Wednesday, September 21, 2022

I know that many people on a healthy journey say looking good in a swimsuit is a huge motivator, but is there any better feeling than a pair of jeans that fit just right and give you confidence?

I have been a bit worried about jeans. First of all, I keep hearing that skinny jeans are out. Wide legs are in, mom jeans are in, high waisted are in, straight legs are in, and on and on. Um, yeah, none of that is going to work best for my body type.

I felt much better when I received my issue of Real Simple

and I read the article “Can I Still Wear my Skinnies?”…

Basically, they are saying to still wear what you love and what works for you. The fashion industry wants us to shop each and every season so they have to come up with new trends and send us the message that the old is no longer good enough.

Also, how are you gonna tuck your jeans into your boots if you don’t have a skinny pair?

One thing I have done to make my jeans from last season feel more on trend or more modern is to cut and fray the bottom hem. I have one pair of medium blue, one pair of darker blue that look dressier and that I didn’t cut, one light pair, and one slightly high waisted pair.

I did make a new purchase this season, influence by Sheaffer. I bought the Wit and Wisdom Itty Bitty Boot Cut jeans from Nordstrom in the petite length. I am 5’4 so this was a great option for me. Also, I would call this a slight flare, rather than a bootcut. This shape can be flattering on my body type because the jeans fit close the leg and then flare out, rather than just being a wide leg.

On my bod:

I am not sure if I would be comfortable tucking in, but they give you legs for dayz.

My medium wash denim with cut and frayed hems:

My light wash, also with cut and frayed hems:

My slightly high waisted jeans:

Looking at these now, I think they might be too long, but it could just be the Birkenstocks.

My darker denim that I didn’t cut:

All of the jeans you see above are Target Universal Thread. I prefer the mid-rise, but I did go up a size to try the high waisted ones last season (beware that you may have to do that if you have a tummy like moi) and I surprised myself by actually really liking them. I highly recommend you order online and get a couple different sizes of several styles. It took me awhile to figure out what I needed.

Now, my jeans are all a bit snug, so I am using this as my motivation to get back to where I was. I let myself have a bit too much freedom this summer.

And, footwear makes a huge difference. Sneakers and Birks do nothing for elongating the leg. A bit of a heeled bootie or a heeled clog are so much more flattering.

Have I made you feel any better about your skinny jeans?

If you are going to other cuts, that is fine, too! You do you! But, there are many of us that don’t feel like the 2022 jean trends are going to work for us.

So, sound off in the comments! Favorite brand? Favorite cut? Are you trying any new trends this season?


25 thoughts on “What are we gonna do about jeans?

  1. Those Sheaffer jeans look amazing on you! I’ve previously saved those when she shared them. I still prefer a skinny jean . I do have one pair that’s darker and slight flare from loft that I love. They fit better now than when I bought them so I reach for them more. Fun post!


    1. Aww, thank you! There is no room for me to eat a burrito in them if you know what I mean. I will be a bit more comfortable in 5 less pounds. I love those jeans you are referring to. I need to look for some that are straight through the leg, but like a slight kick flare. They look great with your big buckle Birks! Is that creepy that I remember that outfit you showed, I think? I like fashion and I remember this kind of thing! Ha! Isn’t that the best when you have a bit more wiggle room in your jeans. I am trying to get there!

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      1. I think that’s why even in my closet purge I kept so many. I was happy so many fit and I knew they wouldn’t have six months ago. I’m still going to purge again if I don’t actually wear them 😂


  2. I live in denim, so am always excited to try new trends. I will always have at least one pair of skinnies in my closet because they look so much better with big chunky sweaters and long tees. However, I did purchase two new styles – slim/straight and high-waisted wide leg crops (well, that was a mouthful). Anyway, love them both. The wide legs work on my petite frame because they are very high-waisted and cropped. The slim/straight are just wonderfully comfortable. It took me awhile to hop on the skinnies bandwagon, but I am wasting no time trying some of the new denim shapes. By the way, those boot cut jeans look great on you!


    1. I can’t wait to see your new trends! Good point – long sweaters and tees call for skinnies. I bet those both work great for you! I would be open to them, but I think I know what I need more now with my body type. Thank you! I hope to take them out on the town very soon!


  3. I do love the new jeans on you! I have one pair that is similar that I wear in the late fall/winter. I am with you on this- after hearing repeatedly that skinny jeans are out, I decided that even if that’s the case, I don’t care. I love my jeans! My favorites are fitted and cropped, which I think looks best on me since I’m 5’3. I’m not going to say that I won’t buy some of the newer style eventually, because I really do like how they look on a hanger, but I’d love to try a pair on. I did see some at Target that I loved and may end up trying. I need another pair or two, so that I don’t wear the ones I love out. I always judge how good they look based on what other people say and lately I’ve gotten comments about my cute jeans, so I’ll take that as a win! I loved this post, friend! So fun.


    1. Awww, thank you! I love when I can buy cropped that are ankle length on me, right? I bet you do that, too. I guess it doesn’t hurt to try on some new styles in stores, but I don’t think they will work for my body. I need my leg shape to show or I will look like one large rectangle. Yes, take those compliments to mean that your jeans fit and flatter!


  4. I think skinny jeans will always have a place in our wardrobes, they are functional because yes, no one is tucking any other type of jean. Definitely wear what you are most comfortable in and that fits your body the best. Flares and boot leg denim give the best proportion to any body shape. It’s great to have options and different denim for different needs. I think a straight leg is a nice option too – not skinny and not wide leg. While I’m not buying any more skinnies at the moment, I will hold on to the few that I like!


