Monday, June 13, 2022

It’s Monday and that means it is link up with Holly and Sarah day!

How was your weekend? Mine was really good and felt like summer again!

Let’s go back to Thursday…Elizabeth and I were invited to Erica’s country club pool and this was the first time I had been. It’s huge!

They had some really good food and we split a snack basket.

and they had light Truly slushies!

I split a caprese sandwich and sweet potato fries with Elizabeth.

We had a really nice day and I wasn’t ready for it to end, but I had to go to another country club that puts “country” in country club. It was literally out in the country and it was the scene of one of my best friend’s daughter’s graduation party. The weather was gorgeous for my day at the pool and for the party on the patio.

I didn’t get a photo of the lovely graduate, but these are my two best friends from college.

Friday, Tom requested that I have lunch with him during his work day. He used to work downtown and loves the opportunity to go back down to his favorite soup and sandwich joint.

He was very happy. I was running errands when he asked, but like I have said, I am trying to say “yes”!

Then, the most wonderful thing happened…you may disagree. A perfect summer rain meant I needed me to drop everything and hang out on my covered patio. A candle, a good book, the sounds of summer rain…and Mason joined me for a bit. Jack was at work.

I like this plain La Croix, too!

I made my kids these honey mustard wraps in the afternoon.

I had a Kroger pick up that evening and go these poolside Trulys. I like them!

I made Tom a little charcuterie.

We just ate at home which is kinda normal for our Fridays.

It was very simple. I adjust mine a little bit.

Saturday morning I kept reading on the upper patio, but it was a cool morning. I finished this book this weekend and I highly recommend. I can’t tell you if I like The Good Sister or this one more. They are both great!

I found the most beautiful prosecco and it tastes good, too. Elizabeth invited Erica and I to her wedding dress appointments with the rest of her people. I offered to bring the mimosas if the bridal boutique didn’t serve them.

I took photos for Elizabeth of the rest of her people, but this is our little group. Elizabeth is wearing the bride earrings I got her! I bought the mauve version of the dress. Now I have black, white, and mauve. I think these little dresses will be workhorses!

After the first boutique, we said goodbye and then I had plans to boat with Tom. There were lots of sailboats out. We stayed out for a couple of hours and it was nice. I brought sandwiches for our lunch in the cove.

Then, I read a bit more. I started this and I am almost finished. I can’t put it down, either. I am closing in on completing my third book of summer!

Tom and I went out for pizza – his choice again. Goodness, he is really getting spoiled lately.

It looks like a lot because we brought pizza home for Jack. Mason was at work.

I like to make a little bowl of some chocolate chips and marshmallows for my something sweet after a meal. My kids really like this, too, and I have been doing this since they were really young.

Sunday morning and I was reading again – with my coffee.

Then, Tom, Ernie, and I went out on the boat from about 10:30 until 4:00. We had a really nice day.

My sandals arrived when we got home. Love them! I hope they aren’t one size too big. I have noticed that the rubber Croc/Birk sandals tend to run big. They are only online.

I stopped a lady in Costco that had these on because I loved them so much.

Tom and I enjoyed the mild weather on the patio before dinner.

We have temps in the high 90s coming so we had to enjoy this!

What was the highlight of your weekend?


10 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. That pool look fabulous! We were out in the country this weekend.. like no wifi or cell service out in the country! My hubby and I enjoyed a fabulous weekend in Lincoln, New Hampshire hiking, eating, and relaxing by the pool (even though it’s only in the 70’s here– the pool is heated and it’s nice in the sun)


    1. Thank you! Oh wow – I am always worried if I don’t have access to people, but that is a me thing. I really do need to unplug. It looked lovely! I just looked at your photos today. What a pretty resort!


  2. What a great weekend! That pool is beautiful! I used to love visiting country clubs. We never belonged to one since we’ve been married, but I grew up swimming and going to one near our house. I loved those days! I love the dress, your polish on your toes and those Berks. I know what you mean about something being a workhorse in your wardrobe, mine is also a dress from Walmart I bought last year. I bought two in the store and promptly came home and ordered three more online and I wear them almost daily! It helps wearing something light and flowy when it’s unbearably hot outside. I hope you have a great day!


    1. Thank you! It was really nice and had a great food and drink selection. I have never belonged to one, but I lifeguarded at one as a teen. I am really enjoying just throwing on a dress lately. I thought I would wear my cutoffs more, but so far, I am all about the dress. You too!


  3. Lovely with that dress in mauve too! You’ll wear them so much!
    I went to the library and picked up The Good Sister today, I look forward to reading it.
    My highlight was that we managed to change the front door on the cabin (in the cabin? at the cabin? :))
    It was extremely difficult and I understand why people don’t do it themselves… Otherwise the highlight over here is of course that summer is here! Not very warm, but enough to wear shorts and a tank top!


    1. Aww, thank you! I think I will. I hope you like The Good Sister. Let me know what you think. My two sisters are reading it now, too! I think I would say “on the cabin” or “of the cabin”. That’s ok as long as you can wear shorts and a tank, right?


  4. Love this post! So much fun. I’m so boring compared to you 😂 the pool looks amazing! I love the photo of you with your college friends. You all coordinate so nicely! My dress arrived! I love it but went ahead and ordered it in a small in green to compare. I love all your meals with Tom…so fun and the food looks delish. I hope you’ve had a great day


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