Thursday, May 26, 2022

Before I post about what I wore now for Fashion Files with Kellyann and Jill, I just want to say…

I had already scheduled yesterday’s post when I heard about the Uvalde tragedy. The irony of me writing about summer activities with your kids when that was just taken away from so many parents…

I really don’t know what to say other than what we are doing is not working. Columbine happened about five years into my teaching career and it was and is still is beyond belief. I remember watching Sandy Hook coverage right before Christmas and just crying and crying. I first saw the news come on in the nail salon as I was getting a holiday pedicure I believe and I thought about leaving because it didn’t feel right anymore.

A few years later, we had to start doing active shooter drills in my school. A few years after that, we were told to keep a heavy piece of furniture next to our door so we could push it in front if need be. Say what?

The solution is not just one thing and it’s not simple.

I had a shopping ban from the end of Spring Break until about mid-May. I was trying to wait until summer but I let myself get something if I neeeded it or if I found something I just loved. I have very few dresses so I have been trying to add a few to my wardrobe. This jumped out at me on the Target website. The pattern! Pockets!

By the way, I am using my new phone on an old tripod and I feel like the clarity of my photos is really bad. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Any ideas?

This next outfit is kinda blah. I just wanted to wear a new consignment blouse I found. It still had tags from a local boutique called Lulubelle’s. I got it from my favorite consignment shop Sassy Fox when I went to check on my items I took to them over Spring Break. I made $140! I was really happy to put some of that back into some new clothes.

I want to try it with white jeans. It is a little bit long and might be worth it for me to have it professionally hemmed.

This is my new Old Navy dress. I fell in love with the pattern and the quality is amazing. It seriously seems like something much more expensive. It is fully lined. Someone I follow online said they cut the lining out. The lining makes it quite heavy but I am a bit scared to try that. It has pockets, too!

I wore this again for our Senior Walk where we say goodbye to our seniors. It is Scoop brand and you have seen it here before.

And, lastly, I wore…

jeans and my tropical blouse.

What have you been wearing lately?


18 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. I’m laughing over here because your “kinda blah” outfit is my favorite! But I tend to wear solid colors and more plain styles myself…. plus I just love the color of that shirt.


    1. I think the jeans and flats made it blah for me. I have new black clog sandals that might have helped. I fell in love with the color, too. I think white jeans will work with it but it was cold and rainy that day and I never wear white when it rains. I need to wear more solids! That’s funny! I’m glad you liked it, though!


  2. Your 3 dresses are pretty awesome! That first one from Target and the yellow from Walmart are just gorgeous on you and great with your coloring. I haven’t posted anything about what happened in Texas as I don’t like to spout out quick answers and comments about such big things: all 4 boys will be in school this fall and at the high school this year they had an incident near campus which caused them to go on lockdown. We had it happened once or twice when I taught but usually for an unaccounted person from the jail workforce, in his case there was an unbalanced man with a gun near campus. It scared me as it was more of a real threat even though the police took care of it quite fast. I do think it is a combination of things that need to take place to help prevent some of these tragedies from occuring. I am praying for everyone of these families.


    1. Thank you! I felt I had to say something, even though it wasn’t very eloquent, since I talk so much about my job. I’m too in my feelings right now with saying bye to my seniors last week and saying bye to my underclassmen today. This is more than a job and I love them like my own. I have feared for my life while at work on several occasions and no student should have to feel that way – nor should an educator.
      I agree that it is a combination of things that need to happen.

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  3. I agree that what we are doing is not working and the answer is not simple. We regularly practiced active assailant drills at school and the school buildings here are locked up tight – no one enters without a card key or getting buzzed in. But still, it’s not enough. Schools, stores, churches – no place is safe and I am sad about it. It is heartbreaking and sickening.
    Pictures are hard but you can get great ones on the phone, just play around a bit. I keep looking for tutorials and follow some accounts on Tik Tok, one of these days I’ll figure it out!


    1. I think elementary schools probably need different protocols and you know more about that. How can we have not learned anything since 1999!
      I think I am moving too quickly and need to stay still after the photo timer goes off. That seems to be helping a bit.


  4. We don’t own guns over here so… we don’t have to experience these horrible shootings. It’s beyond understanding really. We’ve had a few teachers killed though, less than you can count on one hand, but still…


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