Friday, October 14, 2022

It’s Friday! I am linking up with Andrea and Erika and many more for this fun link up. I have a hodgepodge for you today of products, moments, outings, and more.

Last weekend I went to Bath and Body Works with my nieces and found a new scent. It’s not super fall-ish, but I really like it. I seem to like things with the word “champagne” in them!

I needed to replace my nail polish top coat. I have loved using Orly and got another one at TJ Maxx. For only $3, I think this is a great product!

I told you the wrong scent when I talked about my two fall candle purchases. I bought “White Pumpkin” and this one… “Pumpkin Bonfire”. I love both and I am very picky about my scents.

It’s so hard, too, because you have to like the smell and what the candle design looks like on the outside!

Ok…my face is back to normal from the extreme dryness I was experiencing. Where has this been all my life? It is WONDERFUL! It will also last a really long time.

I don’t know if I have ever shown you the back of my yard and maybe no one cares? Ha! You could say that about most of the stuff I write, too! Our house backs up into an elementary school yard and I love that we have this extra space. Ernie loves it, too. He gets a few laps around the school yard most days.

I took a walk around my neighborhood and saw some fun fall decor.

This was dark – this yard has two figures hanging from trees – EEK!

And, this one might actually get a visit from the police..

Ok – the best way to do an at home mani is to sit at a table and have something to occupy you while you dry. I usually listen to a podcast. Having your hands flat on the table really is the trick.

I used my OPI Taupe-less Beach.

How do you show acts of love to your family? I make Tom’s yogurt everyday. Can he do this himself? Of course! But, it’s something I started doing for him and he appreciates it.

I put frozen berries in the big compartment and top it with a container of Oikos pro strawberry and then in the other compartment I put Nature Valley high protein granola.

He got a bonus the other day when I also made him a little charcuterie to go to take to work. He’s a lucky man, no? Ha!

I was skeptical, but man – these are good! I am happy to have some pancakes in my life now!

I need some recipes because I think you can do lots with this mix.

I picked this up on a whim and it made a great mimosa. I like bottles like this for the times in your life that you don’t want to mess with a cork. I found mine at Liquor Barn.

I finished my Hello Monday post before I did this last Sunday. I heard there would be a sailboat regatta and when managed to take the boat out and sit and watch for a couple of hours. I have no idea what was going on, but boy it sure looked idyllic!

Ernie came and was a very good boy.

My mom went to her miniature show last weekend and apparently left something behind. Tom brought this to me and asked if I would like a cup of tea. He does nice things for me, too.

I am still on the same jar of the Pixie eye patches. I like to leave them on for about an hour and I really do think they reduce eye puffiness. I would like to try a cheaper brand so let me know if you have one!

Monday night I got a wild hair and asked Tom if he wanted to meet at a new place called Waldo’s Chicken and Beer. He did and we sat outside and it was lovely and the food was great. We will be back!

I made chips/crackers out of my Cut Da Carb wraps and they were good! All of these chips are one WW point. I enjoyed them with hummus and cucumbers. This is a great afternoon snack for me!

I got bored with my last book and didn’t finish it – yet. I might finish it, but I’m not sure. I picked this up and I am enjoying the Puerto Rican cultural nods. It is set in Chicago in a predominantly Puerto Rican neighborhood but there is also an Irish whiskey distillery next door to the main character’s family restaurant.

And, again reading outside for a bit each day is filling my cup!

I think these are the bomb! I have only had the little cotton no show socks to wear with sneakers, but I wanted something for my flats and Danskos. The price can’t be beat and I am not lying when I say I didn’t adjust them a single time during the 8-9 hours that I had them on. They prevented rubbing on the heel and side of my foot. Check them out here.

So, what were your faves this week? Can you believe we are halfway through October? No! Slow down!

Happy, happy Friday!


P.S. – Check out any posts you missed this week! I talked about Healthy Living and gave ideas for products and meals here, I posted the lasagna cupcakes recipe here, I showed my weekly fashion here, and I re-capped my weekend and talked about hosting here!

