Thursday, May 5, 2022

Happy Cinco de Mayo! It’s time once again to link up for Fashion Files with Kellyann and Jill.

What have you been wearing this week? We have had nice weather for the most part and 60s, 70s, and even some 80s. My classroom isn’t a refrigerator anymore. It’s a nice temp right now!

I continue to try to wear it all! I am trying to either wear or donate everything in my closet that is springy and school appropriate, because that’s the main place I go right now. There are things I haven’t worn since 2019 but that I wanted to keep. I am enjoying these things fitting again or fitting better than they did before. I am still struggling to understand how I wore these things when I was heavier. I guess the lesson there is that sizes of clothing fit bodies of many sizes and that you just have to! Some like things to hang looser and some like things to fit tighter. Food for thought…

Here I decided to wear my beloved gold lace up Marc Fisher sandals from last summer (I didn’t have to re-tie them once at school!), my Amazon palm print skirt from a year or two ago, a basic old black tank from Loft, and my Walmart blazer.

Here I wanted to try out my black and white belt from my new Amazon Prime Purchases post. I have on my Loft blouse that I got a few months ago, high waisted Target jeans, and my pointy bow mules. I think I decided they are too pointy and too hard to walk in. Maybe they just can’t be a school shoe? I think I’m ok in this photo – I was probably just caught mid-sentence. Thank you, Erica! Are you so tired of taking my photo?

This is an old Amazon floral maxi and I just don’t think I love it anymore. I wore it with an older Versona sweater kimono. I was comfortable so there’s that. I kinda felt like I was in a nightgown.

This was a Friday outfit:

I wore my dark jeans, gold Birks, a very old Mexican-ish Old Navy blouse (sleeveless) and the kimono sweater again.

I wore these amazing earrings my friend Beth made:

She gave them to me because they were too big for her. Honey, those are small for me!

And, lastly, I wore my old Costco top with my Versona clearance pants. I don’t have a great shirt to wear with these pants and I simply adore the pants! They are like a swimsuit material almost. I wore my clear sandals that do pass the teacher all day test.

We have teacher superlatives and I keep trying for “Best Dressed” but it hasn’t happened for me. This year I’m getting “Most Likely to Have a Talk Show” I heard. Oh well. A girl can keep on dreaming, right?

Honestly, I haven’t really put much time into getting dressed lately. I just kinda spend 5 minutes picking something I don’t think I’ve worn yet. I look at the above photos and just think I look so tired. I am!

Do you have a favorite outfit? Anything that you think I should say good-bye to? I won’t be offended.

What have you been wearing lately?


10 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. Have you tried a remote and tripod for your phone? They work so well and then you can snap as many photos as you like!
    I think you have such fun teacher style but the kids love you so it would be a toss up for them to choose between talk show and best dressed!


    1. Yes, and the one I have makes my photos blurry. I guess I should try another one.
      That is so sweet, but I don’t know how much they love me right now before our big exam.


  2. Keep it all! You look great!
    I’m planning to wear dresses this whole week – with bare legs! They are shaved and ready to go. 😀 61° is all I need to dump those jeans!


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