Tuesday, July 19, 2022

The time is now to squeeze the most out of summer! I really just have the remainder of July now. I have a professional development August 1 and 2, set up my classroom that week, and help with registration (maybe), and then August 8 teachers officially come back and August 10 is day one with students.

I don’t take my summers for granted. When my summer officially began on June 1, I was looking forward to un-hurried mornings, drinking coffee and cocktails on the patio, reading outside, boating, more time with friends, breakfasts, brunches, lunches, dinners out, more time to exercise, more time to shop and cook healthy foods, time with my kids, time to declutter, organize, and clean. I hoped to do a few movies, some live music, and a few other things like that.

With our college payments and our home renovations, and the intense internship schedule of one of our kids, we didn’t have a big trip planned. I wasn’t planning on the Covid invasion that plagued our house for about 3 weeks between the 3 of my people, either!

Here is my original Summer Bucket List!

Read Lots of Good Books – yes! I have shown you my books in my Friday Favorites or my Hello Monday posts. I didn’t set an exact number of books.

Take friends on boat – yes! But, we usually are able to keep the boat out until the beginning of November and I love the boating that happens after Labor Day, too!

Sister time on the boat:

Try some new restaurants and meet people for meals out – yes! We tried Common Haus and I tried South Seas. I went to a couple of old favorites, too.

Go to the Van Gogh Exhibit – yes!

Do the Omni rooftop pool – yes! So.much.fun. It was definitely one of my favorite summer days.

Go to a baseball game – yes! Two couples joined us after I took this photo.

Some outdoor music:

Boating to a pizza place:

Tom’s old work friend playing with his band:

Time in my hometown with some nieces:

Sister time:

See some movies:

I saw Top Gun Maverick with Tom…

and Downton Abbey alone. It was my first solo movie, you all!

Shakespeare in the park watching the play and seeing what my kid is doing this summer as an intern:

Celebrate Tom’s birthday – yes! He chose a restaurant called Harry’s.

Celebrate Father’s Day – yes! We cooked at home

Go to Adult Pool – yes! I went once and have plans to go again. When I say “adult pool”, it’s nothing scandalous, it’s just a whole separate pool at a swim cool for 18 and up. You can bring your own food and alcohol, too.

Get ice cream – yes! We’ve only gotten it once at an ice cream shop. We have gotten a few Blizzards and of course I keep some treats in the freezer.

Try a new cocktail – yes! I’m really into my new Modica drink mixes and my Saltwater Woody rum, pineapple seltzer and lemonade.

Purge clothes – yes! And, I made almost $300 selling things that no longer fit me or my style!

Buy CFA bag of ice – have not done this yet and would you believe I haven’t even been to the Chick Fil A drive through this summer? We have seriously gotten less take out than ever before!

Attend Greek Fest – no, sadly. It was a really busy weekend, but I had plans to go with my Greek friend Victoria – bonus! – but, she got Covid!

Celebrate 22nd Anniversary – we cancelled our reservation to spend time with my sister and her hub, so we will re-schedule this.

Go to a Polo match – I tried! My friend’s daughter is an equestrian and she and I tried to go, but they had cancelled it! I am still going to try to go before the season ends in October, I think.

Rent and ride one of those city scooters – Elizabeth has agreed to do this with me and we tried last Friday but we both had something come up! I may need a helmet and pads, but I’m excited!

Did you have a list? Mine was really fun to both create and carry out. I always get super sad at the end of summer. I try to remind myself that it’s technically “summer” until the end of September and that I need to keep on “summering” after school and on the weekends!


19 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List – Check-In

  1. Oh yes, I know… I’m sad too, even though I have almost four weeks left! 😀 Time goes by so quickly! Your summer has been divine, so nice with all the pictures. I have my private little diary on my phone with one picture per day, and it’s really nice to look at it afterwards.
    The daughters are going to Spain next week, and I’m trying to talk my hub into a long weekend on the Athens riviera, but he’s not so into it… I would enjoy a change of scenery I must confess!


    1. You have a lot of time! But, you really got out much later. Thank you! I like to scroll through my pictures like that, too. And even though I’m a “blogger” there’s a lot I don’t share.
      So jealous about Spain! Is there a friend that would go with you? That sounds amazing!


      1. No, I meant to have your friend do the Athens with you! You can make your own sangria and watch a movie or read a book set in Spain!


  2. I love how intentional you’ve been with your time!! I, too, am a list-maker but I’m not a “planner” if that makes sense? Like, tell me we are going on vacation and tell me where and when, then the lists will begin — but I need you to come up with the “idea” — ha! It was PAINFUL deciding on the when, what, and where for our upcoming family vacation but once it was set, I’ve been having a lot of fun coming up with activities, menus, etc.
    When my kids were younger and I was still in the classroom I actually liked going back to school in August — by then the kids were “done” with summer and I liked getting out mid-May. Now that the kiddos are graduated I kind of wish summer would last a little longer. . .well, I guess in my world it does, but things seem to just slow down all around once school gets back in session. I think our schools are looking at the second week of August maybe? You’re right, though, we can usually keep the boat out through October — it’s just harder to coordinate past Labor Day 😦
    Have a great week and stay intentional with your time!!!


    1. Thank you! I get that. The indecision and the second guessing are also stressful for me. I research a place like you wouldn’t believe once I know where I’m going!
      I will try to stay intentional!


  3. Summer goes too fast!! We need to get together at least one more time before you start back to work. 🙂 Also – yes – the rooftop pool – a definite favorite day for me this summer. 🙂


  4. I think you’ve done a great job getting that list checked off and having a very full summer doing so! I remember when I had summers off and the last few weeks I start to panic trying to pack it all in – the bucket list is such a good idea!


  5. I LOVE that you have a summer bucket list and I have no idea why I have never thought of making one before! You’ve definitely taken advantage of the beautiful weather!


    1. Thank you, Stacie! I think I am going to do an early fall one as well because it’s even harder to be intentional once life gets busier in August, you know?


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