    1. Good points! I appreciate you giving me that validation, too. I am debating trying a straight leg, but I think I need the shape of my leg to show to be more flattering for my body type, so that could be a hot mess for me. Plus, I don’t love the feeling of too much extra fabric on my legs if that makes sense?


  5. This has convinced me to try the Wit and Wisdom jeans. They look great on you! I’m 5’10” so typically I’ll buy from Old Navy because they offer “tall” but I think I’ll give the Wit and Wisdom a go. I’m still devoted to my skinny jeans and am planning to try some of the Hush Puppies flats soon with my skinnies. Have a great week!


    1. I think this brand is really good! If you are 5’10, the regular length should be perfect on you and you will look like a model! Also, many stylists recommend to hem one pair/buy one pair for flats length and one for a heel. I think you said you don’t do heels, though. I hope they work for you! I haven’t had ON jeans for years, but they didn’t work well for me. They always sagged andbagged. I just never found a fit I loved like many others do. Which Hush Puppies color are you going to get? I was drawn to the fun prints!


  6. We are not wearing jeans. That’s what we’re doing 🙂
    For real, a teacher last year asked me if I had specific religious beliefs because I never wore jeans. (Uh, yeah. Teachers shouldn’t wear jeans…I’m pretty passionate about this lol)

    But in reality, I have some skinny jeans (high-waisted) that I will continue to wear when I need to. I thought about some high-waisted bootcut. I don’t know. It seems silly but this is a good discussion to have when stores keep bringing out new styles and expect everyone to jump on board.


    1. I started loving jeans again last year. At the high school level, they want us to wear jeans and our school spirit shirts on Fridays. Our district does not have a teacher dress code and I always look dressier than many. We do have some men that wear ties everyday and some women that dress like lawyers! I even think I wear jeans with a nice blouse and look more dressed up than some in pajama dresses or knit pants. So, I used to be like that with jeans during my first 15-20 years of teaching, but I have changed in that regard.

      Yes, I like to think about and discuss trends and not just jump on the bandwagon. I see the benefits of the different styles and I really like some of the jeans my high school girls are wearing even if they are not for me.


    1. They are great, right? I was sad that I lost some weight and had to get rid of the two pairs I had. So, it was time to invest in a new pair. I don’t mind paying $88 if I wear them a ton. I need to try some Walmart ones and I have one pair in my cart right now!


  7. I stumbled upon your blog recently. I hope you don’t mind if I follow along.😊 I love your honest approach to blogging.! It is relatable and real in a world that often feels so plastic and fake💗
    So Thanks!!
    Allie from Charlottesville , Va


    1. Welcome, Allie! Of course not! This is a fun hobby for me but I feel that I have made genuine connections. I appreciate your comment and your kind words. I would love to make money but haven’t figured out how to do that and stay true to myself. So, until I figure that out…
      Haha! Thank you! Charlottesville is so cute! I stayed there for a night or two on the way to DC or Colonial Williamsburg – can’t remember which trip.


  8. Nice jeans! You’ve definitely figured out which cuts and colors look best on you! You’re grave to buy jeans online! I have one pair of Universal Thread, and the quality is excellent! Old Navy jeans fit me best. My waist is small in proportion to my hips, and Old Navy’s curvy fit me very well. I have black, medium blue, and ecru pairs. I have an older blue pair with frayed hem, but I’m afraid to try them on because I too enjoyed summer vacation a little too much! I have a pair of medium blue overalls— I’m afraid to wear them to work! Is 53 too old for overalls? I wear them on the weekends once it dips under 85 here-probably October- but to middle school?! I wore them to school last winter with a sweater over them, and I regretted it when I ran to the restroom between classes!


    1. Thank you, Susan! I will buy online from and because I know the returns are super easy. I have not had much luck with ON jeans but it has been years. They would bag out on me and just didn’t fit me right. This could also be due to me not finding the perfect size and cut for my body. I was very afraid to try mine on, but they fit, albeit tighter. I am basically making myself wear jeans on Fridays for motivation and accountability. You are absolutely not too old for overalls, but I couldn’t do that at school for the bathroom reason. We only have 4 minutes between classes and the bathroom is not that close! I want to wear overalls, but I tried some on and they didn’t look good. I would have to find a pair with pretty slim legs. Ha! I bet you look super cool in yours!


  9. I’m an American Eagle curvy skinny Jean lover. It has taken me years to find a pair that fits my body. No gaps and fit my thighs. So it may be awhile before I switch to bootcut


    1. I love American Eagle, but haven’t had any of their jeans besides some white ones in a while. Thanks for the reminder. I should try some now. Wear what you like and what flatters you. I think we will still see lots of skinnies!


  10. I have tons of skinny jeans… but I also bought two wide leg jeans, and I feel so cool wearing them! My 18 year old is a fashionista and she started to wear really baggy jeans a couple of years ago…
    I agree, shoes are everything! Heels give you a nice profile, but hoka sneakers with wide long legs are really cute! Try your hokas with those great new boot cut jeans that you bought! And white on top!


    1. I bet you look so cool! I just don’t think I can do them on my body type, but I might have to try some. Shoes really do make the ‘fit. I might try that but I might feel weird. I think clogs will look really good!


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