Wednesday, July 20, 2022

This is not much of a post – I will warn you.

So, for the Nordstrom Sale, I did look through the preview on the website and the only thing I thought I might like were the Wit and Wisdom Itty Bitty bootcut jeans, but I would have needed those in a petite length. When, I could finally shop (since I am not a card holder), they were out of stock.

For the Amazon Prime Days, I looked a bit more to see the deals. I ended up getting one thing I “needed” and two things that had been on my wish list.

I can’t stand a metal straw – I’m sorry. I think it reminds me of being at the dentist. My Kroger used to stock a smoothie straw, but no more, so I found and love these.

I have bought this headband for two people for gifts and I really like wearing a headband on my second day hair. If I wash my hair every other night, then I like this method when my hair is flatter and not as squeaky clean. So, I decided I needed this headband, too!

And, I have really been wanting to try this pillow spray. I have had a lavender pillow spray for a few years and it is almost gone. It’s really funny when I spray it on my pillow and Tom yells, “Ow, my eye!” This has not arrived yet, but between this and my Ashwagandha gummies – look out, Dreamland!

And, this was technically after Prime Days, but I needed more cushy athletic socks for my new Hokas. I’m impressed with the quality!

So, I did pretty well, no? I have placed an Old Navy order for this athletic dress – the thicker straps appealed to me, but I don’t know if I can pull it off. Shelly looked so cute! I also placed a J.Crew Factory order for another pair of bike shorts because I wear mine from Amazon so much and the price was great – they were recommended by Kristin. Finally, I placed a Target sale order for another pair of my favorite summer sandals in a smaller size, a knit dress, and a smaller size of my favorite cut offs. I will tell you how I fared when those arrive! As always, if something isn’t perfect, it will be returned.

So, did you buy from the NSale? Prime Days?


18 thoughts on “How I did with the NSale and Prime Days!

  1. I’ve been eyeing up the athletic dresses…also don’t know if I could pull it off just for practical reasons of wrangling small children lol.
    I agree that I could not say no to $10 bike shorts!


    1. I tried on the skinny strap one from Old Navy at the beginning of the summer and I just needed more support. I didn’t realize they had this option, so we will see. I am super impressed with the quality of my one Old Navy dress from this season, but I’m really not an Old Navy shopper anymore. I am excited to get the biker shorts. My Amazon ones are fine but they droop a bit when I put my phone in the pocket and they look more athletic than casual wear everyday.


  2. I am with you on the straws! I prefer the plastic smoothie straw as well. Those Wit and Wisdom jeans are my favorite and I bought the same pair in petite during last year’s sale. Amazon sells a version of it in the Democracy brand if you can find that in petite. Have a good day!


    1. I try to do my part for the planet in other ways! I swear! I rarely use any other paper products like plates and napkins. Does that help?
      I will gladly pay full price for the jeans, but I may want to wait and see what size I will need once school starts back and I get back to eating better. OHHH – good tip on the Democracy brand. I have heard great things about that brand.


  3. That headband is super cute! But I have never found one that I can wear. I think it’s because my head is too large. They all feel tight and kind of pop right off my head.

    And I am 100% with you on metal straws.


    1. Oh shoot! I tried searching headbands for larger heads but didn’t have much luck. That would be horribly uncomfortable if they were too tight. I don’t need my brain to be smushed.
      Yes, uh – they make me shiver! I would rather go straw-less!


  4. I love that headband and will order soon. I’ve been wanting one but could never find the style I like. Travis asked if bought anything on prime day and couldn’t believe when I said no. 😂 I bought the Birk sandals on Nordstrom but they were on sale 😂


    1. You need this headband for your second day hair! Or third, etc.! Ha! I have some older version of that Birkenstock from a consignment store, but they have small buckles and I think the big buckles are what make those! I love them!

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    1. Thank you! That’s not too bad. What would we do without Amazon, though? I am actually using my Amazon app right now to shop Whole Foods! I have never tried it before.


  5. I will definitely buy plastic straws when I come to the New World next summer! But really; the metal ones are great! They are cold when your beverage is cold! But I heard a horror story of someone walking and falling on their face with a metal straw in the mouth… (in the brain… ?)


  6. I too loved that dress that shelly wore but it is a one piece so you have to take that whole dress off to use the bathroom. Let me know what you think! I ordered my bras, that donna Karan deodorant, a white tank, and a barefoot dreams cardigan. The cardigan sold out before I got mine, so I will keep checking back. It might not be meant to be. Oh well. No prime deals. Headed to the beach tomorrow. One happy Wife!


    1. Yes, that is true. It probably won’t work for me because two piece things work better with my body type. But, we will see. I can easily do an ON return in person. You did well on just ordering staples. Enjoy the beach!


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