21 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I’m glad to hear your face is feeling better. Don’t you love that Cerave? It’s my favorite and they even have it in travel size! I’m taking mine with me when I go to Colorado, because everything on me dries out while I’m at that high altitude. I love that Taupe-less Beach color! It’s such a great neutral. I need some of those neutral no show socks. I’ve managed to lose most of mine….and I definitely have my favorites that just get worn over and over. When you said Tom asked if you’d like a cup of tea with that miniature teapot, I laughed out loud. He’s a funny guy, it seems like! That afternoon snack looks amazing! We love chips and hummus and I love cucumbers. I may need to try that and making my own tortilla chips. Yum! I hope you have a great Friday…you made it to the end of the week!


    1. Thank you! It was so painful! I am trying to stay on top of it now. Also, my friend told me to only “wash” my T-zone. Yes to taking that to Co! I think this is a great neutral. These socks are really great and have more of a pantyhose feel. Tom is very funny. He has a dry sense of humor and he makes me laugh most days. I am really into hummus right now. It’s so good! Making your own chips is really easy! I made it!
      Can’t wait to hear about your trip!


  2. I think those little things we do to show love really are the big things! Yes that sounds cliche but it is true. Wow, some of those houses in your neighborhood go all out scary – ha!!!
    I use that pancake mix all the time and have been buying the pumpkin flavor lately – it is delicious! I also buy their birthday cake flavored protein ball mix. Kodiak can do no wrong in my book!


    1. Agreed! Tom is not one of big gestures, but he calls every day on his way home from work to tell me. I think it’s sweet. I have never noticed our neighborhood going that dark before!
      I thought I might add some pumpkin to my original flavor? Birthday cake! OMG! I will look for those. I am intrigued to buy more of their products now that I know they are good!


  3. Sometimes bath and body candles cause me stress…I want to like the scent as much as the design.
    You are so sweet. I love Tom’s lunches…especially the snack one.
    The boat photo looks like Nantucket!
    I hope you have a great weekend.


    1. Me too! It’s actually harder than one might think! And, the coupon situation. I feel bad if I don’t have coupons and I have trouble figuring out the free gift sometimes. Ha! I am kinda sweet. He goes out for lunch each day to get out of the office and it used to make me mad because it costs so much money and then he doesn’t want to go out for dinner. But, then I let it go. So, he just gets the yogurt from me and and occasional snack.
      I kept saying that, too. I was annoying probably – “this looks like we are in the northeast!”
      I hope you do, too!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Cerave is so good…recommended by dermatologists. I gave you a shout out today on the blog for those fabulous Gobi blue gummies. It really helped my sleep.


    1. It really is so good! I will buy more of their products now that I know everything is so good. The price isn’t bad, either. Aww thank you! I am glad you think they work, too. I think they taste so good, too!


  5. I use Cerave cleanser and I just love it. That is so sweet that you pack your husband up some food each day; my husband often hints that I should since other guys at work have their wives do theirs. LOL.


    1. Me too! I really think it’s great. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought to add the same brand lotion! He appreciates it. He does eat lunch out daily because he wants to get out of the office. Once you start packing for him you can’t stop, so maybe just pretend you don’t get the hint! Ha!


  6. Wow, this was a treat on a Saturday morning! So much fun!
    I also use eye patches (when I can find them… GIRLS!) and they actually really make a difference! I haven’t found any cheaper ones though… they all seem to be about 20 dollars for 30 pairs (2 pairs for me and the rest for my daughters :-D).
    And those low socks are a necessity! I’m so happy I can still wear my light yellow hokas, the weather is wonderful!
    Happy weekend!


    1. Well, thank you! Do you click on the other posts in the Friday Favorites link up? Just curious!
      My container of eye patches has lasted a long time so I guess it’s not that bad. I did put them on Tom one day when he had really big bags under his eyes. They feel so good!
      I am so happy to finally have these little socks!
      Happy weekend to you! I hope you have continued beautiful weather! I wore my Hokas to school on Thursday for spirit day – we had to dress like a soccer mom or barbecue dad.


      1. No, if I haven’t read for a couple of days I scroll down and just read chronologically. But that’s a great idea; to use the links! I’ll do that next Friday!


  7. I just added those socks to cart! Funny enough, I had just thrown away an old pair of now show socks yesterday because I had to adjust them so many times, so this was perfect timing to see this recommendation.


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