Monday, May 9, 2022

It’s time to link up here for Hello Monday and here for Not Just a Mom – Go To Gifts!

I was off Friday and I headed to the college campus around 9:00.

I was praying for the rain to hold off because we had to move out in a torrential downpour last year!

I just think these areas are so beautiful and I always take photos.

I went home with a full car and then the kids followed in their car. We were all exhausted. The rain continued to hold off and I enjoyed some patio time!

I was really excited to get this book in the mail!

I made teriyaki chicken and fried rice for dinner (cauli rice for me!).

Tom and I enjoyed a fire Friday night. It was so nice out.

Ernie didn’t look sure about this…

Saturday morning I went ahead and did my meal prep so I could stay out of the kitchen on Sunday. I did 5 breakfast burritos, buffalo turkey meatballs, and turkey sausage and veg.

I went to the gym because I had skipped Friday.

I tried the “viral” Tik Tok avocado toast that has grated hard boiled egg. Nope – sticking with my fried egg on top!

Tom and I went to my hometown to visit my mom and we went out to eat and had a really good meal.

It was also the Derby (we didn’t do anything this year!) and they had a couple of drink specials so I tried an Oaks Lily drink. It was so good!

We had some fried mushrooms…

my mom had a jambalaya pasta…

Tom had pork medallions with brussels sprouts and potatoes…

and I had a salmon grain bowl.

We took home half of our meals and Jack and Mason ate the rest!

Tom watched a Cincinatti Reds baseball game and I watched New Girl with the kids before I went to bed.

Sunday morning Tom took a 25 mile bike ride and I went to my happy place – Trader Joe’s!

You must try this if you have a TJ’s!

I made cinnamon rolls and made myself a veggie scramble. It was so nice out on Sunday!

Tom and I took Ernie to swim in the river and then sat on the patio together.

Jack and Mason got me sushi for Mother’s Day and we watched The Great together.

I had some much needed downtime this weekend; it’s going to be a long week and my big test is this week. I have 38 students taking a 3 hour exam to try to earn college credit. Eek! Nervous!

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Go To Gifts:

For Kids:

-I really like to give kids their own umbrella and cool rainboots. I have sometimes done a raincoat, too. I feel like this is something different and have you seen how much kids like having their own umbrella? Ha! And, how much they like wearing rainboots?

-I like to give bath toys and bath crayons.

-I used to always give my March birthday nieces and nephews new swimsuits and goggles.

For adults:

-I like foodie gifts. I gave smoked bourbon pepper, bourbon caramel sauce, and bourbon barbecue sauce once.

-You can’t go wrong with a nice candle.

-I look at my Amazon purchases and see what I have really loved – along the lines of “Oprah’s Favorite Things”, but “Amy’s Favorite Things”.

-I think the straw headband, initial necklace, set of belts, visor, Diva laundry detergent would all be great things.

-I love to shop at local boutiques and find unique things. I try to include a gift receipt so they can exchange if needed. I won’t be offended!

What are your go-to gifts?


14 thoughts on “Hello Monday and Go To Gifts

  1. You have summer temperatures and I’m so jealous! Talking about jealous; MIL is leaving for Florida in two weeks…
    So you have a full week in front of you!? My school work is finally starting to slow down, it’s been a tough spring I must say! I miss my reading blogs times… when I’m this blocked up I try to not even start my computer in my free time, just dive right into correcting…
    Go-to gifts is a nice topic! I have a really good one: nice matches! Preferably in some kind of nice case. People really appreciate this, and to have nice matches lying around is really nice. (Very interesting fact: the safety match is a Swedish invention!).


    1. It was so glorious to feel that sun! We had a cold day Saturday, so it wasn’t all warm. Wow – that is great she can come.
      I do have a five day week, but we are down to only 13 more days with students! I know – it really has. I would love to get nice matches. I like to have some near my candles and pretty ones would be a good touch. That is cool!


  2. Oh my gosh that elote dip!! I love your idea of “Amy’s Favorite Things”. If you’ve loved it, odds are that someone you know will too! Thanks for linking up!


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