Monday, April 4, 2022

This is a special Monday because I’m on Spring Break! When we return to school in a week, we only have 6 weeks remaining. It’s time to link up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday!

Spring Break actually started at the end of the day Thursday for me. Friday was a flex day for teachers – meaning we could have already worked it in the summer, which I did.

I woke up leisurely and hit the gym at a more civilized hour. I had missed the last two days due to tiredness and no electricity.

I had asked Mason if he wanted to do lunch. Jack had a choir trip on Friday. So, I met Mason and he picked a soup and sandwich place. I got an orzo chicken soup and a half of a sandwich and he got a French dip.

We had a nice time together and went to Trader Joe’s after lunch.

For dinner, I made Tom and I some healthy Chinese fake out.

And I had an indoor Peep S’more for dessert!

I watched Marry Me – or tried to. I was so tired. I think it was just ok.

I felt better Saturday morning and made myself a hashbrown egg mixture.

I also had my cake batter protein cold brew.

I am really enjoying this book.

Tom and I took Ernie to the river for a swim. It was chilly!

Then, I went home and showered and ate lunch and ran a couple of errands. I hadn’t been to this boutique in a while. I didn’t buy anything.

New to me consignment ballet flats I will tell you about soon:

I did this mani:

J and M came home to hang out and we watched some Marvelous Mrs. Maisel together, but then I had plans in the evening to go to Erica’s birthday dinner.

I ordered shrimp vodka pasta and it was good!

The cake was strawberry:

It was fun to help her celebrate this milestone birthday!

Sunday morning I had coffee, read, talked to J and M and they left for a movie that they’ve been wanting to see. It was in Japanese with subtitles.

Tom and I went down to the marina to see how many boats were still wrapped and to just look at the river.

Then, we shared some nachos at a Mexican restaurant.

Elote for Tom:

Then, I spent some time reading in the sun. Ah, that was exactly what I needed!

I made salmon, broccoli, and ranch potatoes for dinner:

It was a full weekend and is there anything better than having a Monday off?

What was the highlight of your weekend?


11 thoughts on “Hello Monday

    1. I tried! I am a sucker for a birthday cake! I love the square toe and they were just what I was looking for. This consignment store reads my mind! You too!


  1. Sounds like the perfect start to your vacation! I love your nails. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week relaxing.


    1. Thank you! It was fun! I really enjoy doing my own nails! It’s my only art form – lol! Thank you so much – I plan to relax a lot but also be productive.


    1. Thank you! I literally can’t believe I didn’t bat an eye at the $64 price tag, but when I got home and googled the retail I was so proud! Lol! I had fun doing this mani! Thank you!


  2. Tell me about that adorable dress you had on at the birthday party! Happy spring break, wish we had sun and warm temps to enjoy 😊


    1. It’s the famous Amazon dress! I posted a link a long time ago but I will look and see if I can find it again. I know – I was hoping for more sun and milder temps. Boo!


  3. Erica’s bday party looked like so much fun! and the cake. hello! My favorite day was Saturday. I HAD ZERO Plans and did nothing and it was GLORIOUS!!! I did walk 4 miles. It is amazing to be able to walk 4 miles again and my Plantar Fasciitis doesn’t bother me. Thank you baby Jesus. I helped Tay move her dresser to her garage. My bestie is coming today from Fresno and using Annie Sloan chalk paint to paint it for her. We ran to return knobs to Hobby Lobby, we grabbed a Dutch bro drink ( I got to use my bday reward finally) and then home to shower, jammies and I made skinny pizza dough pizza and we watch the Final Four basketball game with Duke vs UNC. We wanted Duke to win since Coach K is now retiring. Sunday we golfed. The end HAHA! Have a great spring break and I am now off to work out then paint Tays dresser with Debbies help! I will send you a before and after if you want!

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    1. It was fun! It got me thinking that we don’t celebrate enough stuff anymore! Boo! It’s so nice to have a wide open day. Walking is so therapeutic especially when the weather is nice. Sounds like a full and fun day!


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