Thursday, September 22, 2022

Happy First Day of Fall! And, the highs today are in the 70s for us after a few days of 90 degrees. You will see all the basic girls in boots with their PSLs! I try not to rush the season, but we are ready, aren’t we?

I am linking up with Kellyann and Jill for Fashion Files…

Hush Puppies update…I am going to be featuring both of my Hush Puppies in today’s post. They are good! If you have ordered some, let me know what you think. If you are interested in trying some, I do have a link if you wouldn’t mind using it…click here. I would get $20 off of a $100 purchase. I really may order another pair. If you are a teacher, they have a very generous teacher discount. They shipped quickly, they were boxed and packaged so nicely, and the quality is great. You all, I really think these may be better than Rothy’s, Tieks, Tory Burch, and other highly touted flats in terms of comfort.

First up, here is a weekend outfit. I am trying to show more weekend outfits and I am trying to style my button downs in different ways,too! Cut offs, a white tank, white button down over, and my Hush Puppies cow print driving mocs.

For school one day, I wore a basic black pencil skirt, my Target Rolling Stones t-shirt (but I really did see them in concert in 1994 so I can wear this), my white button down, and my second pair of Shu Shop sneakers, thanks for Johnna. Hi Johnna! So, I have pink stars with a glitter back that I bought this summer. I have worn them a ton. Johnna, my blog reader and friend, found this very neutral version for fall and I am in love.

I wore my high waisted jeans, Birks, new Target top, cardigan to school on Friday. Did you read my jeans post yesterday?

This week I wore my Matilda Jane pants, Anthro blouse (gift from Beth), and my bow mules that have to go. These suckers will not stay on my feet. Luckily, I brought a change of footwear.

And, I wore jeans on a Monday because it was raining. I paired them with my Loft black blouse, a magenta sweater that quickly came off, and my Hush Puppies flats. They are so stinking cute! The back rubbed a bit, but I think only because I had blisters from wearing sneakers without socks.

And, I ordered and received new Wit and Wisdom Itty Bitty Boot Cut in petite length from Nordstrom. These jeans are good! They have the absolution technology that helps suck in your tum. I also showed these in my jeans post yesterday. I have not actually worn these out yet, but I was trying them on to see if they fit.

So, I still have not repeated a school outfit and we are now at the 6 week mark! I think that says I have plenty of clothing! I also feel pretty set for fall. What about you? Do you have holes in your closet? I do like to buy a few things at the beginning of each season and then wait a bit and see what I feel that I am missing as that season moves on and the prices of the clothing drop. I am definitely a better shopper than I have been in the past. I am more thoughtful about what I need and I take my time.

My least favorite outfit is the jeans with Birks outfit. My favorite outfit is the first one – the weekend outfit. I love shorts with long sleeves! I always have loved that combo.

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15 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. I love that weekend outfit. Stylish and chic! The hush puppies are so cute. I may get a pair once I quit wearing sandals 😂 I wore my MJ pants yesterday which was my first repeat outfit I think. I wear dresses most days but that’s about to end. Today, I’m wearing my pink Walmart popover because it will actually be cooler today.


  2. You look so cute in ALL of the outfits, but my favorite might be the MJ pants with that beautiful magenta top. I also really like the one with the same color cardigan, black top and jeans. I am amazed that you STILL haven’t repeated an outfit! I definitely have my tried and trusted favorites. I basically wear four pairs of pants on repeat and I switch out the tops, and I always reach for my favorite flowy tops. I’m always trying to change it up with a sweater or a kimono, but I am a very minimal, basic person. I am okay with this, but I do always feel like I could use more of something. I don’t know what. Maybe the third piece- but I never can find anything that I love. Today I’m wearing a dress, most likely, since I’m about to put those away for the season. These are always so fun to read! Thanks for sharing! I hope you have a great day, my friend.


    1. Thank you so much! I really like these MJ pants so the money they cost has been well worth it! I know- I guess that means I do have too much! That’s ok – you really need to listen to Lazy Genius wardrobe series because you will feel validated. She gives you permission to dress the way you want!


    1. Yes! That is so important I think! Thank you so much. I think WW are a good brand. I want to try more brands, but I also don’t want to spend the money. I think $88 is my limit!


  3. I also love shorts with long sleeves. It’s my go-to. I do it on Wells all the time too and now with Sutton. Some people really think it’s odd!

    Sutton has, *cough*, a few Matilda Jane outfits in her closet now. Also, my mom has been buying Boden for both of them.


    1. Yes! So fun! It is not odd at all! I think it look stylish. I used to buy Boden for my boys if it was something I loved. The quality is top notch! I got so much of their stuff from other twin moms that I could justify it!


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