Friday, April 15, 2022

It’s Good Friday, Passover, and Tax Day! How was your week? Mine went by quickly and it was a bit crazy!

I am linking up today with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites; here are some things that made me happy when looking back at my camera roll…

I don’t have a photo of this but we made the last college payment of sophomore year for our twins! Halfway through!

My car has been having some issues this year. I guess that is what happens when you drive a 10 year old car. There is a local coffee shop across the street from the mechanic and I enjoyed sitting outside and having an afternoon coffee.

Tom told me we were out of something and I said to write me a note because I am the kind of person that has to write everything down. This is the “note” he wrote me:

I am so proud that I have improved my food waste situation. I have worked really hard to use up what we have and to do a better job planning. I was happy to see the empty-ish fridge as a result of this!

I also learned how valuable my freezer is during the pandemic and it is an important part of not wasting food. I cleaned it out and restocked it during my break.

We love our rain chain, as you may know if you are a regular reader, but the barrell beneath is in bad shape.

We have always admired these when we see them at local patios and different establishments and finally got one!

We don’t know exactly what plants to use yet.

Wednesday night, tornado sirens starting going off around 8:00 and lasted until after 9:00. Ugh! It’s tornado season in this area and it’s very scary.

And, surprise of all surprises…school got cancelled for our entire district yesterday because some schools had no power or bus routes were impassable.

So, I was already up and going my routine when I found out and decided to run to Kroger and Costco as those were things I was going to have to do on the weekend.

If you watch Summer House on Bravo…look what Kroger had!

And, Truly makes a flavored vodka now!

Costco is selling bags to make “walking tacos”!

I had a lot of fun just leisurely wandering the aisles.

When I got home I did some chores and then I made a lunch of cheese, little peppers, pickles, and chicken, buffalo dip, ranch, and celery. Yum! This would be too high maintenance to take to school!

I did put out a few Easter touches just in the nick of time:

I spent my afternoon enjoying the gorgeous sunshine!

This is really cute so far – if you like DIY shows and chick lit you might like it.

What were your favorites this week? I can’t wait to hear and to read about everyone elses’!


14 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. I hate food waste too; lately it seems like we have been eating lots of meals that have tons of leftovers and it’s been hard to make sure they’re all getting eaten. We just picked up a grocery order from BJ’s last night and our fridge wasn’t nearly as bare as it usually is on shopping day.


    1. It’s really hard to find the sweet spot. I am also toggling between two people and four people, so that is kind of hard. I was overstocking due to shortages, too, but I feel like I can get everything I want now. The prices, though! Wow!


  2. I had no idea Truly made flavored Vodka! Another reason to read blogs, lol! I cannot believe the bad weather this week, thank goodness y’all are okay. College goes by so quickly, doesn’t it?
    Have a great weekend, happy Easter!


    1. I didn’t either! I wonder if it is lower in WW points? I know, right? I learn so much! Thank you- it’s typical for our spring, but it is always scary. I’m sure it is like the hurricane threats you have but that might be worse! You too!


  3. I love looking in at fridge without leftovers, too! It does unnerve me a bit though if I don’t have a few meals planned. Congratulations on finishing paying for half of college!! Woohoo!! I can’t wait to see what you plant under the rain chain. I’m glad you made it through the bad weather safely and enjoyed a surprise day off. Have a great weekend!


    1. Yes! I just want to know it will all get used before it goes bad and I don’t take chances on too old food. Tom sometimes thinks I go overboard. The college payments are a lot, even with scholarships! I can’t either – I started looking at Pinterest for inspo! Thank you and you, too!


  4. Well, I’ve been off this whole week, so I’m as content as I can be! AND it’s finally beginning to feel like spring! I can see the top of the daffodils in the garden (“garden”, I mean, it’s a forest!) and you can absolutely take a coffee in the sun (with a jacket on of course!).
    We bought a magnolia for the garden (well…), I didn’t even know you can grow them in Sweden! We’ll see what it will think about winter! And talking about magnolia; I finished watching “Sweet magnolias” – how cute was that!? Does that kind of town really exist in America!? Take me there! 😀


    1. Well deserved, friend! That is an amazing feeling when the world comes back to life. It is cold again here. I am sure you will also have some stops and starts. I love magnolias! There are different types. I thought that show was soooo cheesy! Sorry! Where are you with Younger?
      Are you coming to Florida at all this summer? There are towns similar in the south!


  5. We have been good about not wasting food. But I also cook very simple because hello….picky Tony. Like tonight is the last no meat Friday and we are again having grilled cheese, fruit, pop chips. Yes gourmet over here. I found out today that I won some money on Wednesday at the ladies golf day! Woo hoo! I have no idea how much but I dont care. I won! haha! Mani pedi date tomorrow and then Flemings with our besties to celebrate their anniversary. Sunday is brunch at a favorite restaurant with Taylor and then playing 9 holes with her and Tony. Firepit, Mexican food and wine Sunday night at HER house! Cant wait! Happy Easter Amy!


    1. That is great! It probably took you a while to figure out? I love a grilled cheese. I love how you are so decisive about your meals, though. You say boring, but I like that you do not overthink it. At least that is how it seems! I overthink too much in my life.
      Get it, girl! Watch out Tiger! I like how you plan your weekends well, too. I need to take some tips. I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  6. I love your Easter decorations. We try not to waste food but it still happens occasionally. I’ve started to draw the line on some things and not buy more until we’ve eaten what we have …like chips! Ugh. So many bags of chips. I hope you have a great weekend.


    1. Thank you! They are very minimal and that makes them easier to store and put out. I know- food waste is probably always going to happen. I am still learning. So many chips when my kids are home. Tom and I are improving in that regard when it is just us!

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