Friday, August 19, 2022

Happy Friday! It’s time to link up with the gals here!

I take photos of things that make me happy throughout the week and come here to share them with you. Sometimes they are moments, sometimes they are products, and they are always RANDOM! Ha! I hope you had lots of favorites, too!

I ran out of my favorite hairspray that gets shipped from Amazon. Amazon tells me I have purchased it 14 times! Don’t worry – it’s coming Monday – and chose this in my Kroger pick up order. I really like it! It is a level 4 and I would probably try it in a lower level so that it’s more brushable, but it seems to really hold my hair. It was less than $2.50!

Were you aware of the levels on hairspray cans?

I am still loving this duo. I have never had longer lashes. Thrive is totally worth the hype – for me. But, the game changer is the primer. Are you using a mascara primer? I picked this up at Ulta, but it’s also on Amazon and it’s so inexpensive. I like their mascara, too, but Thrive is really something special, in my opinion. I would be interested in trying more of their products, so let me know if you have any recommendations!

This was a huge splurge at $30. $30 for deodorant???? But, hear me out. I have had this since the end of May and I’ve hardly gone through it at all, it seems. I put it on every day or twice a day, too. It has also served as my summer perfume, so if you look at it that way…$30 for deodorant and perfume isn’t bad. The smell is so nice. I really like it.

Whitney recommended this and every time I use it I think about how much I love it. The texture, the color, the smell, the feel on your lips. I’m not saying it lasts all day, but I really, really like this lip product. I bought it in soft raspberry, and I plan to buy another color. I need to experiment with putting a long lasting product down first and topping it with this.

Have you seen/tried the pearl trend? I paired these with my Kendra Scott necklace and really liked the look. Don’t forget to visit a Kendra Scott store during your birth month to get 50% off one piece. That is so generous! A dainty necklace like this can be yours for only around $30.

Let’s talk favorite after school snacks!

I love avocado toast! I have it on toasted Keto bread – spread my avocado and use some everything but the bagel seasoning, add a fried egg on top of that. Yum!

Popcorn! I absolutely love popcorn!

I am so happy to wear sneakers to work. I was worried when I first wore these because the toe box seemed narrow and tight. They have really loosened up for me. My feet are so happy in sneakers on my horrible hard floors. Seriously, my legs have been aching as I get used to doing my job again. It’s just really hard to sit and be effective!

I ran out of my summer fragrance cleaners and had a bit of this left from last year. Run to Target soon and order this. I also plan to get the apple cider scent. I love Mrs. Meyer’s and she also makes hand soap, candles, and a few other things in these wonderful early fall scents.

Acorn spice makes you feel that you are in the fall Pinterest mood board of your dreams!

Did you read my Set Yourself up for the Weekend post? Weekends are great and all, but I felt absolutely decadent after school Wednesday when I came home – no meetings! – and changed my clothes and got comfortable on the patio with my book and…

a Truly. This is not a normal after school thing for me so it felt like I was really treating myself.

And, our weather has just been a real anomaly for August! Normally I would be so hot and unable to sit outside, but we have been in the 80s and it looks like we are staying in the 80s! Does this mean September will be scorching? Who knows?

A couple of updates…

Our board of education met Tuesday night and one board member asked to amend the agenda to talk about the mask mandate in my school district. The board would not even discuss it. They had to vote if they were willing to amend and the majority of board members voted NO. It is beyond me that they are not even willing to discuss the mandate. So…my poor kids are still stuck in masks.

My college kids move back to campus Sunday. I think they are excited for their third year! Since campus is only 20 minutes away, nothing feels very stressful. I absolutely love their college and I’ve been so impressed by all the little touches they provide. The house will feel different, but I think I feel ready this year? I have so enjoyed having them here full time since mid-May, though.

What were your favorites this week?


12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Friday! And I’m off! I’m in the cabin with hub and daughters and the weather is incredible – happy!
    So… I really enjoyed all your favorites!
    Hairspray: I knew that some are “harder” than others, but I haven’t seen that 1-4 marking. I picked up a fight with a can at work yesterday, it had clogged up during summer break…
    Lashes: I’ve used x-lash for a long time, but it doesn’t seem to work anymore? It’s like I’ve been immune… It worked miracles in the beginning!
    Lips: I’m wearing “Florida lady” colors right now, because it’s so nice together with the tan!
    Have the best weekend sweet Amy!


    1. Yay! Enjoy your long weekend, girl! I hate it when my hairspray does that and I take a prong from my hair pick and clean it out. Sometimes that works.
      I wonder if lashes can become immune?
      Yes, enjoy the end of summer colors while you can. I wore coral last night, too!


  2. That acorn Mrs. Meyers scent is one of my favorites! I love scented soaps and lotions and cleaners but I’m the only one in the house so I try not to overdo it.


    1. It’s arriving from Target today in the hand soap and spray. I also got apple cider and I hope to use that first. It will be hard! My hub hates my smelly handsoaps. I love our bathroom soap and he says it smells like saw dust!


  3. I used to use that deodorant, it does smell good but I switched to degree because it doesn’t stain my white clothes. Oh man, I cannot believe your school board would not even discuss masks, that’s horrible. I think it should be a choice, but I live in FL and we’ve been saying that all along and getting laughed at. Anyway…have a great weekend Amy!


    1. I also love that clear degree that you told me about for black and white clothes. I hope Donna doesn’t stain my clothes, but I guess I need to look out for that. Maybe I can use both deoderants?
      Ugh – I know the mask might seem to be small potatoes, but you and I both know how important mental health is for our kids and enough already! I don’t tell anyone to put their mask on or to pull it up. And, guess what…no one is absent because of Covid. There is no testing anymore at my school, so what’s the point?


  4. Happy Friday! I know you’re glad it’s the weekend. I’m so glad you love your cute tennis shoes…I am sure they are saving your feet. That type of flooring is what killed my feet for the five years I worked in my kids’ school- they’re still not the same and probably never will be. I started off every school year in a boot after two weeks…every single year. The tendinitis was terrible in my ankles and it switched from one side to the other every year. Ugh! I feel your pain. I hate that they’re not even willing to discuss the mask mandate.

    I use that same lipstick and I have a tip for you. Buy a cheap lipliner, like NYX that’s close to that color or slightly darker and line your whole mouth with it, then apply the lipstick on top. It’ll last all day long! I only have to reapply after I eat, but it’s still on, even then. I do that with all my lipsticks…especially from August-April. I wear lighter weight in the summer. I hope your day and weekend are great, my friend!


    1. Yes! But, it was a good week, too.
      I can totally understand your foot issue with these floors. I think I need to be even more careful as I get older. The mask – I know it’s small potatoes, but it’s so stinking silly.

      Great tip! I totally will do that. I ran out of my last lipliner and just never replaced it. And, then the pandemic and I didn’t wear lipstick! Ha! I will put that on my weekend list. I really want all of the colors of the Neutrogena moisture stick!


  5. I also feel really good about sending the kids off to college this year. We had such a fun summer, and I know they are ready to try new things and meet new people at school. That is unbelievable about the masks…so frustrating. Enjoy the weekend!


  6. I loved your weekend post! I always think about getting ready for the week but not the weekend. Now I have a new goal for this school year. I love pearls and have always worn them! I’m glad to see them making a comeback though! I hope things turn around for masks for you soon!! Our weather has been pretty great lately too! Have a great weekend!


    1. Thank you! I know – I think there is value in both. Aw! You look great in your pearls. So classic! I hope so, too. Love this weather when I can have the time to be out in it!


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