Friday, September 23, 2022

Oh man, what a week! See, I said it again! It’s time, though, for everyone’s favorite day of the week and favorite link up – Friday Favorites here with many other ladies.

First of all, it was great to feel much better this week, so that was a definite favorite. Did you read my Nurse Amy post? Check out the great suggestions in the comments, too. I can’t believe I forgot to mention the Starbuck’s Medicine Ball tea or the copycat version at home. Read Carolina Charm’s recipe here.

Another favorite was this ice cream that I have been meaning to look for at Target and finally did on Sunday. It is good! I won’t eat anything that tastes disgusting and this did not have a weird aftertaste or an artificial vibe at all. The whole thing is 370 calories and I was able to restrain myself and eat it in two settings, so not too bad for a much needed weeknight treat.

My car read 100 degrees after school on Tuesday and Wednesday. Adiós, summer! I will miss you, but not these temps. Honestly, this summer was not that hot here. I was just thinking about this the other day.

Wednesday was Spanish Club day! It was our first meeting of the year and we had a generous food donation from a local business, Ramiro’s Cantina. I have the daughter of the owner in my class and he offered; I was shocked by just how much he brought. We had chips, queso, salsa, quesadillas, and Jarritos Mexican soft drinks.

The kids’ eyes lit up when they saw the spread. It always warms my heart to see kids that love Spanish so much that they will stay after school to talk about it some more. I even had three senior girls that get to leave school early for co-op come back just for club.

I missed getting outside due the heat this week, but one night I waited until 7:30 and read a bit of my current book…

I am sucked in! Anyone read this?

The sky was lovely, too!

This is really good and fall like. I have had it for awhile and just got it out again now that fall is here!

I made it to the gym 2 times at 5:00 a.m. and walked the track with Erica one day after school. I still haven’t been 100% after being sick, so I will take that as an improvement.

I may not post as much next week and I may take a break from outfit photos because I have a little fall break. I wore this after I posted Fashion Files…

And, I wore this. This is my new TJ Maxx find from the weekend with old J.Jill crops and my cow loafers.


I had lots of after school stuff this week that were all school related. I had no fun happy hours!

One day was a professional development, but it was a good one!

Our hall bath is coming along…

And, yesterday the weather was gorgeous! Ernie and I walked between the tennis center and my school’s baseball field…

Ernie found a baseball!

After our walk, I had my own happy hour…

I made a new drink recently. One shot bourbon, a bit of Simply Peach, a bit of Crystal Light lemonade powder, a bit of lemon juice, ice, and Diet Canada Dry. Yum!

I think it was Jennifer who talked about “redneck caviar”? Well, Tom is hooked. Take a Ritz cracker, spread pimento cheese on top, and add a bit of bacon jam.

Ernie and I read some of The Paris Apartment last night, too.

I think this week I only went to work, the gym, and Kroger! Exciting, right?

What were your favorites this week?

Happy Fall!


18 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I’m also feeling well now, it’s wonderful! Just some coughs here and there… It was a bad one! So, favorite one: health!
    I just ordered The Paris apartment from my library. I’ve read The guest list and it was really good. I started reading again at the same time that I found your blog! Love!
    How fun with that Spanish club! How does that work? Is it mandatory with the clubs? We don’t have much extra curricular activities (is that what you call it?) in Sweden, some at high school, but not in elementary.


    1. I often get sick in September. It feels so great to feel better. You really appreciate good health. I hate coughing! The Paris Apartment was really good and different for me! That is so great that you did start reading again. I know it sounds weird, but I don’t feel complete if I don’t have a book and take the time to nurture my lifelong love of reading. Does that make sense?
      Clubs are just for fun, but we recommend that every kid be in at least one to put on college application. We have a club for everything – French, Japanese, Jewish, Asian American, frisbee, guitar, video game, you name it! That is the same in Spain. We really provide so much of our teens’ social life and that was why the pandemic was just so bad with shutting our schools – big mistake in my opinion!


  2. I love that your Spanish club had a meal together after school and that those three girls came back just for that. I’ve said it a hundred times- this speaks VOLUMES about you and your teaching. I love that they have you in their lives! Those other two outfits are CUTE! I love both, but those mules may be the best. I’m going shoe shopping today and am excited about finding something for fall and for my trip. I bought a pair on Amazon, but ended up returning them, because they rubbed my heel so bad. I know I’ll be glad I returned them. Thanks for the shout-out! Though, it wasn’t me who mentioned that, even thought I’ve had it. It may have been Shay…I know that’s a staple on their list of things they have with drinks sometimes. I love that stuff! I hope you have a great weekend and that you enjoy your fall break next week! I know you’ll thoroughly enjoy the much deserved time off.

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    1. So nice and so much fun! You are sweet! You like my bow mules? I just can’t keep them on and I have to say goodbye? What size do you wear? You can have them! Good of you to return them! Maybe it was Tanya – it was definitely at a restaurant because I remember the basket it came in from the pic! I feel bad not remembering. Thank you so much!


  3. My son turned 15 this week and I managed to bake up an angel food cake from scratch this morning and it looks so good. I was stressing over that since they seem notoriously hard to make! We also got all the fall decor out this week and that puts a smile on my face each morning.


    1. It wasn’t Jennifer and I guess it wasn’t you! I can’t remember who got it at a restaurant! I really need to be better about screenshotting the person things came from. Thank you! I feel back to normal now! Yay!


  4. I ordered my new irons for golf this week! So excited. I have had mine since 2003.
    19 years old and they are just “dead” meaning the golf ball doesn’t come off the club face well at all. I know that most people are bored by golf. I love it so much now! Our weather has cooled down in the mornings. When I get up at 7am it is about 55 deg ….so happy! I have been able to walk my 4 miles outside. I decided to do a “no spend week” (saw it on Taryn Newtons IG) and I am happy to report that so far I have spent $5 on an amazon kindle book that was on my wish list and amazon gave me $5 towards it. (it was $10) and that was with my amazon gift card! I meal prepped for the week and we did go out to dinner on Wednesday night but we had a gift card. I thought about Starbucks 2x and said NOPE. And I have a gift card on my app but I just made my coffee at home. I figure it is better for me to take it a week at a time. Several times I added things to carts……..then walked away (figuratively speaking!) have a wonderful weekend. We are going to see Avatar in DFX and 3D tomorrow (the re-release) and then a party Saturday night. Sunday is the couple club championship ……that is always a fun afternoon and a yummy dinner.


    1. Glad you are doing what makes you happy! That’s what it’s all about. I think it’s good to do a no spend week every now and then or even a no spend day! Our mornings are cool now, too. This weather is my favorite! Sunny and 70s every afternoon! Have a wonderful week!


  5. The Spanish Club day looks like such a fun time! That’s great to make that so fun for your students. I hope you enjoy your fall break and continue to feel better.


  6. I’ve been wanting to try that ice cream. I love your denim shirt / crops / and loafers. Spanish club sounds fun. I meant to tell you – a Spanish teacher at my school created a Canvas course and is having monthly meetings for teachers. It counts for PD. Objective is the learn Spanish to better service our ELL students. I couldn’t make the first meeting so I’m not sure if I will join this year but I love the idea. I hope you have a great weekend!


    1. I want to try other flavors now. My Target is being renovated and the selection wasn’t good. Oh, that is great! You really don’t have time, but it would be fun for you if you did! So much would come back to you!

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