Monday, February 14, 2022

Happy Valentine’s Day! I will be wearing my Care Bear heart sweater today in case you were wondering!

It’s time to link up with Sarah and Holly for Hello Monday!

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty great after two verrrryyyyyy borrrringggg weekends – the first was my Covid weekend and the second was the snow/ice weekend.

I made it through a 5 day in person teaching week, ya’ll! I will consider that a major win! It was actually a really great week. I love my students. It’s time to take the masks off very soon, though. This is my opinion and I’m sticking with it. My sister in Indiana has been mask-less and my sister in Ohio gets to take off the mask today! I’m so stinking sick of talking about Covid but I also think it odd when bloggers don’t address it (again – just my opinion). I need to see smiles and they need to see mine. I have way more reasons, but that’s all I’m gonna say.

After school, Erica, Elizabeth and I went to happy hour. It had been about 3 weeks since the last time we got together for a happy hour. We picked an upscale pizza place near school that has really great apps and cocktails and a happy hour discount.

I got a really good lemon basil cocktail that just sounded good.

These are homemade potato chip nachos!

And, pretzels and beer cheese!

We only stayed for about an hour and then I went home and sat outside for a bit.

Dinner was tomato soup and grilled cheese for Tom and a frittata and salad for me. My dinner was very close to zero WW points after the indulgent happy hour. I went to bed at 9!

Saturday morning I finished this:

I really enjoyed it! I have enjoyed all of this duos’ books.

Ok – follow up… some of you sent me this information and I saw it a couple of other places. The sweater I ordered from Target was quite controversial because it would have had to have been made in a sweat shop for the price they were charging (and I’m sure that is not the only piece of fast fashion and that’s why I really do want to do better with this). I had already ordered it when I heard that. Then, my order was on the way and then it wasn’t so I figured it was out of stock, which was fine. Then, it mysteriously appeared on my doorstep.

It is really short and the sleeves are really long. It was kinda scratchy material. Anyway, I was gonna return it anyway after all of that. So, I went to Target Saturday morning.

I came home with Pixi brand eye patches and I’m in love. Why haven’t I known about these?

They are kinda hard to get in the exact right place but I really saw a difference! Love! I can’t wait to find some less expensive options. Leave me a rec if you have one. They Pixi brand costs $24 and maybe I will only use if I’m going out? So, I love the texture and the feel and they really made a difference so maybe that’s not a bad price.

I also went through the car wash which was much needed!

I was just so happy to be out on a Saturday morning running errands! Isn’t that weird? I think because Monday through Friday were like groundhog day it was such a treat. I get up at 5:00, leave the house at 6:45, get home between 2:45-4:00 depending on meetings and other stuff.

So, Target, car wash, and then Trader Joe’s and I was home by like 9:00 a.m.!

Tomorrow I will show you what I picked at Trader Joe’s! I hadn’t been since maybe December? I have kinda been avoiding it because there are so many temptations there. I want to buy all the fun treats.

So, I unloaded, cleaned, made my breakfast, took a shower, and then sat down to watch a movie and paint my nails. I did three coats of Essie marshmallow.

I watched most of the movie on Amazon Prime called I Want You Back. Oh my gosh – I don’t know if it was just my mood but I laughed out loud multiple times in my house alone. Let me know if you watched it and what you thought. I ran out of time to finish it because Tom and Ernie got home and I didn’t get back to it, but I can’t wait.

Our washer died Friday and Tom took one for the team and went hunting for a replacement that was in stock. He only had luck at a locally owned place (that’s better in my book anyway!) and even though our dryer still works, we decided to buy a new set for the new(ish) mudroom. They said that these appliances only last about 8 years now! So, we went with LG stainless front loaders and they will be delivered Thursday.

Jack and Mason came home together around 3:00! I made snacks and we watched some t.v. and chatted. I hadn’t had both of them home together in quite awhile.

We had reservations at the Irish restaurant The Raven with my high school friends that had come to town. These people all graduated together!

I had the leek and potato soup and

a decomposed salad – yum!

