Friday, June 10, 2022

It’s Friday! Who cares anymore? Not me! Just kidding – I am happy that Tom gets a weekend at 5:00 p.m. today! Is this how I will feel when I retire? I hope so!

I am linking up with the ladies here for Friday Favorites!

Here are a few things from my camera roll this week that were my favorites or that I just want to share…

This was my first full week of summer and I guess I am getting into a bit of a routine.

I did a Costco run and it was so nice going on a Monday instead of on a weekend. Also, I vacuumed out my car and I have a Goodwill donation in my car. I am trying to go through more stuff before I take this. Where does all of this stuff come from?

You may have seen the Target version of this shoe everywhere…

Well, I have been burned by Target shoes and the wedge is super high. Look at this Anne Klein version I saw on DSW’s website. It’s not a bad price either if you need something lower heeled and are in the market. I have a couple of pairs of dressier sandals in this color, but I might need these. I haven’t seen them in person yet.

I had a library pick up this week. I feel like I get an email almost every day about another book I have requested!

I started the Stanley Tucci book and The Secrets of Midwives first.

Have you heard of Magic Candles? The scents are made to mimic Disney scents. I am not a big Disney gal, but I can appreciate that they probably have good smells. I bought this and I don’t love the smell, but I love the cool wooden wick situation. I was totally influenced on this purchase, but I might order a different scent.

I think I’m really into candles in tins lately. I usually use them outside.

Facebook showed me a sweet memory. Tom got home from work and had an umbrella escort to the back door in the rain. And, look at my white minivan. I proudly drove him for 11 years. I loved that car. You know what? I think we were packed and loaded for vacation because the car topper is on and the beach toys are right by the garage.

I started watching Casual on Hulu. I think I like it. I can’t remember the blogger who recommended it, so I apologize. I have been looking for a new show to start on my own while I eat lunch or in the afternoons. The only thing that bugs me is that the 16 year old girl acts way older and looks way older.

On my Costco trip, I finally found and bought the Bare nuggets I have been hearing about. They are probably the best frozen nuggets I have ever tried. Many people compare them to CFA. They are not quite CFA to me, but they are really, really good.

I also found this Yum Yum sauce at my Walmart Neighborhood grocery.

I went in for these Walmart bakery 3 point steak rolls to use for sandwiches or a bread with my meals. They are really good!

One night we had these chicken teriyaki bowls and I added the Yum Yum sauce. I didn’t use a recipe – just used teriyaki sauce.

I found a new to me site/app. Check this out for your area if you want to. I found it interesting/entertaining. You can “book” a private person’s swimming pool in your area just as you would an AirBnB and pay by the hour. Some of them allow alcohol and some don’t. Some have a bathroom you can use. Yeah, I would think they would all want to have a bathroom that people could use! Also, do the home owners stare out the window at you?

There were a couple of sketchy looking above ground pools in my area that cost maybe $25 an hour to rent. They would have to pay me way more than that to even get in that water. Anyway, maybe you don’t think this is funny, but it made me laugh. Some of the pools were very nice, but still…this seems weird. I grew up swimming in my neighborhood lake so I’m not a diva, but…what do you all think?

I was running errands one day this week and saw this place I had heard about.

I got a make your own bowl and I was surprised by how much food really fit in this bowl. It was really good but I think I need to try different flavor combos and sauces. This is a good option if I don’t feel like cooking.

And, I found another flavor at TJ Maxx. I am not sure if I like my brown sugar or this vanilla caramel creme better!

It’s been so nice waking up in my bedroom when it’s already light out. I just don’t do this very much during the school year. I really love my light and airy new bedroom. It still seems new even though we have had it for two years now! Tom is getting up at 4:30 during the week to get to the gym by 5:00 and I sleep in until about 6:30 lately. Ha!

My hydrangeas are starting to bloom! I was too scared to cut too much down after last season, so disregard that part, ok?

What were your favorites this week?


14 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Look at you living your best summer life ❤️ I love that sweet memory. Precious. I want to read meant to be. I might buy it before vacation if I don’t get it from the library. I’m on the wait list. It seems like I book I’d love on a bookshelf after reading 🙂 I love your teriyaki dinner! I want to make that. The pool rental is hilarious 😂 have a great weekend!


    1. I’m loving the teriyaki bowl! Jack hates the cauliflower rice so I have to make real rice next time! I’m on my porch now and thinking that this is summer! Coffee on the porch! I always buy a couple of paperbacks for vacation so I don’t worry about hurting them. Checkout the pools in your zip code just for laughs!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I just wanted you to know that reading your blog gives me such joy! I love all the things you cover and all the new ideas. So many of the blogs I read have now gone to only selling clothes so I appreciate the subjects you cover and sharing your life.


    1. Oh thank so much for taking the time to comment, Becky. You words mean so much because sometimes I feel like I live a really boring life! I feel like I’m repetitive! I agree with you on the selling and I especially hate when they try to disguise it! We see through that! Ha! Happy weekend!


  3. Have you ever tried the G. Hughes cluckin’ sauce? It is a CFA sauce dupe and so good. Glad you’re enjoying your summer!


  4. You have summer break! And I’m almost there! I’ve done everything I “have
    I’ve also had periods with just too many books showing up from the library! If there is a waiting list on books they all tend to show up at the same time!


  5. You had so many good finds this week! The Swimply app sounds kind of questionable. As someone with a pool, I wonder what the liabilities would be of renting your pool out! So many tv shows/movies today have teens that look and act like adults – not like the teens I know! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


    1. Thank you! That’s what I thought – very questionable and I was also thinking about insurance. I know – they don’t represent real life teens and I wonder if that can be a problem for teens’ mental health. They may think they have to live to that standard.


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