Thursday, June 23, 2022

Ok, let’s see what I wore on the days I actually took the time to put together an outfit!

Look at me getting a cool “real blogger backdrop” with the help of my friends:

I wanted to try a “lewk” here. I wore my newish Amazon Cushionaire (lookalikes for MIA brand) clog sandals, my old Target Universal Thread cut offs, a target tank, and an old Nordstrom palm print kimono to go to lunch. I realized the kimono had a rip in it (and I had another kimono with a rip – is this a pattern for me?), so I took both of them to my tailor this week. I love getting clothing repaired because I feel like I’m making an item new again. I do consider the cost involved and try to ask myself if I would buy the item again today. I love this kimono and I think by tucking in the bottom tank it looks more flattering – maybe? I was trying to shy away from more voluminous clothing, but I really like the kimono shorts look and I hope it’s still on trend!

This is what I wore for the flea market and the Pride parade:

Same shorts, one of my Amazon woven belts, a Spanish t-shirt that tells you how to do a shot – ha! (It says “Up, down, out, in your body” basically – No, I don’t wear it to school!), my clear sandals, and my brown crossbody with my Gucci-esque strap.

That night, I wore the same shorts, my new Target plastic Birkenstocks, and my new Loft parrot shirt that had arrived – more details coming. I also used my Lululemon belt bag.

Do you have cutoffs yet? See how much I wear them?

And, for a trip to the dentist, I wore my Old Navy dress (still haven’t cut the lining out – I am a little afraid, but I think it needs to happen because it makes the dress a lot in the heat) and my new Amazon Essentials espadrilles.

A better look:

I bought a pair of espadrilles in Spain (because they are from there, I think?) back in 1989 and I wish I had kept them. I had a pair from Payless years ago, too! I think they are classic and comfortable and I had been wanting a new pair. I like the v-shaped indention on these. Also, my girls at school told me they don’t want to see “anyones’ dogs”. I guess this is a new thing that they don’t want to show toes at school? If you have teens have they mentioned this? Socks with Birks, you know? So, I think they will be good for school.

Now, let’s talk more about recent purchases:

I visited my consignment store and they had another check for me! I took my too big spring and summer clothes there in March and now have received $255 and I noticed that many of my things are still on their racks, so hopefully I will make a bit more to put back into my wardrobe. My consignment store stopped accepting summer stuff quite awhile ago! They start accepting fall on July 31st! Wow!

I also took my loose change to the Coinstar machine at Kroger and “made” $34. I always did this with my kids in the summer when they were little. They thought it was so much fun! Then, I would give them some money and they could buy something.

So, I took that money and went a’shoppin’.

I bought the above espadrilles.

This is a Loft mixed media shirt which means the material is different in the front than in the back. It’s super soft and I loved the parrots and I love orange.

And, I have been needing/wanting a solid black tank bathing suit. When I saw this and the fact that it was on sale, I gasped! Now, we will see if I picked the right size.

And, I usually add one new coverup to my collection each summer and then I keep it for years. I wanted something longer and a bit elegant? We will see if this works. It might be too long on me.

I picked yellow because the color makes me happy and it would work with my pink and black suits.

And, I needed/wanted a more elegant beach/pool bag and this was a good price, and I believed someone recommended it. But, if anything isn’t perfect, I will return it!

So, what have you been wearing and buying lately?

Get ready to hear all about the Nordstrom sale from everyone and their brother/sister in the blog and influencer world! You won’t see much from me about it – at least I don’t think you will! Also, are you ready to see fall clothing in the stores? It’s almost time for summer to be greatly discounted to make room for fall! Eeeeekkkkkk! I am not ready!


9 thoughts on “What I Wore and Bought

  1. I love your outfit with the kimono and cut offs, I say that look is always in! I used to wear my kimonos like crazy but I haven’t lately, probably because I don’t get out as much as I used to? Hmmm….
    Your new swimsuit and cover up will be fabulous and that bag is very chic – I think you’ll be the most elegant lady on the water.
    The NSale – UGH!!! I am working with Vionics and have 3 pair of shoes that will be part of the sale. I’ll be sharing those but I will NOT be doing a “How to Shop the Sale” post nor will I be reading those. They are annoying and I know how to shop. I do understand that it’s how career bloggers/influencers make money but after so many years of it I have had enough.


    1. Thank you! I go in spurts with mine! Thank you! I am hoping they work for me, but if not, Amazon makes it so easy!
      I know – I am bracing myself for hearing about it. Everyone is shilling the same stuff. I guess I should be smart and buy one high ticket price item that I really want, but the last few years it just hasn’t appealed to me!


  2. The first photo of you is fire (as the kids say!) love it. Love that swimsuit…& those espadrilles are so cute! (I’m repeating to myself that I don’t need anymore shoes 😂) My kids used to love to cash in their change. That was always a summer activity 😂 you have so many great outfits this week!


  3. Love the dress and espadrilles, It’s so hot here the only thing I want to wear anywhere is a dress! You definitely have the legs to wear the espadrilles, are they true to size? Otherwise I’m wearing shorts and tops around the house and sometimes white crops with a bright shirt to go somewhere.
    Since it doesn’t cool off here until October, I don’t pay much attention to the N sale and it’s mostly fall clothes. Plus when they started opening early to card holders, there’s usually not much left that I would be interested in. We chose to carry just one credit card and it irks me that we are excluded because of that (sorry for the rant).


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