Friday, April 1, 2022

It is April! And, today is my first day of Spring Break!

I had a post scheduled for yesterday and it didn’t post and I didn’t have any power. I will just save it for Fashion Files next week! Wednesday night it started storming at bedtime and we lost power around 10:30 p.m. I still didn’t have power in the morning so NO COFFEE! I took a shower by candlelight and went to Starbuck’s and then work at 6:00 a.m. It was a long day!

I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites, though!

Here are some things that made me happy this week:

I really like these eye patches and I do think they help.

I used them one morning this week when I looked extra tired.

I did my own Essie manicure called “Ripple Reflect”.

Erica, my colleague and meal prep partner, is turning 40 soon and she had a photo shoot:

She had a lot of fun doing it!

My twin niece and nephew sent me these pictures from their Spanish teacher. She has a special sombrero and they have to stand up and be sung to!

I sing to all the people with birthdays in that month on the first day of the month and give them a birthday sticker in Spanish. I might steal her sombrero idea, though!

I made it to the gym just twice this week if you don’t count Sunday.

Creeping on Tom:

We played Spanish Scrabble at the end of class one day:

I hit 1000 posts! Who knew I had that much to say?

I ordered Peeps in my Kroger pick up for S’mores that I hope to make soon!

I also ordered this and it might just be my new favorite hard seltzer!

We didn’t plan this, but yesterday we both wore t-shirts with the same vibe:

Erica’s says “Nope Not Today” and mine says “Fiesta like there’s no mañana”.

After school yesterday, even though it felt like winter break, we had to celebrate the start of Spring Break with martinis at Martini’s.

Espresso martini:

And fries, zucchini fries, and focacia bread!

What were your favorites this week? I hope you had many!


16 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Have a wonderful Spring break, I hope all the bad weather is behind you. Erica’s photo shoot for her 40th turned out great, what a fun idea. And the sombrero is such a fun idea – as long as no one has lice – ha!!!

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  2. So sorry you woke up to no power… but I’m kind of jealous that you can still take a shower without it! Living in the country we have a well and without power we have no water. I LOVE Erica’s photoshoot photos!! That looks like so much fun. I hope you have a fabulous spring break!

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    1. Our water is heated by gas so that is key! I could not have done a cold shower. That would be horrible with no water at all!
      Erica had so much fun doing that. I say if you want to do it, do it! Her good friend is a professional photographer, too! Happy weekend! It is so cold and rainy here!


  3. Congrats on 1000 posts! That’s amazing. I love Erica’s birthday photos. So fun. And you all’s shirts are great! Sorry you didn’t have power. That’s no fun. I hope you have the best weekend and wonderful break.


  4. Happy Spring Break! I hope you have a great week off! I think I would like your partner in crime- Erica! She seems like a super fun gal! My favorites this week were playing in my first ever Ladies Club Intra Club tourney- I was on Team jocks and I showed up, I dressed the part, I played decent (I am trying to get better) and I had fun and met a new golf friend! Yesterday was Kelseys’s 33rd bday so Tay and I drove to Paso Robles (2 hrs away) and met her for lunch and goodies. It was a super fun day and I know she appreciated us driving over! Ok, I am off to golf with 3 other ladies. Happy Friday!

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    1. Thank you! You would! She is extra in the best way! New friends at this age are so fun! You all made her day! It seems like everything is so far away in CA! Ha!


  5. My favorite this week was being on spring break!🎊 I hope you enjoy your week off and get lots of sunshine. I’m in Ashland, KY…..80° yesterday and snow today. 🥴


    1. Yes! You are close to me, then! Ours is a week after yours. It looks like lots of rain, but I like rain, too. What a crazy spring it’s been. Thanks for commenting, Noel!


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