Monday, October 17, 2022

Linking up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday!

Friday was a really cool day at school – the guy in the middle blue jacket is from Puerto Rico originally and is a recording artist/singer at only 17!

Because it was also the end of Hispanic Heritage month along with Homecoming, we were able to have him sing in Spanish at our first pep rally since 2019! The kids showed him all the love and he worked the crowd. They held up their cell phone flashlights and it was so cool!

After school, we had 50 kids show up for a taste of Latin flavors and Latin dance lessons!

This is my student from Peru dancing with the instructor. He was so good!

I was so tired, by managed to come home and make chili. My college kids were supposed to be coming home for fall break but they ended up dissing me and not coming until Saturday!

They came home and I made them food and then we had plans to go to lunch on the river. It was so nice!

We got home and I made this dip that Erika talked about last week in her post.

We had a fire, ate dip, and had S’mores while watching football. My kids had tacos, but Tom and I were still full from lunch.

Sunday morning I was starving and made myself some hashbrowns and eggs.

I cleaned, spent time with my kids, and got ready for the week, and then had a really fun Sunday Funday that I will tell you about in my Friday Favorites!

What was the highlight of your weekend?


22 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. How fun with the Puerto Rican singer! And the food and the dance lessons! We Europeans have a lot to learn from you! You really create fun experiences for your young people!
    Mmm, chili… need to do that. Did you make those tortilla chips yourself?
    I can see your trees changing color, beautiful! Stupid question: do you have bare trees in the winter?
    My weekend highlight was buying a second hand chest of drawers! It was a lot of work: renting a trailer, meeting the seller, paint it, return the trailer… The result was super!


    1. Girl, school is so much extra here. I don’t know if you should take a lesson.
      I did not make those- I like to use Fritos. Do you have those?
      I need to post my chili recipe!
      Not a stupid question – yes many trees are bare in the winter, but not our evergreens. Get it – – lol!
      Oh man – that is not my idea of fun. I don’t enjoy the hassle but I know I would enjoy the final product.


      1. Fritos? No… probably contains something that the EU doesn’t approve of… 😀
        Yes, it was a bit of a hassle but I must confess that my husband is the project manager…


  2. What a fun filled Friday at school! The afternoon on the river sounds wonderful. My highlight of the weekend would have to be the nice long hike Evan and I took on Saturday; the weather was just perfect.


  3. I am so happy to hear that your school had a pep rally and had so much fun! So cool too that you have a celebrity at school!
    We had our anniversary this weekend so that was our highlight. I really need an extra day, I feel like I need a day to do housework. Friday cannot come soon enough!


  4. Sounds like a great weekend. I get it with college kids changing plans at the last minute….but also grateful that they have friends and busy schedules 😉
    My highlight was attending the TN-AL game at Neyland. It was epic and something we won’t forget. So happy for those kids….my husband LOVED that his son was down on the field in the mayhem, celebrating such a victory.
    Glad you’re still getting out on the river….we closed up our boat last weekend 😦

    Have a great week!


    1. It was good. Yes, you are right. I got over it quickly.
      That game was crazy! I watched the end and I don’t even care about sports. I don’t get destroying things – UK tends to set couches on fire. Huh?
      Our boating days are numbered. I am trying to jump at the chance when I can.


  5. What a fun Friday at school! I love that you had so many students come for the food and dancing lessons afterward. I am sure you were so tired after! It sounds like the perfect weekend with family and friends. I would say the highlight of my weekend was when I met up with both of my sisters and had dinner after I landed in Denver. I love being with them!


  6. Your Friday at school looks so fun! Haydens taking Spanish and they had their heritage fair in the gym on Friday. He said it was lots of fun and other classes went too…so hadley loved it as well. Your s’mores charcuterie is so neat. I need to steal that idea. The boat photos are so fun and the trees are so pretty. Highlight of my weekend was going to the pumpkin patch yesterday:)


    1. Gracias! I hope he loves it – if not now – eventually. Thank you! Our boating days are numbered! That looked so nice! Your kids are so great to still get excited and let you take photos!

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