Thursday, February 10, 2022

It is time once again to link up with Jill and Kellyann for Fashion Files!

First of all, say hello to my new earrings! Are these popular where you live? They are in all of our little locally owned boutiques. They have White Claw, a mojito, a mint julep (Kentucky Derby drink), and more. They are lightweight (that is the only kind of earring I wear) and I think they will be so cute all spring and summer.

Monday was a Monday so I chose to wear black hearts! I added the red clogs! These clogs are surprisingly comfortable.

Tuesday I took a bad tripod photo but I wore my Loft floral with my Target Universal Thread cardigan and my gold clogs. I got a lot of teen compliments on my gold clogs (but sadly no one liked my red ones).

We don’t have a dress code and I used to never wear jeans. But, this year seems very jeans worthy. I really don’t have many pants and I am looking forward to dresses and skirts as soon as it warms a bit and I can get my self tanner routine going.

Yesterday I wore my trusty Chico’s pants, a black shell, and my very old pink faux Burberry from Amazon. I wasn’t sure about the booties with this outfit. I’m still not.

I plan to wear all of my pink and red until Monday is over!

Next week we have spirit week for basketball homecoming so my outfits should be very interesting… ha!

What have you been wearing lately? Any favorites from above?


10 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. I like the black booties with the last outfit. That pink burberry inspired print is pretty – pink gets me every time. How nice to not have a dress code – in high school especially, I think it makes teachers more approachable.
    Thanks for linking up with us!


    1. Oh, I’m glad you do. I wasn’t quite sure. I agree – love pink. It really is nice, but I also want to look and feel put together. I’m still trying to figure out my style!


    1. Thank you! They are so fun and they are from Etsy. I feel like the elementary teachers wear them a lot. Since I have been teaching for so long I have definitely seen a progression of teachers becoming more casual. Yes, that is what I used to do with colored jeans! So smart!


  2. I dont shop much these days locally but the earrings are super cute and will be so fun to wear all spring and summer! Love the sweater with the red clogs. I am all about the pink and red thru the end of the month!


    1. I thought they would add a pop to a plain colored shirt! thank you! Me, too! I have spirit week and then I will be ready to wear pink and red to end the month – then it’s time for our KD green. I need some items in that color!


  3. So great with the clogs! My feet are absolutely not ready to be out in the open… I’m lazy about taking care of my heels wintertime – why bother!?
    How fun that those earrings are a thing where you are! We do not have them here, I think? But I saw Scrub Daddy and Scrub Mummy at the store .-D!
    Well I’m still in jeans and dr martens – every single day…


    1. I like to start with an open back before the toes show. It will be long time before the toes come out for work. I start wearing flip flops pretty early around home. Get a Scrub Daddy! You will love! Do your feet get hot in the Docs? My feet get hot all day in a boot.


      1. Hm, I think my toes are in better shape than my heals right now… I think it’s very feminine with nice feet, but somehow it’s nice to take a break from all the maintenance you know…
        OK, I will buy a Scrub Daddy if you tell me what to do with it… bathroom?
        The Docs are incredible, they keep my feet warm when I’m outside and for some reason they are not too hot during the days, it’s actually quite strange! When my school was evacuated to another part of the city we were not allowed to have outdoor shoes – I guess that was better for the feet!


      2. That is true. My heels are looking rough.
        I use the Scrub Daddy for dishes, but I guess you could use him anywhere.
        Did you have to wear slippers? That is odd.


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