The occasion was that one of the friends was playing in his band but it didn’t start until 9:00 which means later than that!

It was sooooooo loud and soooooo packed. I didn’t make it very long. I was also anxious to get home to my kids and spend more time with them.

Sunday morning meal prep! I decided to do 2 point breakfast burritos this week:

It is just a bit of cheese, egg, and roasted potato. I forgot to get turkey sausage crumbles to add.

All read to grab and go!

I roasted broccoli along with more potatoes:

I made my mushroom and onion mixture:

I made a couple of scrambled eggs with this mixture for breakfast:

And, I started this book:

There was a lot of excitement about the Superbowl around here as the home of the Cincinnati Bengals are pretty close to here. Why does the game have to be on a Sunday? We always have lots of tired students on the Monday after Superbowl and combined with Valentine’s Day?!?!?!? Send positive thoughts to teachers everywhere!

What was the highlight of your weekend? I hope you had a great one!


21 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. I think we all either need the Monday after Super Bowl off or they need to move it to a Saturday. Drives me nuts, but at least the game didn’t run super late.
    I could not agree with the mask mandates more – enough already.
    I started watching Younger last week and am finding it fun – thanks for recommending it. I’ll have to remember to watch this movie.
    It’s cool that your high school friends were in town – looks like fun.
    Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes!!!
      We are almost at our 2 year anniversary of Covid. It makes me sick.
      Younger is so good! I must admit I have fallen asleep a couple of times and need to go back and watch again. I love Liza!
      It was a good weekend!
      You too!


  2. I agree that it’s time for the masks to go; I keep hearing rumors that will be happening here by the end of the month but we’ll see… as far as I know they are only worn in schools and hospitals/medical things at this point. We see very few people with them on in stores or at restaurants or the movies. Though it was weird going to the movies this weekend and having people sit RIGHT next to us. I don’t think we’ve been that close to a stranger in a long time. The highlight of my weekend was dinner and movie; we went to see Marry Me and it was really cute.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Totally! I am
      Fine to wear in a medical setting but no more in schools! It’s been 2 years! I have considered buying the ticket next to me at the movies because it feels just too close now! Lol! I want to see that!


  3. Well, no super bowl over here… and Valentine isn’t a big thing either, so… For me it’s a normal boring Monday! Well, I left two small treats for the girls (I left before they woke up) and me and husband has bought a little thing for each other…
    Weekend was excellent, we stayed in the city again! Husband’s back is better though… But we didn’t see much of the girls, they were doing teenagery stuff. ❤


  4. You know that I completely agree with you on the masks. My son is so much happier this year at school without them. And after seeing all the “important” people at the Superbowl without a mask, I think schools should follow! I enjoyed reading about your weekend. 🙂


    1. Yes! I am so happy for your son and his senior year. I just really want my seniors to get to experience a bit of normalcy. What a joke, right? If you can do that…


  5. We ended up with a snow day today. Amazing for the day after the Super Bowl, but a bummer to miss school on Valentine’s Day.
    That’s a great weekend! Your happy hour food and drink look so yummy! How does your tortilla hold up for Friday’s breakfast?
    Love your manicure!


    1. Oh – I hate that the kids had to miss Valentine’s and hope they re-did it on Tuesday!
      The tortilla for the breakfast burrito does great. I wrap them and then microwave for about 30 seconds.
      Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I agree with masks. My work still “mandates” them (I mostly ignore it) and the schools still require them. At this point, people have made their decisions about being vaccinated or not. Why should I be forced to protect people who won’t protect themselves, much less anyone else?

    Good Molecules makes a good eye patch. It’s not much cheaper at $18 a tub, but yay for Ulta points!


  7. My brothers are 32 years old (twins) and my mom bought a new dryer the week they came home from the hospital…and my parents still have it. They’ve replaced the washer a couple of times since but this dryer is still going.


  8. What a fun weekend. Your cocktails and food look delish. I love your group photo…what a fun get together. I agree about super bowl Sunday. Why can’t it be on Saturday? Looks like we will have another five day week. I think I can, I think I can 🤣


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