Tuesday, May 3, 2022

It is Prime Purchases Tuesday! It’s the time that bloggers are very bad influences on our pocketbooks! I never use that term; it just seems appropriate in writing, you know? I say “purse”. Can’t help it. What do you say?

Thanks to Tanya for providing this link up!

I tried not to buy any new clothes for most of April, but I did buy some accessories and a few other little things.

First off, I really stand by Amazon Essentials and I love the minimalist look of these. They stretch a bit and stay on your foot really well. If you have a wide foot, they won’t work for you. If you have a narrow foot, they should work. I went with my regular size.

I love my cake batter delight flavor and it is hard to find.

I am out again and taking a break and enjoying caramel this week.

I showed you this, but wanted to show it again. I think it looks great with a black dress or a black blouse.

I really like NYX and love this new to me lip gloss!

I had the vision to use eucalyptus in my new bathroom and this is actually real!

I also got this little wastebasket for the bathroom.

Do you get dry eyes? I think it comes more with age, too. I bought these eye drops and really like this brand.

I needed a visor for summer and I think I will like this one.

I has velcro so you can adjust and put on after your ponytail is done.

I bought this 4 pack of belts that I think will be really useful.

The visor and belts were recommended by bloggers, but I apologize that I can’t give the correct people credit.

So, see – I didn’t buy any clothing! Ha!

What have you purchased lately?


20 thoughts on “Prime Purchases

    1. Good to know! I have used this brand but not this formula. I hope it’s ok to use eye drops daily! I seem to need them more right now with tired eyes and more screen time at school!


  1. I got that same visor last year. Love it. I’m enjoying that flavor of the protein drink! I love the belts…& I’m going to put those sandals in my cart to hopefully get soon 🙂


    1. I have never been a visor person but I want to be! I think I overdid the flavor so taking a short break but I already miss it! The belts are great and have no holes – you just put the buckle and the buckle “stem” where you want it. I wore one with denim cut offs this weekend and I liked the look! I think you will like the sandals. I was able to wear all day at school.

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      1. I have a few things to return to Amazon, so after I do that, I may just get those sandals. I feel like last time you shared them, they didn’t have my size 9…but I think they do now


  2. I hardly made an Amazon purchases in April so I didn’t even write a post – that’s a first! I still need to try that cake batter flavor, I keep forgetting. I have a similar necklace and love it, mine is pretty heavy but it makes such a statement and is so fun in summer!


    1. That’s awesome! The cake batter is definitely my new fave and then caramel I think. This necklace is a little heavy, but since it’s cheap I think it’s lighter. I couldn’t wear it while sweating, but I think I will like having it as a statement piece!


  3. Oh you have several great buys this month! I love that visor and those belts. I am curious about the eucalyptus and hope you share with us how you plan to use it.


    1. Thank you! I am loving the belts and haven’t worn the visor out yet, but I plan to soon. I put the eucalyptus in vases in my bathroom. I will do a photo tomorrow for Friday Favorites!


  4. I use those Systane drops. Maybe not that particular type. I think it’s the fact that they’re gel drops that make them work so well. Totally great for dry eyes during allergy season.


    1. It is definitely my fave brand of eye drops. I have used other formulas, too, and I may like the other formula better. You just helped me make the connection that allergy season is probably making my eyes worse than normal. I just thought it was screen time and tired end of year issues!


  5. I love that visor! I seldom wear things on my head, but it’s a great way to protect your face from the sun! I bought some random things to wear at the cabin this summer: bikini-ish underwear (so you can remove a top without looking too naked), sweet pyjamas, and a knitted little set that would look perfect on my daughters… it reveals a bit too much skin, but at the cabin – who cares!?


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