Thursday, April 21, 2022

It is Fashion Files Thursday! I am linking up with Kellyann and Jill; make sure you click on one of their names to see what the other bloggers are wearing.

My weather has been all over the place. You may be tired of hearing this, but it’s true! We had some beautiful, but windy days last week. In fact, Wednesday night was the night we had some tornadoes in our area with 80 mile an hour winds and then had school cancelled on Thursday. Yesterday it was 30 degrees in the morning!

First up, here is the jean skirt that I cut and frayed. For some reason this denim didn’t fray that well, but I really do like the result. Pardon the super windy look in the photo! I am eating my hair!

I think the above the knee length is more flattering for me (I’m 5’4) and the heel height of my gold clogs helps, too. I paired it with a plain white Chico’s tank and my new consignment kimono. Sadly, I discovered that the kimono has a rip that isn’t on the seam. I am going to take it to my tailor because I really do love it!

Friday night I wanted to try something new…

Tom’s company had their outdoor concert with food trucks. So, I did business on the top and party on the bottom. I am wearing my Walmart Scoop scuba blazer, my Anthropologie blouse, my Walmart Time and Tru black cut offs and my new clear low heeled bargain sandals.

How do you feel about the blazer with shorts look? Did you know it was a trend?

I was comfortable and felt good and I plan to try this with a few other things maybe!

And, for my last outfit this week, I wore my last purchase of Spring Break. I did a bit of shopping that week and then when school started up again April 11, I said I was not going to buy any clothes until summer. It’s now April 21 and I have lasted 10 days! Honestly, if I see a really good deal, I will probably cave, but I just want to make myself wear what I have and be content. I am also weeding out anything that didn’t get cut over Spring Break.

I picked up this cute little strawberry printed tee at Old Navy for like $10 when I was in the store looking at Easter basket things for my kids. I was happy to get to wear this green sweater that I bought at Target for St. Patrick’s Day. I paired it with Target dark jeans and my red clogs. I felt a bit like a garden gnome, but I liked it. I have wore this outfit once on the weekend and once at school so far. I think this little tee will be fun for summer.

Do you have a favorite outfit?

What have you been wearing lately?


6 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. All of the outfits suits you perfectly, but my favorite is the first photo. The jean skirt, plain white Chico’s tank and kimono looks really good on, you look beautiful in that outfit. Love it.<3


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