Tuesday, February 15, 2022

If you read my post yesterday, I mentioned a trip to Trader Joe’s. I really enjoy getting out early on a Saturday morning around 8:00 and getting my errands knocked out. Trader Joe’s is a fun errand for me! But, I hadn’t been since maybe December because I didn’t want to be too tempted by treats.

Do you see a big increase in grocery prices? I had gotten our grocery bill down to about $400 – $500 a month for just Tom and I last fall. I am doing weekly grocery pick ups from Kroger and spending around $150-$170 a week now. Now, I will say that sometimes eating healthy can cost a bit more which seems kind of weird, but I have found it to be true.

I felt a bit bad spending $70 on this trip after just spending $150 at Kroger on Wednesday, but I knew the kids were coming home and that I was making a Valentine’s dinner for Monday – and it was my turn to make 3 lunches for Erica and I. Plus, we are eating out/getting take out less than ever before, I think.

So, here we go…

I am loving sparkling waters. These are good! I think they have a cocktail feel and they are good for the afternoons.

I love the produce at Trader Joe’s. Is it cheaper than the supermarket? Probably not.

These are one of my favorite things from TJ’s – these mini baguettes are 3 WW points each and they are amazing. I like to keep some in the freezer to go with pasta or just to have with some olive oil, salt, and pepper.

I love to keep this baguette in my freezer, too. This makes a great hot sub sandwich bread.

cilantro, carrots, apples, cucumber, onion, broccoli, and salad mix:

I like these for nachos because they are very sturdy, but to be honest – I do not love Trader Joe’s chips and crackers. The only think I really, really like are their plantain chips. My family is very discriminating about their snack foods and are very brand loyal.

This is a new discovery and I love it! I have been using regular instant coffee crystals for my iced coffee/protein shake. This really blends well because it is made especially for cold brew.

TJ’s spice prices can’t be beat. I needed pepper and I have learned that not all everything but the bagel seasonings are created equally. TJ has the best blend!

I had plans to do a weekend and Valentine’s charcuterie board. The wine soaked cheese is a longtime favorite.

I had plans to make chocolate chip pancakes for a early Valentine for J and M.

This rice is soooo good and it is often out of stock because it is so popular. It contains 3 microwave pouches and you keep it in the freezer. You will never make rice again.

I love these giant macaroni noodles for homemade mac and cheese.

Their olive oil prices can’t be beat.

These giant soft pretzels are great to keep in the freezer. The air fryer makes these taste amazing!

And, I got Tom’s card and candy at TJs. Their cards are soooo cute! I am a big believer in Dollar Tree cards that are 2 for $1, but the cards at TJ’s are only $1 and they look much more expensive. The dark chocolate peanut butter cups kept in the freezer and amazing.

If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, what are your faves?


PS – I’m taking a break tomorrow but I will back on Thursday for Fashion Files and Friday for Friday Faves!

17 thoughts on “Healthyish Trader Joe’s

  1. Yes it is much more expensive to eat healthy and the price just seems to keep creeping up and up! I’m actually at the point where I’ve thrown up my hands and stopped keeping track because it just depresses the hell out of me to see how much money we spend on food. Looks like you got some yummy foods! I don’t think I’ve been in a TJ’s since my boys were in strollers!!


    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks that! But, food is cheaper than medicine and healthcare, right? True – I haven’t been tracking spending on food really because it’s not going to stop me from eating how I need to eat. I will say that I am really working on food waste and doing a pretty good job.


  2. I’ve never seen those frozen baguettes. I will have to look for them next time. I’ve started getting most of my produce at TJ. So I do my Clicklist for 80% of my food and then pop into TJ and just get my produce. I love their spices too. I think hadley would love those soft pretzels too. TJ cards can’t be beat 🙂


      1. Yes! And the plant selection is increasing now, too! Fresh flowers! You need it all! The baguettes are near the big soft pretzels and the frozen breakfast foods at my store.

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  3. I jotted down the cold brew to try! Thanks for the recommendation. I love TJ’s but only get to shop there when we are at the beach. Dont have one close here in Tulare. Yes, it is more pricey to eat healthy. Sad but true. You would think it should be opposite. Just for Tony and I – my grocery budget is between $100-150 per week. That doesn’t include the chicken and fish I buy at Costco. I buy the jalapeño chicken sausage- half of one is 1 point and I put on my pizzas. I also love the roasted red peppers in a jar, the pizza sauce and the reduced fat mozzarella cheese. Kellyann is right- everything is crazy expensive. Thanks to all the dummycrats who voted the idiot FJB into office. They had to go and mess up what was a perfectly run country and now we are a s*** mess. Sorry not sorry! Its true and even the dummycrats know they messed up. Stupid is as stupid does! Ok, enough on that. I get toooooo irate!


    1. I hope you like it. I really do. Can you shop there on your way home? Lol! Stock up? That sounds like a pretty good price for this economy and California. I think your COL is higher. Oh, that is the chicken sausage you use on your pizza. Great idea! I don’t like red peppers but I love their cheese. Ha – you get heated!


      1. I do get VERY heated but I think its because I live in California and our governor is the BIGGEST idiot besides our president. Just over it all! I always shop when we are at the beach. I keep a running list of items I need and Tony and I like to go in and just browse!


  4. I am noticing way higher grocery prices too. It stinks! I love TJ spices. We use the citrusy garlic, the chicken less chicken, and everything but the elote all the time. I love their cards! Jeff and I were just talking about soft pretzels in our new air fryer. I’ll have to give these a try.


    1. I know, right? Those are great spices. I ran out of the elote and need to get more. The cards are so cute. Also, the air fryer would be great for their fried or toasted ravioli.


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