Thursday, February 17, 2022

It’s time for another Fashion Files! I am linking up with Kellyann and Jill. Click on their blogs and also check out some others if fashion floats your boat!

I have a few school outfits for you and a weekend outfit for you. I also have a little Loft order to share.

We had a pretty warm day last week and I wore my Umgee dress from the fall (ordered from Amazon) with old J.Jill capri leggings and my Amazon sneakers. Umgee is a favorite brand of mine.

Another day I wore my new Anthropologie blouse. I received a gift card from my friend for my birthday and I hadn’t found just the right thing yet. I went into the store at my mall a few weeks ago and was happy to pick out a new spring blouse.

And, one day I wore my old Hue black jean jeggings and my new Loft blouse.

I bought a steamer and now my wrinkles are out. Can you believe I didn’t own one? Why didn’t you all tell me how great they are? It will be one of my Friday Favorites tomorrow for sure! I’ve been looking for things to steam…

On Saturday night I wore my Amazon blouse, jeans, and these white booties I bought last year. I wore this to meet up with high school friends for dinner out and a live band. I think I will retire the white booties. I like them when I see them on others or on Pinterest, but I think black would have been much better for this outfit. I look like a drum major. If you know what a drum major is, you are probably too old for white booties? Oh well. The Amazon blouse has been a winner. It is a waffle weave in the body and the sleeves are lace cutouts. That white you see on the sleeves is my vampire skin. I thought it coordinated with the booties and tied it all together. Plus, I have my white alcohol earrings on.

Let’s talk about Loft. I have shopped Loft for years, but it kinda fell off my radar when I was heavier. Now, I can pretty much order an XL and know that it will fit if it is a blouse and even order a smaller size if it’s a sweater. I think you get better deals online and I always order enough to meet the free shipping minimum. I return what I don’t like to the brick and mortar store that is about 8 minutes away.

Here is what I ordered…

This is the blouse from above:

This blouse:

This blouse:

And, this blouse is 3/4 length sleeves:

I am really into the blouse and jeans look right now. I plan to wear a blouse and a skirt when it gets warmer. I think I will keep all four pieces but I will try to put them with outfits in the next few weeks and show you. If anything isn’t perfect, I will return it. I’m really trying to do a better job with this.

It is so important to have some black and white blouse options in your wardrobe for spring, I think. Also, I really love a pattern, but solids are also super important. I have a lot of print pants and skirts. I find myself dipping into my spring stuff a bit right now. I love moving my spring and summer to a different closet so that it feels new again each season. I have room to house everything I own in my closet, but I borrowed Mason’s second closet a few months ago to separate the seasons. Are you like that, too? I just have a hard time when I see too much at once!

So, any favorites from above?

What have you been wearing lately?


12 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. LOVE your new Anthro blouse – I really like their stuff but, dang, it’s pricey! Loft does have greats deals online. Looks like you got some great pieces. I got rid of my white booties – I always felt like I was back in my flag corps days but I love the way others wear them.
    Thanks for linking up with us!

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    1. Thank you! It looks better now that I steamed out that big wrinkle! Lol! I can’t with their prices. This friend gave me a generous gift card for my 50th so I will treasure this blouse.
      I am really loving Loft. I got those four pieces for just over $100. So, $25 a piece is basically Target pricing.
      I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels that way about white booties! But, the queen in between looks amazing in hers! Oh well!


  2. Your outfits are so fun. I love the black blouse and your Anthropology one too. My closet is so small and I finally put dresses in the spare hall closet and that has helped. I wish I had more space


  3. Hello, Love your new purchases. Yes, I have tried some white booties on but never bought them and like what you said. I have gained about 8 lbs. since the first of the year and need to get busy at the gym! We had a mask mandate, again, and working out with a mask is not fun. I usually can do a 14-16 hour fast, but have been eating too many carbs. Losing weight and keeping it off after 5-0 is so much work. Oh, did you check Costco for double vanities for your bathroom remodel? They usually have a good selection. We need a new front door and new toilet. Exciting times. I tend to buy flowers and vegan ice cream treats at Trader Joe’s. Usually some cauliflower rice too. I get tomatoes and such at Costco. Love how you meal prep and split meals with your co-worker. Hope you get time to relax this weekend.


    1. Thank you Christa. Working on with a mask is horrible. I’m sorry! You can get those 8 pounds off I’m sure. I have been craving carbs, too. I think it’s a winter thing. I have been so hungry since I had Covid in January. We did check Costco and bought one for another bathroom a while back. I know – adulting – these aren’t especially fun purchases! I don’t buy that much food from Costco because the quantities are just so big, but I love their cauli rice. It comes with 3-4 individual bags inside. Thank you – you too!


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