Friday, September 30, 2022

Happy Friday! It is the day we link up with Erika and Andrea for Friday Favorites.

First, I want to say I am thinking of all of my friends in the path of Hurricane Ian. I know that is not enough to say that, but I hope everyone is safe out there, and I am thinking of you.

Here are some things that were my favorites this week:

Sunday night, we got to help celebrate my friend Heather’s 50th birthday. She had a few of us over and it was really sweet. It is rare to get to celebrate on ones’ actual birthday, so that was really special.

This cake is called a shadow cake from a local bakery and it is to die for!

I brought the cheese and the raspberry brie in puff pastry to put on the board:

Gorgeous setting!

This week our PTA gave us some treats in the lounge and I think this is my new favorite La Croix flavor – Black Razzberry.

And, I tried lime flavored potato chips and they were surprisingly good!

I broke out the Target Universal Thread dress and boots one day. It felt very fall out, so I wanted to break out the fall clothes!

And, another fall outfit:

I bought some Danskos about a month ago and finally got to wear them:

This is really good! I think they changed the label, but it has a tiny bit of sparkling essence to it and it’s a screw top!

I picked this up for Heather at Trader Joe’s because I asked if I could help. It’s really good! Peach Bellini is the flavor. I think you can only get it at TJ’s and I plan to get it again for myself.

I had my faux pearls shortened. I took them to a local jeweler who said they had to all be individually re-tied and that very few people in town do this anymore.

Hall bath has had drywall applied!

This isn’t a favorite, but…

My next door neighbor at school told me about “quiet quitting” your job. You don’t actually quit, but you stop doing anything beyond your workday. You basically do the bare minimum.

Have you heard of this? Is this because employees think they have the power now because so many fields are hurting for people? I am trying to have more work/life balance this year, but I always want to bring my best.

What were your favorites this week?


13 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I love your fall outfits!! Do you happen to have a link to your top and sweater? About to go check Target’s website for that dress. If I remember correctly you and Jen both have it, right? It looks great on both of you!


    1. Thank you! The top is last year A New Day from Target and the sweater is probably 10 years old from Target. They may have a version of both for this season, but I am not sure. Yes, Jen and I have the dress and I bought it in 3 colors because I thought it would be great for teaching.


  2. I heard that quiet quitting was a bad idea because, you’re right, it makes you look like you’re not a team player/trying your best. Like, just quit! Plus, most of what I did as a teacher were things I enjoyed and that’s what took all the time. Last year, it was pointless district/school-mandated checklist type tasks that I would’ve had to do anyway that took up all my time.


    1. Yeah, it seems really lame. I try to do the extras that benefit the kids. I don’t mind going above and beyond with my time and money when I have a great group of kids that will appreciate it. It’s the admin stuff that wears me down. Fill out this form to say that you had a meeting so we can micromanage you when you have way more classroom experience. You know? I did learn early on in my teaching career that you have to stand up for yourself and your off duty time.


    1. You know I’m not sure I do. I keep feeling kinda weird in skinnies lately. I think the flare is much more flattering, but I think I need a pointy toe to help me out, too. Thank you so much! Yes, her home is gorgeous!


  3. Hurricane Ian – horrible! Mil is flying out of Fort Lauderdale tomorrow, so we were a bit worried…
    Your friend has a very nice house, and that cake table was wonderful!
    How nice of your pta (new abbreviation for me, had to look it up :-)) to bring treats! Does that happen a lot!?
    Again, thank you for some nice reading on a Saturday. Enjoy your weekend!


  4. I just recently read about the quiet quitting phenomenon. I think another word for it could just be “slacking off.” And then I saw another article about “quiet firing.” Apparently companies are letting those low performing employees go with little fanfare. Interesting!


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