Wednesday, September 28. 2022

It’s time for What’s Up Wednesday with Sheaffer and Shay! I don’t always remember to do this monthly post, but I think it’s really fun to write and I love reading everyone elses’, too!

How is it already the last Wednesday of September? I knew it would go quickly, but wow! We started school on Wednesday, August 10th this year, so we have been in the swing of things for quite a while and today at 2:20 our Fall Break starts! We only have 3 days off, but I will take it.


My loyal readers and friends know that I do a weekly breakfast meal prep. This week I did my low carb, low WW point egg casserole with Amylu mini chicken sausage links. I love this combo so much! I do faux egg McMuffins and breakfast burritos on other weeks. I eat my breakfast and lunch at school and doing this little prep on the weekend saves me so much time each day.

I will do a separate post on this, but OMG! I do lunches with my co-worker, Erica and we have been using Slender Kitchen this fall because the recipes are on point. If you can’t wait, here is this recipe for lasagna cupcakes. I mean – how can you go wrong with something with two wonderful things in the title? They are made from wonton wrappers, you guys! And, they are very low calorie – did you know that?

I liked Erica’s so much, I made them for Tom and I and they got the Tom stamp of approval. Erica and I both added Laura’s lean ground beef to the original recipe.

I will talk more about this in my Friday Favorites, but I also have been eating birthday cake! My buddies are all turning 50 this year. I was one of the first to hit this milestone. This cake was to die for!

I am still trucking along trying to eat well Monday through Friday with a few splurges on the weekends.

Reminiscing – not really doing much of this lately just because I have been so darn busy!

Loving – I did my first dark pedicure of the season this weekend and I am loving it. Dark polish pedicures are my fave!

I am also loving these tri-color mums! I didn’t know this was a thing! I got mine at Kroger for $20.

Been Up To – I will talk more about this tomorrow, but it finally felt fall enough that I did my fall decor. I didn’t go crazy. I have a small front porch, so I just did some lanterns on the porch and this flag. I like to put most of my outdoor decor in the back where I sit and enjoy looking at it, you know?

I also did some simple interior decorating for fall – more to come on this tomorrow.

Dreading – I guess I always dread the cold of winter that follows the fall. But, I try not to dwell on it too much right now.

Watching – Tom and I just started the new season of Amazing Race. On my own, I watch all things Bravo! I am watching Southern Charm, Below Deck, Real Girlfriends of Paris – the star of the show is Paris!

Reading – I am still loving my reading life. I had a real slump at the end of summer. I am an outdoor reader and it was so hot anyway! This is my kind of outdoor reading weather. I am taking the time to read on my patio almost everyday and it is filling my cup.

This is so cute and quirky so far!

Working On – Fall decor, starting to think about holiday gifts, all the stuff at school, and purging some stuff around the house. Why is this so hard?

Excited AboutMy Early Fall Bucket List, celebrating friends who are turning 50, quality time with my people, the leaves changing, fires, apple cider sangria, chili, and all the fall goodness!

Listening To – My job is so full of people that I enjoy listening to the sounds of silence for a bit when I get home. I also enjoy Lazy Genius, Big Boo, Watch What Crappens podcasts.

Wearing – I am loving my white, blue, and black button downs!

I am pulling out my fall dresses from last season!

I am wearing my early fall blouses – the ones that don’t make me hot, but still have a fall-ish color palette!

And my most fall outfit of all so far!

Doing this Weekend– Come back Monday and I will tell you! Ha!

Looking Forward to This Month – My Early Fall Bucket List items, quality time with my people, all the fall goodness!

What about you? Anything you want to answer from above?

Thanks for reading,


25 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. Oh I am definitely going to check out those lasagna cupcakes! That sounds delicious. I saw some multicolored mums this year too and don’t ever remember seeing them before.


  2. Hi! Please share your cross body bag you are wearing in picture of you and your husband. So cute!
    Love your blog. Your genuineness shines through!


    1. KOGTLA Women’s Crossbody Shoulder Bag with Adjustable Leopard Guitar Strap,Vegan Faux Leather Purse Handbag Bucket Tote Bag

      This is similar but I buy my own straps from boutiques or Amazon! Mine is old so I couldn’t find exact.
      Thank you! You are sweet!


