Thursday, September 1, 2022

Happy First of September! Did you see that I posted twice yesterday? I’m so tired I had forgotten I already had a post. I’m a mess. I hope that makes someone out there feel better! Ha!

I am linking up with Kellyann and Jill for a couple of outfits I have worn lately and for some fall prep I have been doing.

My tripod makes my photos kind of blurry so I apologize in advance. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I am trying to cycle through all of my warm weather skirts, dresses, and pants without repeating.

On this day, I wore my fun and colorful Loft pants (very old) with a black tank and one of my new Target button downs. I returned my Amazon ones because I wanted a bit more room and I was in the largest size. They are a really nice material. I was sad, but then I found these from Target. I would say stick to your normal size in these and they will shrink a bit in the dryer. I went with black, white, and light blue because I do plan to wear them a lot! I have on my rain flats by Melissa because the weather was bad, but I did change into my black Birkenstocks.

Then I wore the light blue one over a simple black tank swing dress.

On this day I wore my Kohl’s white button down with my palm print skirt.

I forgot to take my photo, but I wore my blush colored swing dress with a tie dye kimono one day.

My Hush Puppies came in. Oh my word. The quality is top notch and the comfort factor just wearing them around the house seems on point.

What do you all think? They are both super comfy and I can imagine that these will be worn a great deal.

I think I have found the Universal Thread dress of fall. Remember the Universal Thread dress of summer? I bought it in black, white, and mauve?

Exhibit A:

Check out this basic dress for fall. I purchased mine when they were 30% off. I am sorry to say that ended the day after, but hopefully something else will come up.

I had to do two orders. I decided to size up because the dress is quite straight without much fabric in the stomach, hips, and booty area.

I ordered all three colors and I think it will look great with a cardigan or a blazer. I like the sleeves and the ability to layer so I don’t get too hot. Sometimes our building gets so overheated in the winter, you know?

Another factor I considered is that this dress can be worn to work, out to dinner, and can be made more dressy with heels or boots or more casual with sneakers.

I am excited to have my three new button downs and my three new dresses as we head into fall.

I am considering these:

They are Dansko so I would hope they would be super comfortable for work and play.

What have you been wearing lately?


25 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. Two posts yesterday, thank you! ;-D
    Great fall shopping! You will wear those items a lot! A simple dress is such a great wear!
    I’m still pushing it with bare legs, but today it’s rainy and 57°… so white jeans and a knitted sweater today!


  2. I love a good dress that can be worn so many ways! And button downs are essential – I have quite a few in different sizes because sometimes I want something more oversized and other times I need one more fitted. Your pictures don’t look blurry to me! Isn’t it nice to be self sufficient with the pics? Thanks for linking up with us!


  3. I’m going to read your second post from yesterday, but this one was fun too! I love that Universal Thread dress and the Dansko shoes. I love all their clogs. I always love seeing your outfits. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!


  4. You are an official influencer because I went and ordered hush puppies right after I looked at your post. Unfortunately the loafers were no longer available in my size so I had to get a different style. I also ordered a pair of fashion sneakers and hope they will work. Did you order your regular sizes?


  5. Love your outfits. The tie dye / pink is so pretty! The hush puppies are so cute. I just ordered that dress I’m gray. Thanks! You didn’t steer me wrong with the summer dress 😂


    1. Thank you! I am kinda over kimonos but they are so practical for school. I hope you like that dress. I hated going up a size, but it is quite a narrow column, unlike the dress of the summer that flares out a bit.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The dress was on sale this weekend! I bought it in two colors- gray and green. I ordered large but then wondered about medium (which is what happened with summer dress – medium vs small) so I also picked it up in medium & now need to return two 😂😂 I really love it!


      2. Haha yes. The poor masses. Speaking of poor – I bought that dress in two colors and two pairs of boots because target was having that sale. After my closet clean out, I made note that I could get a pair of booties and tall boots. I’m waiting for this to arrive. I hope I like them I’m person 🙂


      3. I have tall brown and black boots that I like, but I just seem to reach for the booties, which seem so much easier and more comfy to wear. I get kinda hot for a full school day in a tall boot.
        I hope so, too!


  6. Wow, thank you for sharing the Hush Puppies, both pairs are so pretty! I am 5’10” so prefer flats and get so excited about cute loafers/driving shoes. Can’t wait to see how you style the brown/white ones!


    1. I think you might like the price and quality of these. I guess they don’t spend much in advertising like some other brands do.
      I am excited to style them but they feel too fall for me right now.


    1. Thank you so much! I have a great rec for you. I have bought them twice I’ve worn them so much. They are slip on and perforated. I wear them without socks. Lucky brand is so great. Got mine off Amazon!


  7. I love your style! I need to spend more time looking at clothes in Target; ours was remodeled, and I found a pair of universal thread jeans there last year, as well as a cute top. My husband is usually with me, so not a lot of time to look at clothes. It’s hot here until November at least, and I have FOMO when I see cute fall clothes. I am going to try Hush Puppies! My feet are so hard to fit. They are big, 9.5 – 10, very flat with no arches and a little bit wide. Shoes slip off the back of my foot; maybe they’re narrow back there? I have very few comfortable shoes, and I walk a lot at school. Thanks for the recs!


    1. Thank you, Susan! I would recommend looking at, to be honest. You can filter for just Universal Thread and you will see way more than in the store. There is elastic on the back of the Hush Puppies, so they might work for you! I hope so!


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