Tuesday, June 14, 2022

I looked around the other day and saw so many things that make me happy. I added to this list over the last few days. Now, there are plenty of things that I would like to change, but I like to focus on the positive as much as possible. I would love to hear your simple pleasures in the comments!

Gosh, I love an empty dishwasher. Does anyone else have problems with the timing of an empty dishwasher – like it’s full and dirty when you need it to be empty and ready to be loaded? It’s an art. I have found that I really just need to run it every day. I put most everything in my dishwasher, too. I used to hate unloading it but I timed myself again recently and I had it unloaded in 4 and a half minutes. Have you ever timed a task you hate? Now I happily unload it to get this empty dishwasher feeling rush! Ha!

I love drinking out of mason jars. When a restaurant serves me a drink in one, I am giddy. Bonus points if they serve me a cocktail in one!

My favorite drink is water, though. My Dad called it “faucet juice”. Louisville water is the best. Have you tried our water? It makes it hard for Louisvillians to travel because we love our water. I’m serious – we have won awards! Lol! My kids hated bottled water when they were growing up.

Rain! I love rain in all seasons, but there is something about a summer rain.

Ernie licks the rain off of our deck railing.

I enjoy mopping my new mudroom floor. I also love that I repurposed old trashcans for a new use. The one on the left is for dirty dish towels and the one on the right is for lint and dryer sheets. I realized I needed a trashcan near the dryer for these things.

A fresh mani and I am pleased when I do it myself.

Same with a fresh pedi.

I love color. I like to have some disposable cups on hand but I try to mostly use real cups. The stack of colors makes me happy.

I love these tumblers for my protein shake and for just water, too. I saw these in multicolor and I was smitten! I used my Starbuck’s gift cards to get these!

A candle always makes me happy.

A good book that I can’t wait to get back to.

Seeing water – even if it’s brown.

Something I’ve cooked makes me happy.

A new bottle of wine – especially when shared.

A cocktail with a straw. Please don’t give me a paper straw or a metal straw. Yuck! I can do plastic reusables but I do not want to suck on metal. All the chills. And, paper straws? I might as well be sucking through a noodle like at some Italian restaurants.

Wind in my face. I roll my windows down a lot in all of the seasons to get this feeling. It’s really good on a boat! I know why dogs love this!

So, tell me what are your simple pleasures?


20 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. Love this post! It really is the simple things in life πŸ™‚ I love a rainy day too, finishing a great book, a candle, dimly lit room (w/ a candle), trying a new recipe, a clean house, a fresh mani, fresh flowers, and more πŸ™‚


  2. Diet Coke from McDonalds. Rain anytime anywhere. (true Californian here) a new golf course. MY BEACH HOUSE. Being in an airport about to travel somewhere. Walking for health. a good glass of Rombauer Zinfandel wine. Skinny Pizza dough on a Friday night. College football. a good iced coffee. a long talk with an old friend.


  3. We have many of the same simple pleasures; a good book, a lovely outdoor scene (lake/water/ mountains), the wind in my face, and freshly painted nails.


    1. Yes, we do! You live in such an idyllic place. I am jealous that you can always enjoy the water. I think people should cultivate a happy home situation if they can and I see too many people just counting down the days until their next trip. Travel is great, too, but home is where you need to be happy!


  4. Love this so much 😊 A few of my simple pleasure include sunshine, a clean house, clean towels fresh out of the dryer, cooking and baking for people, freshening up the guest room for overnight guests, a good book, that first cup of coffee in the morning….


    1. Thank you, Michelle! I could add all of those to my list, too, except we don’t have a guest room right now. Oh, that first cup of coffee gets me out of bed!


  5. I love the summer rain too! My simple pleasures: looking at my veggie garden to see if anything grew/sprouted over night or if a rodent ate my plant, lol. looking at the mountains, or open water with the water like glass. The peace and quiet of an early morning while everyone else is asleep. Talking with God while no one else is listening, are a few.


    1. I love all of yours, too, Ruth! I wish I had a garden, but I just don’t want the work. Mornings are the best. I hate when I get up too late to get that peace that I crave!


  6. I love this optimistic post! My simple pleasures: a clean kitchen in the evening, trash out for pickup, clean and shiny sink, clean counters, and a candle burning on the stove; an empty laundry basket; clean floors that smell fresh; the freshly showered, hair done, good outfit feeling before I go out into 90% humidity! Knowing the bills are paid for the month with money for savings; seeing my sons living happily together (they live snout 2.5 hrs away in Orlando), a family road trip. We love to drive down to Key West, but I’d like to do another road trip in Europe next summer. All 4 of us together makes me so happy!


    1. Thank you, Susan! I agree with you and should have added those to my list as well. See how many things we have that make us happy? Ha! We took a really fun family trip where we started at Universal Studios, then drove through the middle of Florida doing a swamp boat ride. Then, we drove to the keys taking our time. It was so fun. We are also comtemplating an international trip soon if we can get these college schedules to line up with mine. New passports are arriving tomorrow but we haven’t booked yet.


  7. I like having a plastic cup every once in awhile too. Great feeling not to have to do the dishes! This is such a great list!


  8. Great post! πŸ˜€
    Well, my dishwasher is never empty, it’s either full of dirty dish or full of clean dish… (my family puts the dirty dish on the counter instead of emptying the clean washer, so… it adds up). But, I wash by hand at the cabin and I love when everything is clean and back in its drawers! Talking about simple pleasures it’s quite therapeutic to wash by hand… (I could never do it in the city though!)
    Oh, plastic straws… you can’t find them in Europe anymore and I miss them… I hate the paper straws! So I have actually become a fan of metal straws! Give it a try! And it’s nice that the get cold from the drink! I’ve also bought this container for giant ice cubes and I love to put them in my ice coffee or my white wine!


    1. I can relate to the dishwasher conundrum. I have actually read that the dish washing by hand was an important family ritual that we need to get back. Two or more family members had to work together and then it’s all done and there is no dishwasher “purgatory”. Doing anything by hand is therapeutic and calming, no? We need to get rid of plastic straws, but I hoard them when i get them. I like them to be the perfect diameter, too. No, I cannot with metal. I have tried and it is horrible to me. I have a big ice cube maker for bourbon but it is awkward to use. I guess I could get a better one! Love when I get a giant ice cube at a bar!


      1. There’s something special about that giant ice cube slowly melting…!
        I hate to nag at the girls about emptying the dishwasher! I can’t understand why they find it so boring…? When they were younger I “made it fun” by clocking them, but it ended up in broken dishes, so… I have a relative that put two dishwashers in the kitchen – one for dirty dishes and one for clean! She says that she never puts any dish in her cupboards…! They just move between the machines! πŸ˜€


      2. I hate nagging about anything. I am seeing my kids look around and do things that need to be done – sometimes.
        That is genius and #goals!


  9. This was a great post and list! I’m always looking for simple little pleasures like this, so I love when I see someone doing the same. Around the home, I love it when the floor is newly vacuumed (we have dogs), I love dusting and I love folding laundry. Seeing stacks of it on the kitchen table make me happy. I love freshly cut grass and the smell outside right before and right after it rains. I love a cool breeze, a water view, beautiful plants in our flower beds, and reading a good book.


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