  3. I have not watched anything on Bravo in ages! I cannot believe it as I used to watch all the RH, I think I just got tired of them. I have requested a few books from the library and cannot wait for them to arrive. Of course right now I am feeling like a sitting duck just waiting or Hurricane Ian to arrive.


    1. Thinking of you! I can’t imagine how scary that would be. The RH are so annoying but I can’t look away. I am excited for a library hold that just came in – Hotel Nantucket!


  4. Too hot here for mums, but I sure love them! Eating: watching my macros and eating alot of protein. It’s not as easy as I used to think. Definitely want to try the lasagna cupcakes! Reading: The Hotel Nantucket. (slow at first but enjoying it now) Been Up To: all things golf. Today is ladies League and tomorrow is last Team Play in Fresno. Dreading: nothing really. Reminiscing: nothing here either. Working on: an upcoming TayBra vacay for 2023. Excited about: Taylor and I leave next Thursday for Boise Idaho to watch Fresno State vs. Boise state. Listening to: Housewives of Golf podcast and BigBoo Cast. (although Melanie Shankle is starting to get on my nerves) ok that’s about it from California! Off to Ladies golf today! and another HOT day. I am SO READY FOR FALL and COOLER TEMPS!


    1. It finally cooled off for mums here. It is quite hard at some meals to get in the protein. I have slacked on that and need to get back into the swing of the protein counting after break. I just started Hotel Nantucket – why another ghost in her book? Ugh! I do not want to read about a ghost. Fun trips in your future! Gosh – they both get on my nerves. I just stick around for the product recs, I guess. Happy golfing!


  5. I feel like we are on the same wavelength this week! I did my first dark manicure, just put up some fall stuff and am having my morning coffee outside because the mornings are finally cool. I’m watching the same Bravo shows too! I do like the girls in Paris, such different personalities, some from privilege and some there from hard work. It reminds of a show a long time ago called Gallery Girls from Bravo. And as you say, the star is Paris! Fun post!


    1. Great minds think alike, right? Ha! I loved Gallery Girls and I think I found it again this summer on Peacock or some streaming service? The Paris girls annoy me – Kacey and Victoria especially, but I want to see what happens! I love the Paris shops that they show! The cheese shop!


  6. The lasagna cupcakes look amazing! Not low calorie, but TJ makes an excellent frozen meat lasagna. I am home today because school was cancelled due to a tropical storm. My sons came down from Orlando last night because Hurricane Ian is expected to cross over Orlando after it makes landfall. I had Monday off for fall holiday and took off Tuesday, so this is day five out of school for me. The weather was really bad last night with heavy rain, flooding, and a tornado that touched down south of here, but it’s just raining lightly now. It’s going to be in the mid 80s tomorrow, so I get to wear a jean jacket! Last week it was 90-92, so I’m happier! I loved that book you’re reading! I’m sort of stuck in a reading rut right now.


    1. I have seen that meal at TJ’s. I have to watch myself in the frozen aisle as I don’t have an extra freezer and that stuff adds up in your bill. It’s all so tempting. I am glad you are all together, but sorry about the circumstances. I just finished it and it was so good and I loved the characters. Have you read Nora Goes Off Script. So stinking cute! I have been on a good reading streak. My summer requests all started coming in when school started and it has actually been good for me!


  7. I love multicoloured mums although I didn’t buy any this year. Also, I am so intrigued by the lasagne cupcakes. And I need to paint my toes. I took my light blue polish off this past weekend and just haven’t had time but you’re right, it’s time to go a little darker for the season.


  8. Oh, those lasagna cupcakes! Recipe?
    Well, for “Watching” I’m really enjoying the last season of Love at first sight! And Below deck! And “Reading”: still in my darker book The Miniaturist – really good! My daughter reads Catch 22 for school, and I’m a bit ashamed that I haven’t read it… I guess that will be my next read…
    Enjoy your break! Lovely!


      1. Thank you for the link! And it turned into a really nice pdf to save! Yes, we have those wonton papers, but I have never used them.


    1. Cool! It felt right to go darker, no? I think you would really like them and your girls might think that it is fun, too. You could customize them any way you normally like your lasagna, too!


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