Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Tom is on his third champagne colored Suburban. You could say he doesn’t like change…

He started with a 1999, then had a 2005, and now has a 2013. I drove the 1999 before I got my minivan when our twins were zero-three years old. Tom had to drive my two door red Honda civic during this time.

I’m not the first Spanish teacher Tom dated. I’m the second. Red flag?

He told me he broke up with her after she tried on purses on the floor of Macy’s. What does that mean? He said she took all of the contents out of her current purse and then put the contents in all the purses she was considering buying to see how they would fit. Let’s just say I would just “eyeball it”. This leads me to believe she and I were quite different except for the Spanish teacher part.

My students really think this story is funny and they tell me not to bring Tom to school for fear he will leave me for another Spanish teacher. Thanks, students!

Tom and I both worked at Pizza Hut. I worked at one during college and he worked at one during high school. Remember when Pizza Hut was the move?

We share stories of just how much oil went in the bottom of a pan pizza. Tom’s sister said his jean jacket reeked of “Pizza Hut” and she could hardly ride in the same car with it/him.

Tom and I both went through a name change phase as children. He changed his name to “Thom” and I changed mine to “Aimee”. Ha!

My Dad was a pilot and we once got to use the company private plane to go to a family reunion. It was my Dad, Tom, my sisters and their husbands, and me. We had maybe 6 bags of chips and some appetizers for the get together. I am a nervous flyer and every little bump and noise puts me on high alert. We had just reached our cruising altitude when we heard a loud POP. I thought for sure we had blown something important to keep the aircraft in the air.

It was all the chips simultaneously popping open due to the pressure!

I hope this post made you smile! What’s a weird thing in your life?


23 thoughts on “Weird Stuff

  1. These are hilarious! Let’s talk about all that oil on the bottom of Pizza Hut pizzas…it’s probably the reason why I can’t eat that kind anymore. I used to get so sick over the grease on that pizza, but it was always my favorite. Or maybe it was just the only pizza place. Remember those days? The name changes cracked me up too…Thom and Aimee…I have a friend who actually does spell her name that way. It reminds me of how someone French would spell the name…I don’t know why. The airplane story had me laughing out loud…all those bags popping at once! 🤣 I’d have had a heart attack, for sure. I’m a nervous flyer too!

    A weird thing for me is that I always hum to a song being played wherever I am. I do this unintentionally and have been caught doing this in public in movie theaters (it drives one sister bonkers) and also while videoing something. I was in NYC a few years ago and sent snapchats to my sisters of someone playing an Adele song on his sax in a park…and I was humming the whole time. My sister Debi told me she loved hearing me sing under his playing. I do love to sing and thankfully can carry a tune (ha!), so at least there’s that. This was a fun post to read!


    1. Thank you! It is probably the reason for extreme tummy aches after eating it! Pizza Hut used to be the only pizza place!
      Yes, that is the French spelling! I love telling the airplane story!
      You are quite musical! I get annoyed by my husband’s humming sometimes. He has to constantly be messing with the remote and opening the battery window on it and I just want to scream! But, that is marriage, right? Ha!


  2. How funny – and I am dying that Tom’s former girlfriend tried on new bags at Macy’s – wow!!! I don’t want to know about the oil in the DD pizza from Pizza Hut – I used to crave that stuff and it is still a favorite, lol.


    1. Ha! I know, right? I cannot see Tom dealing with that. No, you don’t want to know, but let’s just say there was a giant pump bottle of vegetable? oil and a DD pizza got several pumps.
      Every now and then, I will get a personal pan from the little Pizza Hut at the Target snack bar. I also really like their breadsticks.
      Not good for me, but a splurge. I haven’t done that in a few years!


  3. Too funny! You have such great and various topics. Its why I read/look at your blog daily.
    Posting pics of Ernie draws me as well, lol. If he’s ever up for adoption let me know.


  4. you are on a roll – this post is hilarious! you are so much fun to read and your imagination/ideas for posts seems to know no limits. your name spellings are so funny. i don’t have a middle name but mary is a very common first name in my family. in the first grade i kept adding mary to my first name and everytime i handed in a paper that way i got a little ‘reminder’ from my teacher that that was not my name and to stop writing it on my school work. i just knew she was wrong!
    thanks for the smiles today!


    1. Oh, thank you! I don’t know about that – sometimes I am at a loss for a topic.
      I have not met many people without a middle name, but maybe it’s the part of the country where I live. They love a double name here! My niece is Mary Brooke and my friend’s daughter is Mary Claire.
      A teacher today would never say that!
      You’re welcome and I am glad I made you smile.


  5. So funny! You 2 were made for each other! I also enjoyed yesterday’s post, it reminded me to reach out to my high school friend, we haven’t talked in a few months, so thank you for that!


  6. It really is hard to get new friendships later in life but I am trying. Joining my country clubs Wednesday ladies golf league has been SO GOOD for me. Now I am playing team play and getting invited to other things. Its not been easy and I know there is ALOT I still dont get invited to because Tony still works and most of the ladies are retired as are their hubbies. So they have all been friends thru the club for many many years. But I will keep after it! I think the pandemic did some damage to some of my close girlfriends. We used to do bday lunches and that all stopped. Made me sad but oh well. Also, some of my closest friends all have grandkids and their whole lives are about the grandkids. We are not at that point yet. Thank heavens for our travel and golf buddies. No grandkids yet but Karen has a HUGE group of friends and is always doing something. So if I dont ,make plans well ahead with her- forget it. We are going to a new restaurant tonight but we made these reservations 2 weeks ago. It was the only night she had available! Anyway, you’re so lucky your sisters are your best friends too. I dont have that with mine. But that is ok too! I keep my friends circle small. Its nice! and I am that friend who, if I am thinking about you, I will text you to just say Hi and see how you are doing. I have always been that way. it take a quick minute!


    1. It is really hard! Also, I was wondering how many friendships changed during the pandemic. I think when people start having grandchildren and retiring it becomes more difficult. I have some friends that are super busy like that, too. It exhausts me to try to pick a date sometimes, but I guess it’s worth it. I just don’t like my life being so planned out and busy. I want room for spur of the moment sometimes, you know?


  7. I love this post! I LOL about your students being worried about your husband and the Spanish teacher! My weird thing that I don’t tell strangers or co-workers: My husband and I met in February 1996 on a cruise. I was a passenger traveling with a bunch of teacher friends, and he was the bus boy for our table. He and I hit it off. My friend and I drove from Maine to florida two months later so I could visit him (he and I had kept in touch, mostly by letters). He quit and tried to drive back to Maine with us after that second cruise, but he was sent to the airport by his employer. He flew to the islands instead of back to Europe, and ended up taking a bus to Maine. We were engaged four months later and then married four months after that. Two sons and almost 26 years later, we’re still together! When you know, you know!


  8. I love it! 😀
    A weird thing about me is that I love routines AND love to break routines…! Like, I love to plan the whole term for my students, and then I’m thrilled when something out of the normal happens so we have to change everything…!


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