Tuesday, May 31, 2022

How was your 3 day weekend? I am sorry I didn’t let you know I wouldn’t post yesterday – I didn’t know, either! I was out late Sunday night and it just didn’t happen.

Today I am closing out my school year with a few meetings and a retirement luncheon for our pretty big group of retirees. I will have to count, but I think I am in a group now of about 10 of the teachers who have been there the longest – out of about 120 teachers!

Let’s go back to Friday…I suggested to my department that we have a departmental brunch to start our day. We had no meetings but grades were due at the end of the day and we could spare about an hour to do this. It was so nice!

Do you say “pitch-in”? They are the best because everyone usually brings one really good thing. I made Krusteaz coffee cake. That is really the best brand in the baking aisle.

I worked until 2:30 and then did a library pick up.

Here are a couple of things I read on the patio on Friday after work:

We decided to stay home for dinner and I made Tom a charcuterie board. Mason was working and Jack went out. I honestly was still full from the brunch.

Tom had leftover Mexican restaurant fajitas and I had this:

New fave! I added cut up dill pickles and grilled chicken.

Saturday morning I hit the gym and did legs and then…I tried my first Jazzercise class in a really long time. It was so much fun! They have a summer special until June 6 for $143 for unlimited classes for two months.

I went to Target with Mason and piddled around the house. Then, Mason went to work and Jack went to a friend’s house. Tom and I went to the first outdoor concert of the season at a nearby neighborhood. We were supposed to have two couples join us, but one wife got a migraine and the other couple were working on a home improvement project that took longer than expected.

We got food truck Mexican.

Sunday morning started out chilly, but that doesn’t stop me! Oh, and I gave myself a bright blue pedicure the day before!

I was reading this and it’s cute, but a little slow.

I made a Spanish omelette and took a break from exercise because I was so sore from Jazzercise! I really wish they would change the name; it sounds so 70s! If you want a laugh, look up “Prancercise” on YouTube.

I also made a vegetable mixture because I had some veggies that were going to turn on me. I am really working on less food waste!

Then, we got the boat out for the first time this season!

We ordered hummus for me and chicken strips and onion rings for Tom and then our friends met us there.

We joked that we “went to” Forecastle, the big music festival happening on our riverfront.

After we got off the water, I had plans to check out Elizabeth’s new place and her new puppy Banana was very photogenic.

She lives very close to Shakespeare in the Park, where Mason works this summer.

We enjoyed a lovely night, even though I don’t really speak Shakespeare.

Monday morning was so nice and I spent lots of time on the patio.

I started this and I cannot put it down. I am still trying to finish The Roughest Draft, but I needed a break. This is my first Sally Hepworth book.

I made another omelette.

I kept reading and reading and then made a Greek bowl for lunch.

And, the long anticipated movie was finally here and Tom and I had tickets.

My Dad was an Air Force fighter pilot and joked that he was way better than Tom Cruise in the looks and flying departments.

It seemed pretty appropriate to spend Memorial Day that way. I was outside all day Sunday and half of Monday so it was ok to be in the theater, I thought.

Tom and I agreed that the movie was amazing. I was surprised by how emotional it made me at first – the music, missing my Dad, thinking of how movies used to be in the 80s. Did you see it this weekend?

My nieces and nephews were in my hometown and took a photo with my Dad’s flag!

And, they visited his gravesite. My niece put this on Instagram – so sweet.

We had the most beautiful weather, too. It was a gift!

I hope you had a wonderful 3 day weekend!


14 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Oh wow, that picture of your dad’s headstone!! I have goosebumps.
    We saw the Downton Abbey movie and hope to see Top Gun, maybe this weekend we will.
    Love seeing all the fun outdoor events, it’s almost too hot here to do anything outside. I really enjoy Sally Hepworth, hope you like that one!


    1. I know. I know you miss your Dad terribly, too. It hits at odd times. I cried during the first 10 minutes of Top Gun because of the music and the memories. My Dad also had a Kawasaki motorcycle like the one Tom rides.
      I really want to see Downton but Tom is not into it so I will either go alone or with a friend. I hate that Florida just gets so hot. I love June here before it gets bad. We really only have 6 weeks or so or horrible heat.
      I am loving Sally!


  2. I love that you organized an at school get together for your colleagues. My English dept at my old school used to do that.
    Yay for boating season. Ernie looks pumped! 🙂
    I love Shakespeare in the park.
    The good sister was so good. For you follow Sally on Instagram? She’s a hoot.
    We loved Top gun . The end of your post had me 😢 top gun made me feel nostalgic too…and then all about your dad. Fighter pilot?! What a cool guy! I hope you have a great day


  3. We went to see Top Gun on Saturday and I thought it was really good too; I didn’t have high hopes since it was a sequel and so many years since the first one but I just loved it. We tackled a few huge home improvement projects yesterday that ended up taking all 5 of us (plus my mother in law!) almost all day… but the yard looks great even if I feel like I can hardly walk today.


    1. Same – I was really pleasantly surprised! I want to go back and watch the original I think. Oh man – home projects are the worst to me! I just want to be lazy at home right now!


  4. You can’t go wrong with Sally Hepworth’s books! The Family Next Door and The Good Wife are my favorites. Our last day was Thursday, and since I got my grades in and my room cleaned on Thurs, so I didn’t have to do the teacher work day on Friday. Our principal called an emergency faculty meeting Fri. a.m. to announce that he has accepted a new job within our district. We’re a large district, 144 schools and 180,000 students, so it’s relatively easy to transfer schools. I hope our next principal is tighter with discipline and dress code. Oh, the inscription on your Dad’s headstone is so nice; I’m grateful for his service. Enjoy your summer break!!


    1. I am late to the game with her books! I think I have those on my list, too, now. They made us work anyway! It was torture! Oh no- the new is always scary. I hope we get tigher on those things, too, but we probably won’t. It really is – thank you!


  5. Love your weekend! Shakespeare and concert and boat ride and warm weather! I totally understand that you didn’t post yesterday! I can’t take it that your break has started! Can you believe that I have three weeks to go…?
    I immediately ordered that Sally Hepworth book! I’ve read The secret of midwives and it was quite ok, but not super. I’m reading The Family Upstairs right now and it’s really good!
    Oh, your sweet dad, thanks for sharing! Of course we will see Top Gun! My husband is a former pilot so it’s a must! I actually plan to get tickets for my birthday next week…


    1. Thank you! I was pretty busy! My break just started today! No, I can’t believe that and I am sad for you. I really like this book! It has me not wanting to put it down. That is so cool about your hub! I think that sounds like a great way to celebrate your birthday! A little Tom Cruise eye candy!


  6. I’m glad you got your boat out! That is truly, truly the beginning of summer, right? The Good Sister was very good… I have The Younger Wife on hold at the library right now. Have a wonderful, relaxing summer! I cannot wait to see that new movie… My kids were surprised I wasn’t in line this weekend but I figured the crowds would be large and I’ve waited two years so I can wait one more week :/ I saw on LinkedIn today that a company I used to work for rented out theaters and all the cities they are in and treated their employees to that. So cool, right?


  7. Top Gun was so good. I love the pictures of your dad! I really enjoyed the Good Sister. I have Roughest Draft on my list, but it doesn’t sound too promising. Hope you have a good week!


    1. It really was and I wouldn’t mind seeing it again! I am really enjoying this book. I think Roughest Draft will get good but right now it is really slow for me. You too!


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