Monday, September 12, 2022

Well, it’s Monday again, I guess. Linking up today with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday…

I will truly never understand why short weeks feel longer! So, we had Tuesday through Friday, but we also had Open House Tuesday and I think that just kicked our tails for the whole week. I do have news for you all, though…it was announced Thursday afternoon that we could take off masks/go mask optional today. We had achieved “yellow” status instead of “being in the red”. Why not Friday instead of Monday? That is just how dumb this is, mkay? As an act of low key rebellion, I wore a yellow mask. That’s how I am.

So, Friday after school called for one of these…

and some of this heavenly nectar of the gods known as queso…

That evening, I finally stayed home on a Friday. Tom had a frozen pizza and some leftovers and I had some scrambled egg whites and a few other leftover odds and ends. I don’t know how to shop for two people after this summer and we found ourselves with lots of leftovers.

Saturday morning I met my friend Beth at the Paristown Flea market. We had some Paristown Punch.

It was a lovely way to spend a few hours.

I went home and had lunch and then had to make a trip to my library. I love how they do the seasonal color displays…

Then, I had my first Target trip in a long time. This was one where I had a few things I needed, but I wandered aimlessly and it was divine.

Target is now sellling the cutest plants near the entrance. These would make a great hostess gift, no?

I was looking for this, recommended by Big Mama blog. If you have thought about buying Le Labo santal, this is a good dupe. Look at Walmart getting bougie selling the real deal? Yeah, no thanks on that price. This is located in the men’s shower gel section at Target. Love it already!

I read a bit and watched a bit of tv and basically avoided the house cleaning I needed to do. That evening we met our friends for a birthday dinner at Harry’s and watched the first half of the UK game there.

I had a very strong Old Fashioned…

The bread, the butter, the giant knife!

Their salad for the table is really good…

I split the Thai salmon with my friend…

And, the birthday boy chose the amazing chocolate cake…

It was a fun night and we were home by 8:30. I was wiped out after not sleeping great Friday night.

Sunday morning I got outside after sleeping in a bit and lit a fall candle and read…

Oh my…I could not put it down and finished it in two days. I think this is my favorite of hers.

I did my egg casserole and Amylu chicken sausages for my breakfasts this week…

It is just 6 eggs, a can of green chiles and a 1/2 cup of fat free cottage cheese baked at 350 for 40 minutes.

Love the sight of this…

I made our dinner for Monday night and what will also be a lunch for Erica and I…

I did the back of the Kroger cheese package but did whole wheat penne left a few things out… so I guess not really the back of the package!

Sunday afternoon was football on the patio. When you don’t have a patio flat screen yet, you bring the bedroom tv outside…

Ernie looks so awkward…

Me and my chair…

And, then it rained…

We stayed under the covered patio and it was so nice and relaxing!

So, I am not sure I can do a 5 day week, but here we go!

I hope your weekend was wonderful!


18 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Thanks for sharing pictures of American bars and Target! I soak it up! 😀
    Ernie is huge! Or is it just the picture…?
    Yej for no masks! Finally!
    Weekend was fine, but the whole family has come down with a nasty cold… But I’m working anyways, big difference from the covid days when everybody fled if you just sniffled a little!


    1. Oh, I will try to show more. Ernie is about 100 pounds.
      Finally! We will see how long it lasts.
      Oh, shoot. Yes, I usually keep right on working unless I feel really bad. Hope you all get better soon!


  2. Love that fall colored book display! That is such a fun idea. I haven’t been inside our Target in ages; though I might have to make a trip today! I need to run by Lowe’s and pick up a few pots for some indoor plants that are just much too big for the pots they’re currently in and our Target is right next door.


  3. The only complaint I have about reading solely on my Kindle is that I miss going to the library. I love that fall book display! I may go by mine this week, just to say hello again. It’s been ages! I know you are THRILLED to be out of masks at school starting today! I am so happy for you. That bread and butter with the giant knife looks AMAZING. I am such a bread lover, which is also why I try to stay away from it as much as possible, but wow. I love seasoned butter, too and that one looks yummy. I could just make a meal out of that and the salad, kind of like I do when I eat at Olive Garden. I hope your week gets started off on the right foot, my friend! I’ll see you back here when you post this week.❤


    1. I would miss that, too. But, I also would appreciate one less errand. I don’t know. I do miss my Kindle sometimes, but I think the pros of holding a book and turning pages outweigh the cons. You can do the library ebooks and use the Libby app, but I am not quite sure how that works.
      So happy! Those sweet faces! The smiles! It is sooo important to be able to connect that way.
      Bread is definitely my trigger. Give me bread and cheese and I am happy. It has to be a weekend treat now.
      Thank you so much. I hope you have a great week, too. I think a 5 day will actually feel better, you know? That 4 day week threw me off!


  4. I read The Younger Wife too! I need another good book to get into this week. Although I really need to catch up on my bible study first. I just ordered that body wash from Target, I’ll pick it up later today – thanks for the rec! It kills me when I look on Walmart’s website and see how they sell high end goods – I guess it must be worth it for them but really who buys that stuff there? I feel like you go to Walmart for low prices, so weird.
    You had a great weekend, nice balance of fun and rest!


    1. I am on a book roll! I hope you like the body wash. It doesn’t smell super masculine to me. It smells so good! I know – I think Walmart is trying to be Amazon. Their website is so clunky. I go there to just look for Walmart brands – stop giving me all these Amazon brands, too.
      It was a good balance!


  5. Looks like a great weekend! It is hard figuring out how to cook for two… I continually find myself making “too much food“. I wish I remembered to take as many pictures as you do at your weekend because, upon reflection, I did do a lot but my pictures don’t really share that 🙂


    1. It really is. I think I will do better this week. We just don’t need as much. It’s so simple with just two of us. I hate to be annoying with taking too many photos. It’s hard to find a balance, to be honest. I forget to get people together for photos and that is why most of mine end of being of food! Ha!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Yay for no masks! I love the library book display. I loved the Younger Wife too. I hope you have a great week. Homer woke me at 4:00 with his itching …so my Monday is off to a sleepy start


    1. It was so nice! This time about 90% went maskless. Last March it was only about 60-70% at first. I don’t think that was a great title for the book. I love how she develops her characters. It was about so much more! Ugh – sorry!


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