Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Do you struggle to shop for a man? Women seem so easy, right? We can gift them whatever we would want! Just go to your Amazon cart and see what your faves have been. Or, even better, go to your local boutique and pick up a candle, a pair of earrings, or something for the kitchen. Easy, right?

Well, I love to give a foodie/consumable gift to men.

I have given men bourbon themed gifts because I am in Kentucky. This past weekend, I forgot to take a photo, but I gave Mike bourbon barbecue sauce, bourbon caramel sauce for ice cream, bourbon smoked pepper, bourbon hot sauce, and bourbon balls. I was thrilled when I saw his cake was a bourbon barrel. Girl loves a theme, you know?

I did a similar bourbon basket for our friend Bob and he texted me as he used the products to tell me how much he liked them.

I found Mike’s entire gift at my wonderful Paul’s Fruit Market where they sell so many great local things. Do you have a local gourmet/specialty market? Maybe go in with new eyes and see what foodie theme you could do.

Check out Bourbon Barrel Foods if you are local or shop online if you aren’t. Many men love bourbon! These products are in many of our stores, too.

Other ideas:

-Bloody Mary mix, vodka, and all the fixings that go into a great glass of Bloody Mary

-Assortment of spicy chips and dips to eat while watching football. Trader Joe’s has ghost pepper potato chips! Include something with their favorite team.

-World Market has unique snack items from all over the world – you could do an “Around the World” basket

-Do a make your own 6 pack of interesting beers at your grocery store or liquor store. Slap a bow on it and maybe also include a gift card for a wing place.

-An assortment of bar mixes, nuts, pretzels and their favorite bottle of liquor

What are your favorite gifts to give men?


4 thoughts on “Gifts for Men

  1. I tend to use good gifts for men too; I’ve done entire themed baskets with peanut treats, chocolates of all sorts, coffee baskets with chocolate spoons, and even a homemade bbq spice rub set.


  2. I like the idea of giving consumable gifts. I think most men would love that! I love the bourbon theme too. Typically I give very practically- my stepdad always gets a library card renewal each year for his birthday, I like to give gift cards for dinner out at favorite local restaurants, gift cards to Lowe’s and Harbor Freight…things like that. We gave Dad a gift card to Lowe’s for Christmas last year and he was so excited when he called to tell me about the backpack gas powered leaf blower he used to buy it with! One time I gave the gift of Omaha Steaks…but then I found out the meat wasn’t all that they made it out to be. These are great ideas, though. Thanks for sharing!


  3. I do think men are harder to buy for…thankfully Travis can always use another pair of running’s shorts haha. Believe it or not, Travis isn’t a bourbon guy. Travis gets lots of food baskets from clients…and we aren’t complaining. 😂A few years ago, we got my dad a Netflix subscription and now my brother and I split it every year.


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