Monday, August 22, 2022

How was your weekend? I hope it was great! I am linking up with the ladies here for Hello Monday…

Thursday evening I tried another Impress brand press on mani. The hardest part is finding which press on fits which of your nails correctly. You want to go a little smaller and never bigger than your actual nail. Then you press them on, cut and file, and you are done. Still going strong as I type this on Sunday evening…

I was told to use dental floss for removal when they start to lift. We shall see… I think the removal is what kept me from trying another set after the last one. Has anyone tried these?

Erica made our lunch on Friday and it was delish! It was a Greek bowl with ground turkey ,quinoa, and all the toppings.

Our school has been having food trucks come since last year for lunch on Fridays, but it doesn’t really work for the teachers. We only have 20 minutes for lunch so by the time we wait in line, order, and then get the food, we must go back and teach. I think the administration, counselors, office staff, etc. are enjoying it, though! Ha!

The three of us had seriously not seen each other since early June at the middle one’s daughter’s graduation party. These are my college besties and I’ve seen the one on the left a bunch, but the middle one has had all the stuff with her first graduating from high school and heading to college. We met at 4:00 and did some boutique shopping with to go frozen sangrias in hand – yum!

Then we got to go margaritas!

The bathroom wallpaper called for a selfie!

And, finally, we enjoyed dinner on a patio…

with some goat cheese and garlic…

and I got a roasted vegetable sandwich and “fries”. We all loved our food.

We talked non-stop and still could have talked more. But, we said good-bye around 9:00. It was so good to catch up!

Saturday morning I broke out the pumpkin spice skinny syrup – yes I did!

And, I made mini pumpkin chocolate chip muffins!

I also prepped breakfast burritos for this week. I microwave a baked potato and then dice it, add bacon bits, a bit of cheese, and a bit of scrambled egg.

I wanted to shorten my nice, but faux pearls so that was one of my Saturday morning errand stops. They are so nice and so helpful. I love this local business. They said they could have them in a week and they are one of the only ones who still do this – have you seen anyone hand tie a string of pearls? I learned something new when the employee explained it to me and then I went home and watched a YouTube video!

I did an Amazon return and a Nordstrom return at Nordstrom Rack and then I relaxed.

And, so did Ernie. He gets himself in some funny positions!

Then, I did all the laundry and cleaning, washed and changed sheets and tried to help pack for college. We loaded up a car in preparation for Sunday morning move in.

Tom and I met our friends at a concert – the last one of the season…

and ate food truck food. I got a Venezuelan chicken bowl.

I also tried a strawberry beer. I would get it again!

It was a lovely evening and we had a great time!

Sunday morning I had my coffee on the patio.

Then, I made egg roll in a bowl for our Monday lunch.

It actually worked out really nicely that one kid had a 10 am Sunday move in and the other has a 1 pm Monday move in. They are both in the same dorm this year, but different floors. We all helped with the move in today and then they will help each other again tomorrow while Tom and I are working. It’s a bit anticlimactic after freshman year for us. They are only 20 minutes away, so it’s all good. Plus, they just don’t want much help, nor do they want an over the top decorated room.

The dorm provided these nice bins to help:

Textbook pick up:

A couple of really, really nice things about our college:

Every dorm room has a microwave and a larger dorm fridge provided.

Textbooks are included in tuition.

I spent some time Sunday afternoon reading on the porch. The weather was weird. It would rain off and on and thunder and then get sunny.

My new chair:

My old anti-gravity chair died after 10 faithful years of service, so I replaced it this weekend on Amazon. Words cannot express how much I love this chair. Ha!

What was the highlight of your weekend?


17 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Wow, your energy level is amazing! How can you fit so much into a weekend!? You really are my inspiration!
    I had a chill weekend, preparing for the “real” schoolstart this week. We actually went in to the city on Sunday and had a lovely bicycle ride in my beautiful home city.
    Love that Ernie picture! I guess he found a cool spot there on the floor…. 😀
    Enjoy your Monday!


    1. I don’t know about that. Remember that I do go to bed at 9! That sounds so nice to have a bike ride. I wish more people casually rode bikes here. It’s mainly hard core exercisers. He loves to find a cool spot!


  2. What a great weekend. I love the bathroom selfie and photo with your college friends. Your Greek bowl lunch looks good! I may try that next week. That’s great your boys are in the same dorm again. I hope they have a great year (you too!)


  3. You pack so much into a weekend Amy – I swear you are the Master Weekender!! I just love reading about them. It’s really nice that your boys’ college incudes so much – a dorm fridge and microwave make move ins so much easier I bet. Have a great week!


    1. Ha! I have never thought I do weekends that great! I hear about people having so many activities and I am like – no! I have really enjoyed all the thought their college puts into the experience. I think it helps me to guide my students.


  4. Your city is so cool! You seem to have great restaurants/events and I love that. Your Friday night sounded like so much fun…Saturday too, for that matter. I’m glad you got one son moved in and it’s good that it works well for the other one to move in Monday. It seems like it’s very organized to do things that way and that speaks volumes to me. Seems like a great school! I hope their year goes well and that your week gets started great!


  5. Textbooks included with tuition? This is genius. There are so many extras most colleges ask you to pay for, so this is a great idea. So nice they are close :).

    The press on nails look good. I tried using a brand once, but wasn’t too sucessful in finding the right fit.

    So fun to reunite with your co-workers! Hope its a great Monday!


    1. It is so nice! I think many people don’t consider so many things – textbooks, supplies, travel expenses. I try to tell my students these things.
      Impress brand is really good. I haven’t tried Kiss or any other, though. The key is to really pick the right size for each nail and to go smaller rather than larger if need be. Do thumbs last! I found mine at Walmart grocery and CVS.
      Yes, so fun!


  6. My weekend was unpacking and laundry from 2 weeks at the beach, but I’m commenting to tell you how great you look in the dress that you wore Friday with your friends, so cute!


    1. And, you will find sand everywhere! Thank you so much! It’s a two piece set from It would look better at 20 pounds less, but I decided to just wear it!


  7. I used the Impress nails and liked them sometimes they stayed on other times several of them would just pop off. I did notice that on both thumb nails it left an indention in the nail that took a long time to grow out. I think they look great and are easy to put on. ________________________________


  8. Your Friday night looks so fun! I love the wallpaper too! I am not ready for anything fall yet! I walked into a store with the boys today and there were tons of fall decorations out and I actually quietly boo-d it all. Ha! Textbooks included in tuition sounds brilliant! I hope the boys have a great year and move in went smoothly today! Have a great week!


    1. Thank you! I love a fun wallpaper, but I’m too scared to do it in my house!
      Ha – I know – sometimes it’s too soon.
      It is a nice perk.
      Thank you and hope you have gotten off to a great start!


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