it’s always a touch sad. It provides so much fun and togetherness each season for Tom and I and our friends. Our kids hate boating so that doesn’t provide togetherness with them. They think it’s super boring and just don’t get it!
      I am so glad you got to get that meal in and time with those sweet kids.


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