Thursday, September 29, 2022

It is time to link up here for Monthly Musings!

This month’s topic is Fall Decor and Halloween!

I gotta admit that I wasn’t feeling it until last weekend. And, even then, I only put out some of my stuff. I just try to go with my gut each year. Some years I am more into it than other years.

I love to decorate a bit on my front porch. I have Jack O’Lantern lanterns from Target years ago and I have a pumpkin flag. I also have a haunted house flag that I may change to in October. I have a very small front porch so I don’t do much at all.

Inside, I always do my mantle. I love the idea to take old Scrabble letters and spell out different things. I have 20 Scrabble boards in my classroom (Spanish version) so I stole a few tiles from these games. It’s ok! I still have plenty for the kids!

I love this little sign from a boutique in my hometown that my mom bought for me.

Pretty glass pumpkin:

I will add candy soon to these little dishes on my long charcuterie board.

Framed fall photos of my family:

The dough bowl I bought looks great with my plastic pumpkins and I love this melamine fall serving dish.

I have Day of the Dead pillows from last year so I decked out both patios with these.

Another flag:

I decided to keep the mums and pumpkins in the back where I will get enjoyment from seeing them.

It’s not much, but my decor is making me happy!

What about you?

For Halloween dinner, I almost always make chili, but I have also made mummy dogs! Yum!

I love chocolate and I loved the variety my kids used to bring home from trick or treating. Fun size all the way! I love Reese’s, Take 5, Milky Way probably the most!

I think it’s a great idea to take pictures of your decor for the next year if you have a lot of decor. I also like to put my leftover napkins, handsoap, candles, and things like that in my Fall/Halloween tub. That way I am sure to use them.

Yes to pumpkin spice! Love it!


15 thoughts on “Fall Decorating with Monthly Musings

  1. I need to take some photos of my fall decor – it is not traditional at all because I have so many bright colors in part of my house. It’s nice that you have touches of fall decor in all the areas of your home!


    1. Yes! I would love to see it and a current house update after your remodeling? That sounds very Florida to use bright colors. I did it pretty minimally this year and still have drywall dust going on. It gets everywhere!


  2. We have never had a special Halloween dinner; we just treat it like any other night. We used to eat something quick when the kids were trick or treating and often got take out pizza or something on the way since we live in an area where we had to drive around. I was really into fall decorating this year and had to go out and buy a lot more decorations since I now have our basement to decorate too.


    1. I wish trick or treating was always on a weekend night, but here they always do it on Oct. 31, no matter the day. It does make it hard and it would be really hard if you have to drive. So fun that you were into decorating!


    1. Thank you! I had a Day of Dead birthday last year so I have all of these pillows now. It is becoming pretty popular here because of Coco the movie and I think just more people know about it now.


  3. Those cedar shingles are so pretty on your back porch! What a creative idea to use the Scrabble letters too. I also like the idea of putting the mum where you can see it and enjoy it. I have put one on my front porch in the past, but I rarely am on my front porch :).


    1. Thank you! I think I saw the Scrabble letters somewhere, so I can’t take credit! It dawned on me that I need to see and enjoy things! I do like the front to look nice, but we just have such a small front stoop.


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