Thursday, October 13, 2022

It’s Thursday and that means Fashion Files with Kellyann and Jill!

If you are new around here, I am a high school Spanish teacher and these are the outfits I really wear. I take one shot with my tripod and call it a day!

On this day, we were starting artist presentations so I thought it would be good to wear my Frida Kahlo t-shirt from Target with a fun printed LuLaRoe skirt (I know, I know, but I have about 5 non-wrinkle pencil skirts that I really like), a JC Penney Liz Claiborne knit cardigan, and my Shu Shop sneakers.

On this day I wore jean, a white t-shirt, a consignment scarf kimono and my Danskos. I had a near-emergency. I got the kimono caught in my zipper and thought I would have to cut it.

This was a Friday ‘fit and I wore my new consignment Kut from the Kloth flares with my new Amazon fall tee and a white button down over it. I wore my Hush Puppies cow loafers and my feet were so happy. They are so comfy!

On Saturday I wore my sweater vest finally! It’s a bit long and I wanted them hem of my shirt showing so I kinda rolled it under. My skinny jeans are constricting my legs now and they just feel too skinny. I really need a good stretchy straight leg. Recs needed! I can’t have the legs too wide, though! Kellyann made a good point – skinny legs just seem so hot now.

And, a fall boating outfit from Sunday. These Target Wild Fable camo leggings are so good. I am so glad camo is still “in” and I’m glad I bought these years ago. I paired them with an orange Loft consignment sweater and then I had a blue button down to change into when I got hot.

And, another weekend outfit – my higher waisted jeans from last year, an old Target blouse, and my Danskos.

In my Hello Monday post, I told you that I found some things at the consignment store with my sister and nieces. Want to see what I found?

This Loft blouse:

This J.Jill blouse. The fabric is soooo soft.

And, this blouse from Old Navy that was new with tags. The funny thing is – I was looking for a blouse like this last spring and summer.

I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me – I find exactly what I am looking for at a consignment store. I have one story about a ruined J.Crew straw tote and I found the same one new with tags! I have another about my Wine and Cheese sweater – it was out of stock in my size so I sized down but it barely fit. I found it at my consignment store in the exact size I needed!

If you don’t like the current styles in the stores, you may find that you like last season’s selections that people have discarded at your local consignment store. As you can see from my above outfits, I have a consignment item incorporated in most of my outfits.

Here are some looks I am wanting to recreate. I love going to Pinterest and typing in “vest outfit” or something very specific like that. It really helps you to use what you have in your closet I think!

By the way, I have a few more vests on order. I will let you know what I end up keeping. I think the vest might be a great thing for me because I get hot in a full sweater at work.

I also like to snap photos when I read magazines. I have a gold velvet top so I thought I could do this color scheme. This was an ad for my favorite consignment shop in a local magazine publication. See -they are good!

So, do you have a favorite outfit from above?

What have you been wearing?

Are you in”vested” in the vest look this season?


16 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. I love your new blouses! My favorite among your outfits are definitely the one with the vest, really nice!
    The long vest was a big thing over here last year, but this year the look is a more fitted vest. (I bought one a couple of months ago but I can’t find it… Girls!!!)


    1. Thank you! I ordered a few more fitted vests and they didn’t work. I am open to getting one this season, though. Like you said, this one will be great with leggings, too! That is a high compliment if they steal your clothes!


  2. I love your new sweater vest! That is my favorite outfit and with all the inspo outfits you will get a lot of use out of it. My post today is all about denim and I have to tell you, the skinny jeans were just so uncomfortable! I have gotten so spoiled wearing looser ones!
    Poshmark is also a great resource for thrifting. I can usually find what I am looking for very easily.
    Have a great day Amy!


    1. Thank you! It’s quite soft! I kind of wish it had side slits, but I am also thinking a tailor could do that? I don’t know – I can also see it being ok like it is. You have inspired me. I am actually going to go in Old Navy and pick a few styles and sizes and see what happens. I may need to go online after that, but I think a trip inside will help me to see what I can wear besides flair. You too!


  3. I think you always look so pretty! My favorite outfit is the one with the new-to-you jeans, the fall t, white button down and cow loafers. It screams fall! I do love the jeans on you, but I also love the jeans you have on in the vest outfit. I think that would be my second pick. I’m glad you wore the vest! I do like them on other people, but I don’t think that’s a look I can pull off. Loose and flowy seems to be my style and what I feel most confident in.


    1. You are too kind to say that. I liked that, too. I felt like my stomach looked kind of bad, but I was really comfortable all day. I think the vest with leggings will be more flattering because the vest is long and oversized and the leggings will balance out a full top half. I will try that soon! That is the number one is that you feel confident! If you feel like you, your true you can shine.


  4. I love the blouses you found at your consignment store. I go thrifting but rarely think to go to consignment. I need to do that! I know what Kellyann means by skinny jeans feeling hot! I am going thru all of my jeans and getting rid of the really tight ones. I bought a pair of Wit & Wisdom black skinny jeans at the Nordstrom anniversary sale. Those are comfortable because they are stretchy!


    1. I bet you could find one! I kind of wish mine had slits in the sides but I am thinking my tailor could easily do that? Thank you! I really like camo in the fall up until Christmas and then I do more black, red, and jewel tones.


      1. Let me know what you think! I have been wearing your leggings with the scallop and pockets and they are so darn good! I am always thinking, “that jen gives some good recs!”

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