Monday, April 18, 2022

It is time to link up with Sarah and Holly for Hello Monday!

Friday night, Tom’s work generously hosted a fun night out for employees and their significant others. They had two food trucks and an up and coming country singer. You might remember that they did this last year, too? But, you probably don’t, because why would you remember what I did a year ago?

It was so nice! I really like the people Tom works with!

I made these to bring to share:

and the spicy saltines that I will share with you this week!

I also brought a portable charcuterie.

Tom being boujie:

I tried a new Starbuck’s drink this weekend and I plan to have it again. So good!

This is from emily_myfitnessgal on Instagram:

I did it with a grande because I didn’t want that much coffee!

I gave myself a pedi!

Still loving the blue shades of polish.

Tom and I set up the new trough situation:

His vision is to put some sort of lily pad water plants inside. Starting research now…

It was hair day!

I made a new drink! I used a shot of Pinnacle whipped vodka, about a teaspoon of Crystal Light lemonade powder, and then filled the rest with La Croix coconut! It’s really good!

I picked up the current issue of Southern Living to enjoy with my drink:

For dinner, we had grocery store sushi:

Don’t turn up your nose; it was from Fresh Market!

I did faux egg McMuffins for this week’s breakfasts:

I actually used a glass to make the egg and cheese the same size:

Then, you know how I am working on less food waste? I took the scraps and added some bacon bits and made a burrito!

And, we celebrated Easter!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and holiday,


11 thoughts on “Hello Monday

    1. I have done Thanksgiving colors and favorite sports team colors! They are the perfect little sweet treat, right? And, there are now dark chocolate Rolos! OMG! Thank you!


  1. Everything you do looks so tasty! Your egg mcmuffin look divine – unfortunately we don’t have that bread here…


  2. I plan to try that coffee this Weekend after my month weigh in at WW. Loved the bougie Tom with his Charcuterie board! We had a fun weekend and I legit beat Tony again at golf yesterday! I am getting better and I plan to keep playing!!! Our Easter was slow and easy and we didnt do much. Just the way I like it! Happy Monday!


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