Monday, May 2, 2022

And, just like that it is May! It’s time to link up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday, where we report back on the weekend. Are you ready to see lots of food pictures? I hope so, because that seems to be the main thing I documented this weekend.

Friday was the fifth day I worked in a row. Ha! Does anyone think it’s just too much to work a five day week? Just kidding – it was fine.

Erica bought us Jimmy John’s unwiches for her meal prep day and it was a treat. You can order any regular sandwich, but they wrap it in several iceberg lettuce leaves instead of using the bread.

After school, Ernie and I walked for quite a while. I have been so sore. I really need to stretch more.

I made myself a super pretty drink – it was like my friend Beth’s wintertini. I used Blue Curacao, Grape Pucker, a little bit of lemonade flavoring (Mio), and Diet Sprite.

We got some sad news that our German restaurant is closing for good. They were offering take out one more time so I ordered for us. We also found out our kids were bringing home load number one from dorms so they got to enjoy one last meal, too.

Tom, Jack, and Mason had pork schnitzel and I had all the carbs – spaetzle (a noodle) and German potato salad, and their really good bread and really good butter.

I put some of my grilled chicken in with some of the German sauce that came with Tom and the kids’ food!

And, I made a salad for balance.

This dessert looked amazing, but none of us liked it. It was Irish cream cake.

The sign of college kids – these IKEA bags (that can also be found on Amazon) are my number one tip. They hold so much. I plan to have them wash all of the bedding, towels, etc. and pack it right back up in these to store over the summer.

So, we completed (mostly) our primary bath a week ago and we decided to go ahead and start the next bathroom project (what was I thinking?), so that meant a dumpster. Demo is horrible. Dust shows up everywhere; it doesn’t even have to be remotely close to where the demo is happening. I have spent Tuesday through today chasing all of the dust.

And, as will all renovation projects, things take longer than you think and get delayed. Demo was supposed to be Tuesday and Wednesday with the dumpster gone Thursday. Demo happened Tuesday and Saturday. Not ideal.

So, now we have an open space where the little primary bath was and the hall bath was. There will be a door on it (our new pretty big door) so I won’t have to look at it, but we won’t be ready to start this until our guy finishes another project. We will start ordering the supplies soon, we hope.

The crew left around 3:00 on Saturday.

Then, it was time to celebrate Dan! It is the season for all of my friends to turn 50!

He wanted to have a “roast” where people could come to the microphone and make jokes about him – and he would have comebacks. It was really funny!

Tom, deep in coversation:

Their sweet yello lab, Ruby, who only has 3 legs. She had cancer and they thought she wouldn’t make it, but with the love of a good family, she has done amazing for several years.

Yesterday morning, I did mild meal prep. I decided to do breakfast bowls for lunch one day and then I made breakfast tacos for my breakfasts. I also hard boiled some eggs. I am losing steam on meal prepping. I can tell it’s time for summer.

And, for breakfast Sunday, I made some hashbrowns (that I also used in the bowls), fake sausage, eggs, and a bit of cheese and mushrooms.

I won’t buy these again. They are ok, but I just didn’t love them. In the bowls, I am using AmyLu chicken sausage that I got at Costco. I think it’s really good. In fact, I can sign off on all of the AmyLu products I have tried.

See, I told you I was going to talk about food a lot!

I have added two things to my diet. I started drinking Metamucil (it is so gross!) and green tea. I feel that I have kinda plateaued and I added one super carby meal Friday night, the green tea, and the Metamucil to try to jump start things. I’m also not super worried and ok with staying status quo right now until I get the school year done. At the same time, we still have almost a month…

I ate super clean the rest of the weekend after Friday night, with the exception of birthday sheet cake for Dan. Love me some good old supermarket sheet cake, ya know?

I went to Trader Joe’s and got a little carried away. There are just so many temptations!

I took a walk and the weather was glorious. My neighborhood looked so pretty!

I was going to donate this old teak shower caddy but Tom suggested using it outside for plants.

I forgot all about my outdoor Derby decor and my bushes are looking so pretty!

I went to Target to get a couple of things and decided to buy a couple of books. I have not bought a book for myself in a long, long time, but I didn’t have anything to read and decided it would be ok.

Started this one:

Ah, it was so nice on my patio. I sat in the sun for a bit, but had to switch to the shady area.

Tom and I went to the marina to see what was going on and just enjoyed being outside some more.

And, then I cooked burrito bowls for dinner.

What was the highlight of your weekend?


13 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. I know what you mean about dust and renovations – ugh, I remember it all too well. It will be nice when it’s over, just like childbirth.
    Sad that your German restaurant is closing, I hate to see small businesses close. We love German food.
    Our weekend was all about Collin graduating. I have been so busy I never even got to finish a post for today, I Have no idea when it will be ready to go. I needed a 4 day weekend!


  2. Our highlight was getting in a date night and picking up a new home entertainment system to finish off our basement (which then turned into a 2 day project!). Demo dust is the worst; growing up my step-father was a construction guy so our house was always under construction and even with plastic sheeting that dust finds it’s way into everything!! It’s almost always worth it in the end but no fun to live through the process.


  3. Highlight of our weekend was getting our new-to-us boat out on the lake! My allergies were horrible so we had to come in after 3 hours (and it’s a 2-hr trip one way to the lake!) but oh-so-worth it.
    Construction is love/hate, right? Love that something is getting done…hate the process :/
    Have a great week – the countdown is ON!


    1. Awesome! I am so ready to get ours out on the river! Ugh – sorry about your allergies. I have allergies worse in the fall. Construction is annoying and I hate being home when they are working. It feels so intrusive. But, it is worth it in the end – I guess! Ha!
      You, too!


  4. So exciting about your next renovation! Can’t wait to see the finished product. Your TJ flowers are so pretty. I love the idea of displaying them. Such about bummer about your fave restaurant. Your meals look so good.


    1. We said we were going to slow our roll, but now Tom and I are excited to do it. It will seem small and easy compared to what we just did. We also know what we want and plan to mimic the dog shower in the mudroom – white subway tile with black grout and SW Agreeable Gray because we have a ton of it. Lol! I hate construction over the summer because I have to hear it!
      Very sad when something goes out of business. I’m still sad about Blockbuster! Lol!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t hate Mondays but I hate Tuesdays! I think it is because it is our meeting after school day and it just seems long. Once Wednesday comes around I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I would choose Wednesday or Friday off!


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