Friday, May 27, 2022

Happy Friday! It’s time to link up with the girls at Friday Favorites here.

My emotions are all over the place with what is going on in the world, the end of the school year, and a few other things.

A senior brought me this gift card from his mom – Total Wine! How funny is that? But, with it came the sweetest, most heartfelt note from a parent. Gosh – this job is so much more than a job.

I received some of the sweetest notes I have ever gotten this year and I swear I think it’s because of all of the emotions wrapped up in the pandemic.

I taught about 45 seniors this year and the rest of my 100 kids are mostly juniors – with a few sophomores. I told them that I keep every single note and that is why notes are so special. It’s not as easy to keep an email or a Google Classroom message; I urged my younger kids to also write notes if a teacher had made an impact this year. It’s such a thankless job at times. We get to know these kids so well and a class becomes like a little family.

Saving this colorful new issue for the weekend!

Why have I not tried this? I love the consistency and I am very picky. I also love the flip top lid on it.

My two hallway school buddies are Erica and Elizabeth. I turned 50 this year, Erica turned 40, and our little baby Elizabeth turned 30 this week! We celebrated her after school one day at Captain’s Quarters. The weather was divine! She has the longest eyelashes!

I laughed at Tom one evening when he had tv on, a ball game on his laptop, and a Soduko going on his phone. Who said men can’t multitask?

Mason has a paid internship this summer with Kentucky Shakespeare. Jack was in one of their plays last summer, you might remember. The first play is 12th Night. The plays are free and in a park with food trucks. It is a really nice event! They will have 3 plays that run until the beginning of August.

I had a lovely patio happy hour at my friend Victoria’s this week.

Look at her sweet golden retriever!

Tom is still putting his keys on my hook at the gym! Ha!

Ok, I bought a clear bag for concerts and sporting events – wait, do I even go to many? No, but I might and I want to be prepared. Here is the bag and here is my bag strap that has been an amazing purchase. I use it with my brown and black purses, too.

Yesterday was the last day of school for 9th-11th grade so we had a popsicle and a photo opp outside. I love these kids! What a weird, hard, wonderful year. I promise I will stop talking about school soon…

My heart is full and I am tired!

What were your favorites this week?


9 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. Yay for Mason and the paid internship!! Woo hoo!! Handwritten notes are the sweetest and I know you will cherish those forever. I hope you have a great weekend and get some down time, it’s been a tough week for sure!


  2. Aw, how sweet to get all those notes! I still have a few notes and poems from when I was teaching more than 20 years ago. Enjoy your summer and congrats to Mason for finding a paid internship!


    1. I cherish them. I bet it is fun to go back and read those for you, too. Thank you so much! It isn’t a huge amount but he is really happy and it will look great on his resume.


  3. No, don’t stop talking about school, you know I love it! 😀 The notes from your kids were fantastic. Great idea to tell them to write notes to their teachers (not only to me :-D).


  4. How did I miss this post? Love all the school photos. You are the best teacher. I love handwritten notes too. Yay for total wine! 😂 I need that bag. I realized I didn’t have one when I went to the Chris Stapleton concert. When I go to UK football games, I usually just put my phone in my back pocket I guess…but a purse would come in handy for sure


    1. You missed it because May is crazy! Ah, I can finally breathe! Thank you – I know I’m not, but I do try. I can’t reach everyone and I am not everyone’s cup of tea or shot of tequila. I think you might like this bag for the price and Hadley could use it, too, if needed!

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